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Jay-J’s The Filipino Restaurant’s menu not just covers Grilled Chicken but also a variety of Filipino dishes - from seafood, to poultry, to meat.

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Dutch bobsledder Timothy Beck carried the Dutch flag in the Olympic procession at Winter Games in Vancouver.

He was chosen for his achievements as a team builder. It’s Beck’s third Olympics. For Dutch flag bearer Timothy Beck the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Vancouver became a special night with many emotions. Beck: "I thought: you have done well, that your son is now standing here". "This is of awful of course. It already casts a shadow over the Olympics. "For Beck the lugar accident is an extra warning, because he will also start on this track with his bobsled team. Afro-Europe. It’s hard to believe that innocent citizens could be swept from their homes in the middle of the night and tossed in jail…. then transferred to a “detention camp” and held for months – even years – as “prisoners of war. ” But it happened during World War II all across the United States. It was later modified and only its “Alien Enemies” provision remained. But after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, heightened fear broke out across the United States, and there was great suspicion that aliens – even people who just “looked” to be an aliens – might be enemy spies or even saboteurs. Because of their obvious difference in physical appearance, oriental persons were easy targets. since moving here. I still don't understand! I am the woman of never fluctuating-weight. I can see why the pioneers were lean machines. I think she was joking. Ideally a designer would seek stability, but to gain the necessary agility to change directions quickly you introduce sacrifices. What you gain in one place you give up in another. The electronics can cut the reaction loop effectively and make continual recoveries to regain control before disaster. All well and good when everything is working. Okay we're going to start taking things personally if the New York Ranger and New York Islander prospects don't stop doing the opposite of the things we've been writing about for them. One has to feel sorry for the coaching staffs of the prospects because it must be driving them up the wall not knowing what kind of effort they will get from their players on any given night. It was exactly the kind of performance we have wanted to see from Yogan in his quest to earn a New York Ranger contract. Step up, make plays and lead his team to a playoff spot or in other words show us how bad you want it.

Saturday afternoon not sure who what lit the fire under Yogan but hope they do it more often.

Hello mojo friends, it is the first Monday of October and that means it is contest week. Julee has created this weeks sketch, so let's get started. be sure to check out the mojo makers cards for a little inspiration if needed. Then leave a direct link to your project in the InLinkz widget at the bottom of this post. Our challenge is open to everyone, Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. Wrapped in linen and reverently laid to rest, mummies hold intriguing clues to life and death in ancient Egypt and around the world. Graffiti, Temple of Amada. Use the regimental numbers and dates on which these were issued, below, to determine parameters for when your own Dorsetshire Regiment ancestor would have joined up. Note though that these numbers are only for regular enlistments. A few of my other OTK looks below. . Harry Chapin is softly serenading from the grave. Well. I remember when. I am sitting in the library of my house in Salem looking out at my rather ragged back yard. But it is a familiar scene. This has been my writing perch for several years. As the last operational posting of the new man was to be in charge of closing a prison, the urge to attach particular significance to this unfortunate past is unstoppable in certain quarters. The staff union, the POA, is foremost in attempting to read the Runes and have concluded that Sudbury has only one of three potential futures. Firstly, to close it down. There is not an abundance of places in Open prisons and they are the cheapest part of the prison system to run. So why close Sudbury?Secondly, to re-role Sudbury to being a Category C prison. the bill for putting bars on each window alone would turn the Treasury pale. So, massive investment to upgrade a fifty year old infrastructure. Why bother? Just build a new Cat-C nick, it would probably be cheaper. Andrews. Hey guys. I added a new picture of Walter Trusendi to his page in the brieflines archive. Enjoy your day!. Wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! As you can see, we have a white one here in New Jersey! Cheers! Shelley. Our Designer Focus this month is Chris Anderson of Curby's Closet! Chris is best known for her quilted baby shoe patterns - see them all on our website here. Curby's Closet had one of the most adorable websites we've ever seen! Take a look here. Here is what Chris had to say about Curby's Closet:I am a wife and mother who according to my sons “has always been selling or making something” their whole life. I am a big lover of vintage and Shabby Chic-style items as well as dolls, quilts, tea sets, English china and baby clothing. I have always been a pretty creative person and have enjoyed sewing and designing as an outlet for expressing myself, ever since I was a little girl making doll clothes for my baby dolls. I really enjoy planting flowers and gardening with my husband. I love to decorate our home, plan parties or design tablescapes for special family dinners. For the past several years I have collected vintage baby clothes, mostly dresses as a little hobby. It is nice seeing their little selves running around the barn. Makes this place feel like spring. love, love, love fabric- i could look at them all day. whenever we would receive new samples or i would be meeting w/ a rep, i would have to rub my hand over the samples i was looking at. strange. I am a journaler. Okay, I said it. Outloud. For everybody to hear. I share most of the artwork I create and the art projects I am involved with on this blog. But one thing I have never shared before are my personal journals. I do not journal daily, weekly, or sometimes even monthly. But I do journal. And I find there are definitely times when I feel the need to journal. One of the things I like about journaling is the fact that there are no rules. I am a working homemaker. I am proud of that title but it took me a while to realise it. I don't know how many times I've filled in a form that required me to describe what it is I do with my time. I've called myself "nurse", "journalist", "writer", and , no doubt, various other things. I don't think I've called myself "domestic engineer", if I ever did, I regret it. Homemaker suits me well now. It is what I am. I am proud of the name and what it represents. My dad was on spring break last week, so he came to stay with us Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday the kids stayed home from daycare and Grandpa was in charge.

It was Jenna's preschool day, so she got to have Grandpa pick her up, which she thought was pretty cool. After Aaron and I got done with work, we ran to Ames to pick-up a few things for Jenna's birthday. It was nice to be able to do that! I think it was a mutual thing that Grandpa wore the kids out and they wore him out! All in all, were happy that my dad made the trip and got to spend some quality time with the grandkids. Who's the Boss? Watch and vote below. So as I returned from my morning workout at the beach, I switched on the television only to hear a simple flute melody playing in the background and Derek Jacobi utter those stirring words, "O, for a muse of fire.

I've been a huge Shakespeare fan most of my adult life.

The magic of the language fascinates me. And it's ability to transmogrify into most any era and place shows the timelessness of the text. And of course for any fan of Henry V, there's always the stirring St. Crispin's Day speech. But, you've got to earn it. Salt is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world, both as a flavouring during cooking and a condiment at the table, as well as a preservative for fish, meat, cheese and butter. It has no aroma but a strong flavour, and brings out the flavour of both sweet and savoury dishes. Availibility All year round. Choose the best There are a number of types of salt to choose from. Sea salt is a by-product of the evaporation of seawater, either naturally or artificially. However, there's currently little more to say than to state the names of the bidders, as we've already seen in various reports. We did get some good information here. Donohue Peebles made on offer, though in a rather strange twist, he's a partner in the Delaware North team too. So we'll have to couple those in the wagering.

unless they are Aqueduct Entertainment?The surprise new faces - at least those who know at least a little about - are Penn National, which has never before to my memory expressed an interest in the New York gaming market and a group called Development Associates, said to be a subsidiary of Wynn Resorts.

- Baffert is in town, and he's two-for-two since arriving on Wednesday.

He'll saddle Indian Blessing in the Acorn, second on my list of which races I'm most excited for.

I got on her case last year for her unimpressive finishes, but she earned my admiration in her two races at Fair Grounds this year, including her loss to Proud Spell. This turnback after a respite to a one turn mile seems like a good spot. Baffert said that he wants to "shut that motor down early in the race," and she did so more or less in the Frizette at this distance here last year, when she sat just off the pace of Dill Or No Dill. She may have to do the same behind Dance Gal Dance here. This might not look very inviting but it sure is good. Bev posted this recipe and I just had to try it. I added some fresh thyme to the brine. Make sure the water covers the chickenWhen you are ready to cook them, make sure you dry them thoroughly on paper towels. Sprinkle them with dried thyme, granulated garlic and salt & pepper. Using a bit of oil, brown the pieces on both sides until golden. First I browned the legs. Then the thighs. scam-job-emails. Your application will be evaluated on the basis of the answers from the Online Questionnaire alongside your Resume and you will surely benotified upon review of your whole submitted information. .