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It would be interesting to live in a two-party state.

In yesterday's post, I introduced you to the Aztec's Templo Mayor. Like most monumental buildings built before the conquest, it is interesting. But because of its scale, it simply did not connect with me. And I was a bit disappointed. The Aztecs are one of history's most fascinating people. A warrior nation so steeped in its own pride that thought it could rely on its diplomatic skills to buy off an inferior invading force. I did not find any of that in the pyramid temple. Not sure whether the quality of the plastic making up the box is lousy or I did not keep my toy in ideal storage condition. Despite wrapping up the box with plastic book cover wrapper, the transparent plastic foam within still turned yellowing.

"Sigh"I had passed both Max and Millia to Mr K on Tuesday and upon receiving the collectibles, I can really see the excitement and delight on Mr K's face.

Mr K simply couldn't keep the toys off his eyes.

I would say it's like a boy who can't wait to play his toys.

That's hardcore bro!. Miller Runner Up - G. Speedie.

I stopped using my alarm clock.

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