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The National Motorcycle Museum thrives on relationships with other museums, collectors, and even pickers, like Mike Wolfe, star of American Pickers. Motorcycles and memorabilia loaned for exhibit is how the Museum stays fresh and interesting, always bringing you something new. John Parham, president of the Museum asked Mike to put the bike on display, share his recent find, the XAVW with visitors to the Museum. "Mike said to run down to the Antique Archeology shop and pick it up, so we were on our way. This bike is so cool and I'm really happy to have it on display here at the National Motorcycle Museum. Mike stressed, "Don't touch it!" so we carefully picked off some spider webs, rolled it up next to our Von Dutch Triumph and other VonDutch artifacts in the Museum. The patina will remain intact, cooked on grease and oil, even the green-ness of the chrome! There's nothing like original unrestored motorcycles and cars," says Parham. With several auctions at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles over the past few years, plus the licensing of the Von Dutch trademark, there's been a renewed interest in the man's works. This machine also speaks to the high level of design and fabrication skills Von Dutch possessed. Uh, gee, I don't actually know Massachusetts licensing law. Hell, Ambo Driver would likely know as much or more. But I think that I would just go to the source, and ask the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles about it. It can be done! Put it all under TXDOT, and realize economies of scale. I have the pictures as promise folks, so here they are. For those who know me I am no fan of being dirty, and Charlotte, having never done a day of work in her life, is particularly unhappy with the idea.

There is dirt everywhere, particularly on my feet, which never fails to bother me.

He succeeded admirably! Charlotte is now losing the will to live and has decided that staring at the stones and willing them to place themselves in the buckets might do the trick. It didn't.

If anyone was unsure just how unhappy Charlotte was, then this picture really does tell it all.

In most cases, the pedal has a steel spindle and the crank is aluminum. Aluminum, being much softer than steel will accept the forced thread, but not for long. Once a load is put on the pedal the threads begin to strip out and the crank is toast! Or is it?Of course, on lower end bikes, a left side crank arm can be purchased for a fairly reasonable price. However, right side cranks or higher end cranks can be much more expensive. In most cases a pedal thread can be repaired. It was quite liberating. Now that our left crank arm is good and wrecked, its time to get fixin'.

On the financial front, things are pretty much on cruise control.

For once, I have no pending tax returns, retirement plan contributions, savings bond purchases, CD purchases, or S Corp equity distributions that need to be taken care of. I do have some CDs maturing later this year, but that's a minor event that is a few months away. The distributors of 'The Rover' have reported a few new details about the US Premiere. The cast will attend the premiere in Los Angeles the week of the US Theatrical Release. via via. Courtesy to KAT-ATM Group. This is just a sampling of projects I came up with. As you can see tiny dolls and totes were a re-occurring theme.

lol Soon afterwards I became obsessed with creating miniature quilts and small scale quilt blocks.

My projects, like my sewing and quilting skills have continued to evolved over the years. I look forward to looking back in another decade at how I've re-purposed my current blocks and fabrics. This program will teach new attorneys and seasoned professionals effective writing techniques to assist pro bono clients with a variety of legal issues. Document review is a skill rarely taught in any law school, and neither are real-world best practices for producing documents. The ability to conduct a deep and targeted review and an analysis of discovery productions is vital to a party’s claims or defenses. Streeter, Partner, Dechert LLPBy: Dechert LLPCredit: Pending in CA, IL, NC, NY, NC, PA and TX. More:. courtesy of singtao. Zhang Jin revealed that during the shoot he was injured when his left rib fractured from a kick from Thai actor Tony Jaa. Then Wu Jing hit the top of his head and his neck pain lingered for a long time. Zhang Jin said that director Soi Cheang Po Shui did not permit his wife Ada Choi Siu Fun from visiting the set. This time Zhang Jin played a prison warden, a villain. a U-shaped plan creates a centralized entry which is buffered from the adjacent street. wrapping the rooms around an outdoor patio courtyard and tree, the configuration separates the different programmatic spaces with large sliding glass doors which may be opened allowing a permeable circulation throughout the interior. via. Thanks to FLOR Carpet Tiles for collaborating on this post. While I was in the process of looking for area rugs to use in my Living Room Design, I received a catalog in the mail from FLOR. I was familiar with FLOR Carpet Tiles, but when I opened the catalog, I was smitten with their new designs. I was not only impressed by their designs, but I liked the idea that I could put the patterns together myself to create my own unique, custom rug. I had a hard time narrowing down my choices, but I finally decided on Lasting Grateness in black. I liked the bold, graphic pattern. Because I have about a million and one in-progress projects going on right now. and none that are blog-ready, I thought I'd have a little fun by telling you all about today. Yes, this is New York City, the cultural bastion of America and by extension the entire world. This is where we have gone and other than the bronze swords and a tribune marching ahead with a fasci, it seems very reminiscent of a society in serious and terminal decline. My God. " If you've seen the episode, you know what it is. -Jackson Marriott for the continued use of his sound effects collection he gave me. ‎. With just a week to go before New York Ranger prospects head either home for their holiday break or off to the various national evaluation camps, it was a mixed bad on Sunday. Ask Michael Del Zotto about that. There were quite a few questions about them, after the last post. So I'll share what I know. EXACTLY how they're made is a mystery, because it's proprietary information. The one documentary I managed to watch on the subject of industrial ceramics, when they got to the cutting implements, they toured a factory and weren't allowed in half the rooms. Let this be the day you LEAP into the live you're meaning to live. . ready, set, go! -Anonymous Be ready for action and keep your lamps burning. "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. " - Charles A. Beard And the LORD brought Abraham outside and said, "Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them.

" Then he said to Abraham, "So shall your offspring be.

" And Abraham believed the LORD, and the LORD counted it to Abraham as righteousness.

reddit. So many links, I feel like an ambassador with the Ferrero Rocher. The solstice is now trotting south behind us, and each day it gets darker a little sooner. I am being reminded daily by light at texture that October isn't just a noun anymore: he's on his way. Last winter was bad. Poor preparation, bad decisions, a snowfall that made Idaho look like the Swedish scene on the It's A Small World ride. MADAME de STAELTHE FIRST MODERN WOMAN by Francine du Plessix GrayYou must read this book.

You can read it ONLINE right now at DAILYLIT here Diane von Furstenburg wants you to-here I want you to- Isn't that enough? The author, Francine du Plessix Gray, jets through the famous, infamous grand Madame de Stael with jaunt, wit and truth.

France's saloniste of the Napoleonic period-She could barely gain a foot hold in Paris before Napoleon and his ego would oust her. "Life is about giving, you know? That's a lesson I can give. It's a luxury to give.

And even if people take advantage of you a little bit, it's okay.

" DVF The entire idea of DailyLit is quite amazing and for this book to be available to so many is impressive, the generosity of von Furstenburg is impressive- and MADAME is beyond all of that. If ever there were two ladies that fit the bill for the new-Between the Wars Era- fashion revival-it is these two. Not having officially met them-it is safe to say the Hovey Sisters were Born to it. I know the Hoveys, along with countless others who tune into their Blog pages. Terrifically individualistic describes them both- something I think quite a challenge to achieve today when inundated with books on achieving a certain this or that Personal style. In other words- for getting your Personal style- here is a road map. Here's how to get the Look. Here's the blurb:The stunning first volume in Janny Wurts’s epic tale of two half-brothers cursed to life-long enmity. The world of Athera lives in eternal fog, its skies obscured by the malevolent Mistwraith. Arithon and Lysaer will find that they are inescapably bound inside a pattern of events dictated by their own deepest convictions. Yet there is more at stake than one battle with the Mistwraith – as the sorcerers of the Fellowship of Seven know well. For between them the half-brothers hold the balance of the world, its harmony and its future, in their hands. DeVos is the worst hire. By far.

The Huffington Post — Charles P.

Detroit and New Orleans represent radically different versions of school choice — and the one that seems to work is the one that uses the state oversight that Ms. DeVos opposes. See below the pictures. After holding out the best for fresh eating the rest will be made into roasted spaghetti sauce. The original recipe calls for cherry tomatoes, but these full size ones will work just dandy. I thought last Tuesday was tough. I have to admit that the open house wasn't at all what I expected. I guess this was just the warm-up period, though.

We started in on the big, BIG stuff this week.

“Surprise!! I’m Decentralizing the Papacy!”Here are portions of a Google translation of a speech that “Pope Francis” gave at the recent “Synod on the Family”, published only in Italian. This is the “keynote speech” of “Pope Francis” that has not yet been translated into English. Why don’t they translate it and publish it for all the world to see? One can only surmise that they don’t feel as if this will be a message that will be well-received by some. But the Google Translate version here can give you some idea of the substance of this speech, and why this theme has got “traditionalist” Roman Catholics in such an uproar:Primacy of the pope and decentralization. The theorem of Francis. This, first of all, is Magister’s introduction: He was quickly promoted among the great keynote speeches of this pontificate. Here are the main steps. The point that most intersects with the ongoing discussions in the Synod on the family is the question of "decentralization", that is, entrusting to the national Bishops Conferences "discernment of all the problems that lie ahead in their territories. You might recognize Darin's name from his amazing antique store Coup d'Etat. Enjoy some amazing images of this gracious home. And here's a shot of Darin - in his widely acclaimed room at the San Francisco Showcase House last summer. A true talent. Happy spooking! -dana. More information. .