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He started by going on pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, got bit by the travel bug.

In the course of his travels he went down both the East and West African coasts, providing our only source for those areas in that century.

Hearing that Mohammed ibn Tugluq, the fabulously wealthy sultan of Delhi, was generous to foreign scholars, Ibn Battuta set off for India and ended up spending several years as the chief Maliki Qadi of Delhi. His account of his visit to China is dubious, but he probably got at least as far as somewhere in south-east Asia. Eventually he came home and wrote an account of his travels, the Rehla, which survives. Early on, he swore never, if he could avoid it, to return by the same route he went out on. What do you think about the proposed 'Fat Tax'? Personally it has me outraged! They are going to tax drinks containing "sugar" and to get the law passed they will drop all taxes on drinks with artifical sweeteners. This will try to force people to drink soda that contains deadly artifical sweeteners. Also consider this fact: Skinny people drink sugary sodas, fat people drink diet sodas. So the tax will actually be a tax on SKINNY PEOPLE! It is not a fat tax at all, unless they also tax toxic diet sodas! And what about all those candy bars that are not only full of sugar but they are also full of fat? What about doughnuts that are also full of fat and sugar??? Could these crazy politicians actually create a "Fat Tax"? Of course not, they just want to make Americans Fatter and Sicker, but that way they can get the backing of the people that are poisoning us. BTW - I would be all for a "corn syrup" tax!!!. Despite the increasing amount of PML cases that have been diagnosed since Tysabri was re-introduced to the U. S. The natural man without Christ has no capacity to either please or obey God because he does not have the Spirit of God dwelling in Him. He is a child of disobedience and a child of wrath, with God’s abiding anger resting on him waiting for the day of judgment. The way of this man is froward, which we have discussed many times previously. It is foreign to the man of God, strange. Marriage to an artist means that pictures are always moving. When I decorated my mantel on Saturday, one of my favorite paintings hung over the mantel. Several years ago Steve painted my little red wagon. The wagon rusted out a year ago, but lives on in this lovely painting. When I got home tonight, my little red wagon was gone.

In its place, I found this new painting.

Steve just finished it on Monday. The scene is Ventura from the hillside with the Channel Islands in the background. Steve has painted variations of this scene countless times. More about this Barn Fresh Bubble Visor T-shirt later this day. We just discussed how the new CEO of the National Quality Forum was revealed to be a member of the board of directors of Premier Inc, and discussed the implications of this apparently intense conflict of interest. . Last week Dr Victor Dzau was hailed as the new president of the Institute of Medicine. The simple version, in Modern Healthcare: Duke University Health System President and CEO Dr. End this section by noting which course TCO or course topic your problem is related to. The new edition of Collapse magazine looks to be very interesting, and a copy should be winging its way to my door any day now: "Collapse Volume IV: 'Concept Horror' is an investigation into the philosophical, existential, aesthetic, religious and political dimensions of horror. Its task is not to promote theories of horror, but to uncover the horrors that may lie in wait for those who pursue rational thought beyond the bounds of the reasonable. Here is a little sample. You get "thanks, hello, wish and love" in the set. What they do is punch holes in your project for you to stitch the word! How cool is that! Here I used some twine to stitch each letter a different color on my card. I added some flowers and leaves from last month's Mini Blooms stamp set. This post is not from Christian Alliance for Orphans- although there will be more on that, and they did have breakouts with this topic. Today's post is just a little hint of the why behind changing your parenting styles. I would say that we didn't know at all what we were doing or getting into. Probably much better that way too! The thing is that we never even knew we should or the why behind not doing just traditional parenting. Which is fine. This post is not to put down traditional parenting at all! Instead I would like to challenge some of my own ideas. My parents raised me in a traditional home- traditional parenting. They said it, you do it, or you get a consequence. Each month has a two-page monthly calendar with lots of extra places to jot down notes and reminders. In-between the monthly pages are weekly planning spreads. Each week, I label these areas based on what I have going on. . Their decoration is a rare record of funerary beliefs held by the non-elite inhabitants of Amarna.

Much of the wood of the coffin panels has been consumed by termites, leaving little more than the brittle layer of paint itself.

The conservation of this material, by professional conservators, has begun and will be pursued during the Amarna season that has just started. To aid the work, we have recently launched an appeal on the Amarna Justgiving website: Donation is easy, and the Gift-Aid element is automatically handled. Please, if you can, help this project to succeed. The Tell Basta-Project has started its regular spring season today. At present only Dr Eva Lange and Dr Daniela Rosenow are at Zagazig. The rest of the team will follow next week. Today we visited the site and fortunately can confirm that all magazins and the museums have not been looted at all.

Anyway as the local authorities informed us, there was an attempt to loot the site and magazine two weeks ago but the local Ghafirs were able to protect the site and no harm was done.

We would like to let all of you know that the Ministry of Antiquity Affairs has been very cooperative and supportive and we faced no problems whatsoever. Best regardsEva Lange and Daniela RosenowFor anyone interested in finding out more about the Project here are some useful links. General information about the site is available at the EES website together with an article by Rosenow on the Great Temple of Bastet from the EES Egyptian Archaeology Magazine, Hawass describes it on his blog, there's a report on the statue of Nefer-Ka recovered from the site on the Museums in the Nile Delta website, and the Project has photos on Flickr here and here. My girls love them and they do look so pretty displayed ever so perfectly in their room. A few weeks back Murray and I purchased a slow cooker, or 'Crock Pot'. This infection transmitted itself to our friends Matt and Steph, who, over a few wines, agreed to Murray's 'inspired' suggestion to set a date for a Crock pot challenge! The contract was drawn up, the signatures were scribbled. the legend began. The second edition of this book, on the relationship between Jazz and Cinema, has just been published. It includes an entry on the influence of Jazz on the films of Jess Franco, to whom the book is also dedicated. Here's hoping for an English language edition. Here's the vintage WIZARD VIDEO of the Italian blaxploitation epic, MANDINGA, discussed in the previous blog. Those Wizard VHS tapes could have poor video/audio quality, were often censored, always cropped and missing footage but they knew how to do covers. I really miss the Exploitation VHS era. We'll be reviewing some Jess Franco VHS covers soon. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we would grab ours back!Unknown The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears, And delivers them out of all their troubles. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of them all. Dead Hoarse: Christian Noyer of the European Central Bank joined the chorus flatly ruling out any restructuring of the Greek debt, saying “there’s no solution possible” other than austerity. Ditto for Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and, soon, Italy. The fact that austerity hasn't worked in the UK, Ireland or Greece, doesn't mean another dose won't work wonders. Oh, wait, at one-half of one percent interest, they're not afraid of inflation. Quick, make a list of the things they are afraid of. Aide de Memoire: Make a list of the Republicans lining up to pledge their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor to defending the Ryan budget. Adorable goes to Cony the rabbit Loving is Brown the bear Mr Moon with head of a Moon Are you a LINE App user? It's similar to Watapps, in a more relax and leisure way. Uniquely to LINE are some iconic characters like Mr Moon, Brown the bear and Cony the rabbit, in different expressions to describe your current mood. LINE had proven very useful as Guild Chat when I was playing 'Immortalis' on iPhone back then. These cutie plush toys were gift from a close friend when he returned from his Japan trip.

They are good for display as well as armaments hung on bags.

via ladybunny.

I have had this book going around in my head for such a long time, I remember vividly the day I was shouting at Christopher in the garden and I actually turned and looked for my Mother because it was definitely her voice I heard.

so no matter how hard we try, we all end up saying the same things. Dream Street papers Art nouveau and I love the way the plain chipboard letters for the cover turned out. I painted them with pebeo cerne relief and while still wet coated them with clear embossing powder. Let them dry and then heat embossed them and they ended with a really nice effect! This is a little chipboard mini book made from chipboard shapes. Hey guys. I added a new page in the brieflines archive for Italian footaller, Lionel Scaloni. Enjoy!. Joseph named his second son Ephraim, for he said, 'God has made me fruitful in the land of my grief'". Observation: Joseph saw an amazing turnaround in his life. He went from years of terrible misfortune where he ended up in prison, to being second in charge of all Egypt in a moment of time. He was blessed beyond measure in the land that was the land of his punishment for things he had not done. You can be fruitful in the land of your grief. Application: Joseph is an amazing story of integrity and character when things are going wrong and you are being falsely accused of things. He remained faithful to God and, years later, God was faithful to him in bringing him into the place of God's favor. If you drive by our house, our blinds are usually open.

When you look at our house, you can see into our office.

The office is great because we have so many great pieces of furniture in there already. It really only needs a fresh coat of paint and some little design elements. They would look great matted like this:I may even just lean it up against the wall like this. Ecco cosa ho fatto in questi giorni da un vecchio disegno di GH. This's a work made this week. There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Regards Adolf. In my opinion the class award plaques looked better than the first and second place trophies!. Not much on here today:. My most favorite kind of weekend of all. -dana. I was so busy getting this on the table, I neglected to get a picture before guests dug into it. I made an awesome Meatball Parmesan dish the other night for six. ” Now, who wouldn’t be attracted to a headline like that? And it is indeed quite the fantastic meatball, made from not one, not two, not three, but six different meats, at least in the version I created. I chose to use a half a pound of the pancetta and a half a pound of the bacon. The other recipe I happened up was in the New York Times for Meatball Parmesan.

The recipe is here.

What I did was to substitute the NYT meatballs for the Esquire meatballs. And, though I have my own red sauce recipe, I did use the NYT recipe for the sauce. I served it with penne pasta and salad. This was almost an all-day affair in the kitchen. A widely popular dip, hummus is not only delicious, it’s super healthy. Place in a pot with water and bring to a boil. Add a teaspoon of baking soda if you're prone to gas. Drain and let cool. Place the garbanzo beans in a food processor until no large chunks remain. Add the tahini paste, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, cumin and salt and process until smooth. I will post more tomorrow after I edit my way through the myriad of photos we took. We are making another trip at the end of the week and will document it as well. I don't know exactly what kind of job I have done as a mother but one thing I am proud of is the fact that I raised both of my kids to be adventurous eaters. They will try anything and everything. They are constantly reading about new foods and seeking them out. Today, the Blog Tech took a big step. It was a big weekend for CHNW and me. We attended two events for animal issues, both of which were stinking to high heaven with celebs. One was the yearly fund-raising gala for Farm Sanctuary, whom CHNW and I have supported for many years. Same mission, different locations. The nice thing about this book is that it presents and entertaining, pop-culture look at issues that are normally difficult to deal with, so most people never learn about. Give it a try.

Here are some pictorial highlights from the fun and freakiness.

I cannot take credit for this suggestion. E. B. Larson and X. Method Acting type techniques were suggested to increase empathy in the doctor-patient relationship. I was not fortunate enough to have formal method acting training in med school. Several months ago a patient who I had attended for several years was found to have a large right upper lobe mass. Calling her into the office, to discuss the finding and the options etc was an emotionally draining exercise. I did not have to imagine and practice ahead of the meeting what it would be like to have cancer to feel for that person.