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Sadly, this will be my last time to play along as a DT member with Kraftin' Kimmie! I had to trim some things out of my schedule. I am SUPER sad to leave as these ladies that bring you these awesome creations each week are truly amazing and some of the nicest group of girls! I will definitely miss them!!! Pin It. Jobbing Doctor has drawn my attention to this case where Professor John Ashton has been threatened by his employer, NHS Cumbria, for daring to express his opinion on the NHS reforms. As I have been saying since I started this blog, expressing your opinion is a statutory right and his employer has no right to behave in this utterly reprehensible manner. Indeed if Prof Ashton has real concerns that the reforms will have adverse effects on patients he is required by the GMC to express his concerns. Since he is following GMC guidelines I would expect that the GMC would take action to support Prof Ashton. I predict that they will do no such thing. Further I expect that if NHS Cumbria were to report Prof Ashton to the GMC they would then pursue him in their usual impartial style. Whoever it was the one who must accept responsibility for this is the chief executive. Here is the little shit. I LOVE sewing Christmas decorations. and I LOVE dresdens.


I've been making these little cuties. Mason Thai Nguyen. More Information And Flyer. What do you do when you receive a verbal offer by telephone of an hourly wage for a new job, and when you arrive to sign papers they've decreased the amount by almost one dollar per hour? This was the scenario today when I arrived for my pre-employment physical, and the person who made the original offer wasn't even there. So, in lieu of signing the offer letter as requested, I simply wrote that I was not accepting it due to a discrepancy in the agreed-upon amount, and requested a follow-up telephone call. Well done, Brenda! Brenda used my YouTube video of doing the edging of this doily, which she said was very helpful. Here is the link to the video. Today was a big food day, with lots of fun activity in the kitchen. Ta-Dah!! Wow! I have been eyeing the crepe recipe in VwaV for quite a while now. You can purchase most my items at my Etsy store If what you want isn't in my Etsy store just email me your order and I will bill you through Paypal. implement next permutation, which rearranges numbers into the lexicographically next greater permutation of numbers. The replacement must be in-place, do not allocate extra memory. Here are some examples. Inputs are in the left-hand column and its corresponding outputs are in the right-hand column. So you must first understand what is the lexicographical order. UPDATE Saturday Night: Mr. Linky IS working! Saturday Morning. ETA: The owner of Mr Linky has stated his hard drive as crashed, he is trying to get it fixed. Friday Night. Today is Kerri's birthday. We hope that you have a great day filled with fun, skating, cake, laughter and love. Sorry about the old pictures, these are all that I have of you. Matt had to cut his visit to Utah short for a TDY in Texas, but I got to stay in the Beehive State for a whole two weeks! It was so great to spend that much time back home, and yet I was amazed at how much I still didn't have time to do and how many people I still didn't get to see! Isn't that how it always goes? There was a lot going on for my family while I was in town, so those activities filled my agenda rather quickly. I don't terribly care what terms are used in reference to other pregnant ladies but I, for one, am not "preggers. " I'm also not a certain brand of spaghetti sauce. First Joshie's, then the twins' and Jordan's, then my dad's and one of my best friend's. YouTube link. Addendum: Here's a walnut harvest, with a hat tip to reader Wales Larrison: YouTube link. A friend wanted a burlap wreath but I wasn't sure which size she would want so I made three. She chose the large one like my fireplace one, so I kept the other two and found them homes. Small Medium Large As if Fall isn't enough of a gift, I was recently gifted these beautiful charms and necklace from my dearest pal Tanya. Three beautifully crafted charms and they're reversible! and with my favorite subjects. Hi all. I added four new pictures of lanky, Czech tennis player, Lukas Rosol to his page in the brieflines archive. I’ve been a Rosol fan ever since he burst on the scene. Well, I have some bad news. Unfortunately the warehouse project isn't going to happen. First let me say that I really cared about this project and wanted it to be successful. I want everything I do to be successful. Sadly, the client and I have different ideas about how this mountain of inventory should be tackled so we have decided to shut down the project. This is not because I was incapable or unwilling to do the work. I felt that my efforts were not making the measurable difference I had hoped for. My Concerns with Progress Listing pace was very slow. Richard Bacon's show - his own Guardianista views are markedly transparent, most notably in almost screaming at rare right of centre invitee Jon Gaunt and repeatedly cutting him off in the summer, and again in November - seems to have them lined up on some kind of rota at times. It's not a scientific sample, of course, but my experience of his godawful show consists of either his fawning over vacant ideologies put forward by lefty slebs, or arguing with the few who rock up to his studio with opinions which aren't right-on enough. Oh yeah, and his mutual ego massaging with fellow lefty Boyd Hilton can sometimes raise eyebrows. their disagreement about whether Rush Limbaugh was just insane or very insane was perfectly, err, politically-balanced, I thought. But then, it would seem the execrable Bacon is only following the general ethos of his channel. For example, The Freedom Association are rightly irked at their 'impartial' BBC treatment at the hands of Alan Davies and privately-educated lefty, David Baddiel this morning.

I never knew that MSPs were so bound to the whims of their constituents.

Apparently, according to thistle-munching arch public health bansturbator, Nicola Sturgeon, if you live in Glasgow Govan, she is obliged do anything you ask. Miss Sturgeon, the Glasgow Govan MSP, admitted she knew about the fraudster’s criminal record, but claimed she was duty bound to represent her constituent. I reckon there are more than a few Govan constituents who would like her to lobby against minimum alcohol pricing on their behalf. If you know any, just get them to write to her, as apparently she must do it. While they're at it, get them to tell her she is duty bound to ask for a fair amendment to the smoking ban, too. Hey, if she's fine with backing proven benefit cheats, I'm sure she will be more than happy to help law-abiding taxpayers who favour self-determination and freedom of choice. Just a gentle reminder that all are invited to OH's autumnal stroll. And if you look closely enough, you might spot a Puddlecote in some of these pictures. Pop down Thursday and I'll let you buy me a pint. It's ALMOST finished. I drove all the way up to IKEA to get it and there wasn't any there. Making A List. I don’t know if she owns a dog, or if she knits. I certainly am ignorant of her politics. However, when I saw the photograph of her at her desk, above, I had to giggle. Yes, we do share something else. We are unabashed collectors of books. Books everywhere. Thank you, blogland, for keeping me motivated to keep sewing! Here's my current WIP list, in order of importance. Ninigret Quilters Raffle Quilt. As the quilt show chair, it is my job to make sure the raffle quilt gets done in a timely fashion. The show is in October, and the raffle quilt is still just a pile of block parts. Not good! I don't even have a picture to show you. Will update later. Madrona Road MQG Challenge. The top is done, the back is piece, the binding is ready. I need to buy some batting and get this quilted by the end of January. by Dan PhillipsI'm sure you've all heard this: Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral declared bankruptcy last week.



The “Bernie Bros” Narrative: a Cheap Campaign Tactic Masquerading as Journalism and Social Activism Glenn Greenwald Jan. m.

The concoction of the “Bernie Bro” narrative by pro-Clinton journalists has been a potent political tactic — and a journalistic disgrace.

This new section is devoted to some unsung works of one of my all-time favorite directors, the inimitable Frank Tashlin. Lang as the smarty fish. The timing as well as the gags are very good if not perfect. It is a brilliant mixture between the style used in Disney cartoons and the one developed in WB Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. And Pinto Colvig and Harry E. interesting question that's now really out in the open. What do I think? Let you know later. I'm much more interested in what you think. By Democrat standards, I've got enough proof to put away Obama, et al. for life without parole. Whatever chicanery Obama and his investors may be contemplating, it will probably unfold against some gargantuan crisis, manufactured or otherwise. read the rest. I am off to a good start! I drew this yesterday but I am not sure how I feel about it. This is the first time I have ever done the scribble thing.

I usually spend hours finishing a drawing and I would like to be more lose in my drawings some times.

It sort of feels like the scribbles are too messy and that they create a loss of detail. I was at the Meadowlands for the Hambletonian on Saturday. I had last been there just after the new building opened and wrote about it here. Just a typical ol' track, if a new, freshly-painted one with a lot of TVs. But this was the first time I was there for live racing and the first time I saw any of the upper floors. And I'd have to say that it's a solid execution of what Jeff Gural intended - a facility with a bunch of attractive options for dining and drinking, and for entertaining friends or clients or employees. Happy Halloween to everyone!!! Now I have another whole year to wait for it to happen again. I got my Halloween bracelets out. The squirrels have not eaten my Indian corn yet. I bought lots of pumpkins. The wall in my garage. I"m still adding to it. Thank goodness the pool is covered. I like to make The Blog Tech and his sweetie big brunches on Sundays. I made them jumbo biscuits this past weekend. I made them home fries and the first ramps of the season. This was the first time my future DIL tried ramps and she loves them.

She wants ramps in everything now.

Good girl! She fits right in here! I made them sausage patties and maple sausage links.

Scrambled eggs with fresh chives and Double Gloucester cheese.

I turned them into garden markers. So easy to do and they are very sturdy. I took them down to the garden this morning and took some photos on the way. And, I have no idea why the narrative is on the side of some of these pics. The lavender is growing like crazy and ready to bloom. ", which gave a proper filmography of any given movie star from the Golden Age, there were the Charles Gerhardt re-records of Golden Age film music scores, and of course the emergence of scholarly interest in Film Noir, with the rise of Humphrey Bogart as a Counterculture hero, and film schools in California using the works of John Ford and Howard Hawks as study material. .