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Dear Friends of US Military Families and Chaplains,What better way to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice than to recall the words of the Great John Paul II who, addressing military, said:"I would like to offer a tribute to your many friends who have paid with their lives for fidelity to their mission. Today, during the Eucharistic celebration, we entrust them to the Lord with gratitude and admiration. But where did they find the strength necessary to do their duty to the full, other than in total adherence to the professed ideals? Many of them believed in Christ, and his words illumined their existence and gave exemplary value to their sacrifice.

They made the Gospel their code of conduct.

May the example of your colleagues, who in faithfully doing their duty reached the heights of heroism and, perhaps, of holiness, be an example to you.

Whether she is shooting a set for the internationally renowned pin-up site Suicidegirls. Some nice vintage pics from Fast is Fast. Julie has tatted a cross just like Grandma's. Orsi is making costumes for the school drama group. This is one of the shirts with a tatted edging around the cuff and she's planning a similar edging on the collar. Wanda has been working on the Design-Tat homework which was to take a snowflake and turn it into a heart. Here is the snowflake she started with and some of the trial efforts to turn it into a heart. Each one gets a little closer to the desired results. Barbara has another pattern done from 'Celtic Tatting knots & Patterns' by Rozella Linden. courtesy of mingpao. cc. ". Our Islamorada District had its formal inspection this week. Here are some photos. Looking sharp!. Monday headlines Sunday. This apparent admission is actually an evasion, in that it assigns blame to an inanimate instrument, rather than the individual who wielded it. The only other eyewitness to the killing of Aiyana Stanley-Jones is Mertila Jones, the slain child’s grandmother. That claim was contradicted by fellow home invader Shawn Stallard, who was right behind Weekley when the shooting took place and didn’t see a struggle between Weekley and Jones. In any case, he insists that he’s not to blame – that despite the fact that Aiyana was left to die in a pool of blood, that he, the shooter, is the real victim. Bolton Ings - From the sofa we could hear a reeling Grasshopper Warbler and singing Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Blackcap and Whitethroat. Behind every great fortune there is a crime. - Angelo Mozilo Honore de Balzac Ecological Impact : Brazilian ethanol, we're told, is renewable and relatively clean. The lives of Brazilian sugar cane cutters are neither. " I want to make clear that I am James Fitch, not Jerry, and his name was Mike, not Johnny. "It is not a National Identity Card," claims Michael Chertoff, Head of Internal Security. I'm one of Brian's friends from college and Champlain Shakespeare Festival days. I have so many memories of Brian, but two specific ones make me smile whenever I think of them. We were doing Measure for Measure. He was Claudio and I was Juliet. Our director had chosen what she called "Gothic Futurism" as the concept for the piece. Now that it's on Fb, people might listen. I am Simon Darcy and I teach and research in sport, tourism and diversity management. Why did I start the blog?The areas in which I have chosen to dedicate my work are important areas that have received little academic or industry attention in Australia or internationally. My work in accessible tourism and diversity management has gained national and international recognition from academic and industry practitioners. I take the knowledge arising from my academic rigour into the public policy and market arena to develop enabling management practices to create a more just society. I receive a great deal of satisfaction working in this area, as I strongly believe in therights of all Australians regardless of their backgrounds to fully participate in all the rights of citizenship. good morning!! i hope y'all had a wonderful thanksgiving! we sure did. by Phil Johnsono I'm in Rome tonight, on my way home from Sicily. This week will be busy again, and I'm not even sure whether I'll be in any state of mind to blog on Monday morning.

In addition to The Spurgeon Archive, I originally intended to post as much material as I could from my second-favorite historical character, Cotton Mather.

You'd think I would get lots of requests to update the bookmarks and Spurgeon material.

And I do.

But the thing people ask for most of all are updates to a small collection of gross and disgusting essays collectively titled "Strange Things I have Eaten. " I don't think I've added a new article there for more than five years, even though I've accumulated a long list of tales that would make good chapters in that little anthology. So tonight I added an item to that menagerie, titled "Fish Heads and Tentacles and Sea Urchins and Such. " Enjoy.

Join the Winning TeamRUPAYAN Housing Estate Ltd.

- Set up guideline for Marketing & Sales team to develop effective Marketing & Sales strategy. - Able to initiate action plan to identify potential market along with new sales opportunities. - Ability to manage multiple matters independently. - Ability to handle the total responsibility of the Marketing Department. - Portray effective leadership to ensure positive customer experience through motivating and inspiring team work. You can now get your hands on Ian M. Here's the blurb:In a world renowned even within a galaxy full of wonders, a crime within a war. For one man it means a desperate flight, and a search for the one - maybe two - people who could clear his name. For his brother it means a life lived under constant threat of treachery and murder. For those who don't have Sky or Foxtel, there is the excellent and right up to the minute BBC website. Interesting to note the closer a constituency is to the Chunnellthe more likely it is to vote Leave - or so it seems at this stage. it's just a glob of tissue. Abortion is a choice?NSFW or anywhere else. Find the images ugly? Look at them! No, really - LOOK AT THEM! These are your children and your grandchildren. These are children who cried out for life. LOOK. AT. THEM. After you've looked at these pictures, then tell me that killing a baby is a "choice. " More: ValleeTrails: Obama's vision for America w/ heart wrenching video. Cool, small but workable.

We start today overcast and foggy with light morning mist.

Ocean still textured and surf smallish, but for logging it's fine. Channel: Surf is shin / knee high, sets are crumbly but thigh-ish +. Lightly textured water from onshore wind. Channel bar is surfable. Good morning, The dream, it never ends. Bolinas is waking up, and the day is still looking. yes, dreamy. Warm and sunny this AM, no wind yet, with bright and glassy little peelers. Low tide conditions, in a little while we will have more water, waves, and yes, probably a little wind too. If you've looked through the Bill Ray Hells Angels photos on the Google Archive I'm sure you've noticed the iconic biker photos taken in front of the famous Blackboard Cafe. This Dave Mann poster captures the action as it happened and its my second favorite in the series. My copy is less than pristine but you can see there's alot going on in this picture!. Three more examples of how the ruling class, in the Obama era, is spiraling out of control:. Together, we've partnered on a Pinterest board to highlight a mixture of my favourite pieces and a few of our projects using antiques within the space. Have a look - and let me know what your favourite piece is! You can see them HERE. Cheers, Scot. Today you will see some great projects from the RRR and Hampton Art design team girls showcasing Stamps and Inks from Hampton Art and Ribbon and Trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon. I'm sure there will be lots of very inspiring projects! For some daily inspiration, but sure to sign up as a follower on the Hampton Art and Really Reasonable Ribbon Blogs. You will find daily posts from top notch designers showcasing a variety of styles that you just don't want to miss! I'll start you off with a card here before you begin the hop. On the inside of the card on the left I have used the Hampton Art Think Pink Set. Now let's get hopping and see what the RRR and Hampton Art design team girls have created for us. Dear VictimYour name has been shortlisted/chosen among the lucky Candidates who successfully pass Celebrity Cruises Deals. we appreciate your interest and willingness to work in our Facility Located in Celebrity Cruises Deals London. In this mail there is an attached Document called the Contract Agreement Letter and Benefit at a glance Flyer, which you have to print out, sign and return it back to us immediately for other Official Endorsement.

However, after receiving this Agreement Letter duly signed by you, we shall contact you for Appointment/Offer Letter, added the directions on how to obtain your visa from the United Kingdom Immigration Officer in your Country, whom will be processing your working Visa Documents.

Print out this Document and sign after reading it and send it back to us for Office use, waiting to receive this Agreement Letter dully sign as soon as possible. he had a boatload of opportunities this weekend. some of it was a blur. .