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For any students of history - or even for anyone with just the slightest bit of interest in their family tree! - the National Archives is basically where all British records are carefully stored and archived, and can be accessed by the general public.

The Archives houses some incredible documents, which I'll be demonstrating later on in this article.

In it, Elizabeth promises that she is 'your Highness's most faithful subject, that hath been from the beginning, and will be to my end'. Above: Elizabeth Tudor's signature to her sister. It is difficult to underestimate just how crucial this letter was perceived to be by Elizabeth as a means of demonstrating her loyalty to her sister and proving her innocence. The Wyatt rebellion had severely challenged Queen Mary, showing to her her subjects' hostility to the prospect of a marriage with the Spanish king Philip and the intensity of fears about the restoration of Roman Catholicism. The San Francisco home of stylist Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman is just so incredibly beautiful with its pale, creamy shades against the backdrop of warm, dark wood. And her portfolio is true testimony to her savvy style, too. Brad Knipstein Photography, Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman. Thank you so much to Paper Crafts for taking a leap of faith with us, too! This has a funny story in that it has Petite Florals's original name in the supplies list, "Petite Petals". Although the article is specifically targeting nurses, it is very readable by the lay public. As far as I know, Nurse Linkup does not require membership or a log-in process in order for non-members to read articles. They really are so cute. I think this one is my favorite:. Some days the footing has been lousy, other days it has just been too cold to ride. But we've still managed to get out. My nose is red from cold, not drinking. Love my Mr. Handsome. Love this guy, too. I think Dephal's young daughter does a better job on this bark than me. Who wants an "Orange crush" or grape soda candy cane!? BLECH!!!! I was about ready to steal handfuls of freebies from a restaurant counter, but then. Former Little Falls high school and St. He is a new special education teacher in Holdingford. He spent the past four seasons as head coach at St. Obsessed may be an understatement. We have so many sets, we're running of out of display space. This one sit on a makeshift table in the garage. What to do with all of those legos? Source: thatswhatthatmeans. This is still only a first try to give some information on what I'm doing in the pydev plugin. I will try to give some information on it and on the pitfalls I encouter in my way. I went back to the Met for my weekly dose of drawing. This time is was the musical instrument area which I didn't know existed. There is lots of over-sized monstrosities before people figured out how to make the instruments smaller. Fab Friday: Pretty in Pink. Alix makes a lovely Little Red Riding Hood. Falling through the stars. I'm daydreaming of staying in this Amsterdam hotel. Yummy and beautiful: a icy peppermint stack cake. It's no secret- I love sleep. Just so pretty: how to make a sequin photobooth backdrop. I really want to make these maple buttermilk tarts.

We skipped Abydos and Dendera as many of the group had or could see these another time.

Our first stop was Akhmim which is the home of the statue of Meritamun, daughter of Ramses II.

Similar to Esna it is situated below the level of the town, there is a modest open air museum with some interesting blocks.

As well as the very large statue of Meritamun there is a much later statue of Isis as Venus. There were some blocks from the Amarna period with rays of the sun terminating with hands. Blue-ish Purple-ish Tunic: Rosebud. Jeans: Jessica Simpson. Black Boots: Fioni.

It is still so hard to put anything over my head that this tunic was perfect.

I wore it during the day, but it was definitely like pjs for me!.

Tämän päiväisen myrskyn takia sähköt ovat poikki, eikä vielä tietoa milloin ne saadaan kuntoon.

Puita on kaatunut kovasti linjoille. Tästä syystä en pysty lähettämään tilauksia tai vastaamaan sähköposteihin ennenkuin sähköt palaavat, toivottavasti parin päivän sisään. Pahoittelen viivästystä. IN ENGLISHLast night and today there was a bad storm in Finland, lots of trees have fallen on the power lines and our electricity has been out since last night.

YouTube link.

Via the Curiously Krulwich column at National Geographic, where the phenomenon is explained. They'll warehouse the failing loans and get the taxpayer to pay for them later on. Ah, a risk free investment market, the basis of our capitalist society. Chrysler also ran. I have no idea if my scheme to break through the Chinese anti-blog wall will work. If it doesn't, this is all you will hear from me for three days. And neither am I. If I break through the wall, we'll chat.

If not.

Well, this will be it. So, the next morning I called my Dr. When we got to the Dr. the nurse took my blood pressure and left the room. Seconds later my Dr. came in and took it again and listened to the baby's heart beat and then she left without saying much. She then came back in and took it again and left without saying much. Finally she came back in and said, "You need to go to the hospital right now we're going to deliver you for hypertension. Did you ever hear about that guy who traded a red paperclip for a house? Well, I'm that guy. Hi. My name is Kyle. I grew up in Belcarra, near Vancouver. I live in Montreal now with my wife Dominique. My whole life I've been real big on projects. Usually fun things that take on an obsessive element to some degree. Most noteworthy of these projects was the time I started with a red paperclip and traded it for bigger and better things until I wound up with a house. You may have heard about this already. In this paragraph perhaps! Anyhow, It was a silly idea and it kinda turned out to be a big deal I guess. There's nothing like submitting year end returns, as I have done today, for focussing one's mind. And they want it, err, immediately. I might be partial. but baby boys are so sweet! I don't care what they say. girls are more fun to dress.

by Frank TurkLast week, Phil gave a raving review of a book I had already reviewed at the blog, and of course this is technically his house and he can do whatever it is he sees fit to do.

I'm mostly glad that I get to ride on his coat tails and occationally get a word in edgewise, as I did last week on Paul Edwards' radio show. Thanks to Paul, btw, for being extremely gracious and treating me like I had something more to say than "ohh Ee ooh ah ah! Ting! Tang! Wallawalla Bing Bang!"Anyway, since Phil re-reviewed the "Why We're Not Emergent" book, I thought I'd coat-tail him again and sort of pre-emptively review the other book he raved about in that post. But as I was reading it, I had this problem I had to resolve: I found another book which I thought needed a review in a much more urgent way. The reason is simple: these books get the ad money from publishers, and that money ultimately pays for the catalog. आपल्या पोटाची चरबी लपवण्यासाठी तुम्ही ढिले ढाले कपडे वापरता, पण किती दिवस आणि कोण कोणते उपाय करून पोटाची चरबी लपवली जाऊ शकते. पण आता वेळ आली आहे की आपल्या Health च्या बाबतीत सतर्क होऊन यासमास्ये सोबत लढण्याची. LOLCut the H with my big shot serif alphabet die and some plain old contact paper. the circle is made with my circle scissor plus, also out of contact paper. I attached the embellishments to the Jar with glue dots. It's the only way to be sure. m.

A final vote could be held as early as Friday in the Senate, where the measure died as the first special session expired.

Throngs of protesters were missing for Wednesday's mostly procedural vote after days of protests by supporters and opponents. ONJ est de retour pour une semaine de concerts au Flamingo Hotel de Las Vegas. - Love & Light !. Another site for more great vintage skateboard advertisements.

Check out the Skate Library!.

Admittedly, I use the word "culture" in a criminally loose manner.

But I suppose this was inevitable:New York, New York - In a development that has the entire entertainment industry talking, Andrew Lloyd Webber has secured the rights to the Iraq Study Group Report which he plans to turn into an opera.

Calling it his most ambitious project to date, Mr. Webber said, "Iraq Study Group Report, the Opera will be bigger than Jesus Christ Superstar, more moving than Cats, and a greater love story than The Phantom of the Opera. It will be my true masterpiece. "Andrew Lloyd Webber is responsible for more evil in the world than any other single human being, the sole exception being Dick Cheney. Other than that, I have no strong opinion about Lloyd Webber's oeuvre, and his "music. Can you dig it?. Everything has been sent to the printer's and should be ready in less than a week. YAY! I thought I'd give you another sneak peek at a new design, just to keep you interested! This is Strawberry Bird: Hope you like it! I will let you know the minute my charts are ready. We were then challenged to use it to create something to share at the January meeting. Since all the papers were from one line and worked beautifully together, I decided to use it all on a mini album full of pull out tags, flaps and fold out sections. FRONT COVER I used some quirky little letter stamps to add words and phrases throughout the album. I bought them at one of the craft shows last year and just love how informal and fun they are. The tags all slide out from pockets and from behind photo mats. I used an SU punch to add matching pull tabs on all the tags and fold out sections. I was lucky enough to find a few matching buttons in my stash and then just glued them in place with some glossy accents. You could win a gift certificate to the store. Hi everyone! Robbie here doing my first Really Reasonable Ribbon tutorial. Hope that you are off to a great start to your week! I'm really happy to be sharing my ideas with you this month. I wanted to start with sharing a layout with you. Summer is my favorite season and I've been really enjoying all the bright papers and embellishments. I recently learned how to make the ribbon flowers and leaves and I'll show you how, too! These are really very quick and easy!Note: In the pictures, you will see that I used black embroidery floss. I have used this to make it easier for you to see. It is best to use a stronger thread for this technique to insure that your thread doesn't break. My favorite is using a clear thread so that you don't ever have to worry about it being seen. .