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To paraphrase, am I using the Wilton's icing colors that have sugar in them? Yes, I am.

That's one of the reasons I'm dissolving them in hot water first.

There isn't enough sugar to be noticeable, that I've found.

No stickiness, etc. I'm half-heartedly looking for a restaurant supply place in my town that sells regular old food coloring dyes by the pint, but so far, no luck. My little peanut is one month old! The time has flown already and she is growing by the day. shoes, Steve Madden. She didn’t seem so thrilled with her look at first. but then it grew on her! Later in the day, we relaxed with cuddles and nap time. I turn off the soundand pretend I'm playing solitaire—don'tknow if I'm actually fooling anyone, but at least no one has yelled at me yet. To see more, go here. Hi! My parents were in town and just left yesterday, and took a little break from blogging. But today I am back with RAQ'S - Recently Asked Questions instead of Frequently Asked Questions.

linen is great but loses it's shape easily.

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