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Steve's studio is in our home and that means a patron might drop in at any time.

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I stopped in at the shop this past weekend for the first time since Christmas.

It was so great seeing my quilting friends and to pet fabric. And did I pet fabric! There is a multitude of new fabrics in at the shop and I’ll show you just a few of them today. Don’t you just love these cows and fluffy sheep in the picture above? It is Green Farms by Kanvas Studios. This is a close up with some of the coordinating fabrics. Above is Kitty Kitty Knitting by Kanvas Studios. A place for everything, and everything in its place. It's just that if I ever want to find anything again, I've gotta do something. You couldn't live with the woman for more than five minutes - let alone be RAISED by her - without figuring out the basics. First some exciting news. I'm getting a new-to-me sewing table! I hope it will help with the sore shoulders I'be been getting when I put the quilt tops together or bind them. Imagine. i had these layouts sitting on my scrap table since. um.

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In one week, Manhattan will be gone.

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