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This was my third policy conference and it was, by all measures, the largest pro-Israel gathering ever.

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You should’ve seen all the heads turning when we walked into a local seafood joint in the harbor.

What a scene. The kids loved it. If he couldn’t buy his siblings presents, then why not make them Christmas presents? He was determined and every day for hours for two weeks, Ethan was in the back yard carving, cutting, sawing and sanding as he made gifts. It really warmed my heart to see him doing that for his brothers and sisters. God bless him! And by the way, he also made a box out of redwood planks to hold everyone’s boots for the back yard. Good thing he has his Daddy, because I would’ve never let him go near that saw! . This is not your daddy's Mexico. Good opening line. It certainly caught my Mexico-roving eye. At that point, I was the equivalent of a virtual window shopper.

Just looking, thank you.

There were plenty of web sites. Some helpful. Some filled with questionable advice. Imagine being in prison, ticking off the calendar but being unable to get released once your punishment has ended. That has to be a nightmare. There are in increasing number of prisoners in such a situation. Not through any fault of their own but because Labour introduced a raft of new indeterminate sentences but failed to put in place sufficient resources for the Parole Board to release them. As I write, envelopes are being issued to groups of my peers from the Parole Board - 'you are listed for a hearing but we are bust, we'll get back to you. Doh!. She beat Maragret Stirling in the final. She said " The nice thing about our championship was that two juniors did well. Both girls are now silver players and have been playing in our Greenlees team. They are going to be nice players. Send us tips! Bloggers: install a Larwyn's Linx widget. SimonThe Insurers and Obamacare: Jay CostTed Cruz Unveils Obamacare Repeal Act: Joel GehrkeWhat’s Different About Today’s Obamacare Repeal Vote: Kelsey HarknessPro-Hamas UC Davis Students Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Anti-Israel Vote: NROKrauthammer: Obama’s Budget is Entirely Political and Partisan: GlobNavy Abandons 'Global Force for Good' to Broaden Appeal: Military. Earlier this week, I suggested a few options for responding to the consultation on the coalition's David Cameron's plan for minimum alcohol pricing. I'd still urge you to consider submitting your thoughts via the online form at this page but, if you don't have the time or the inclination, there is now a simpler medium by which to object. The drinks industry is to launch the first consumer-facing campaign to mobilise mass opposition to the government's minimum unit pricing plans. The Wine & Spirit Trade Association has galvanised the support of major supermarkets and drinks brands to launch a consumer campaign under the "Why Should Responsible Drinkers Pay More" banner. A dedicated website is due to go live next Tuesday. Retail backers include Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons with drinks suppliers on board including SAB Miller and Diageo. The site will include information about how minimum unit pricing will affect beer wines and spirits products and tell consumers how to send a letter calling for their MP's support on the issue. It will be backed by a radio and PR campaign. "Don't mess with the Molar Nostra, capiche?"Oh dear. Having already received one decidedly sniffy message from a dental association, this dropped into my inbox yesterday, presumably from an address set up specifically for the purpose. co.


Dentists can refuse to treat anybody they like or any reason. Only a schmuck would insist that a dentist who did not want to would treat them. !Here's the whole list for you: Tracey Malnofsk Carisa Zglobick Jen Erickson Jimmi Mayo Karen Maldonad Lisa Henke Robyn Weatherspoon Shemaine Smith Thienly Azim Erin Schreiner Angie Blom now let's show them how girls really have FUN and start this HOP! with TRACEY! have a SUPER fabulous day! YOU deserve it!. My style is retro mixed with pops of color. I love Unity for many reasons: the people, the quality and the images. This was made while having a play with the new sizzix embossing folders. which i love by the way!! Green is not a colour i use a lot so i was quite pleased with this.

I know, it won't get me home but it'll look good while sitting roadside waiting for rescue.

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