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On this foundation the Church is built by the apostles and from it the Church receives solidity and unity.

As living stones we here on earth are built into it. Those who follow Dr Rant will know the answer to this. Those who don't, any guesses what this is?. You might not agree with me on these points but we have that liberty. There is no cellular process nor is there any movement or other activity of life that is not initiated and made possible and directed by the sovereign hand of God. Even the universe is held together not by the unbelieving scientist’s “dark matter” or “dark energy” or mysterious filaments but by Christ Himself. Aspelund said she got a prompt reply from Kaplan, who said she was looking into the matter and would get back to her. One area of major concern, and one with significant potential to increase costs in the fishery, is that of safety, Aspelund said. “You may not be aware that it is illegal for fishermen to ram one another. ” Aspelund told Kaplan that safety is the number one priority of BBRSDA members and that the show’s portrayal of fishermen demeans and insults them. PacWest Bigfoot on youtube shares a bigfoot encounter story where a bigfoot capsizes a fishing boat with a couple on board. Check it out:. We are teaming up with our friends over at Core'dinations for a fun week long hop! They have super cool card stock and other great products, and we can't wait to show them off! After you see the projects here, make sure to go and check out their blog for more awesome projects! Elena did a no-line coloring technique on the Into the Woods fox.

Another great post from Mark Caldwell at NITA.

What do we owe our students? I just finished teaching a program where many of the instructors had not received any formalized teacher training. All were experienced trial lawyers and genuinely caring individuals who wanted to help improve trial skills.

Mortaud is not the first non-white winner of the miss event, but she want to join the French public figures who want to speak openly about race.

So who am I to believe that Mortaud's remarks are just another way to say 'world peace'.

But it's clear that if you are black in France, staying race neutral in this periode is old fashion. So maybe this is the Obama effect.


Ashley Olsen was recently spotted on vacation in Saint Barts with aviators, a neutral caftan, a croc-embossed bag from The Row, a strapless bathing suit, and ripped jeans. Get the look: + Sonix Lodi Aviator Sunglasses + Raj Lotus Embroidered Caftan + H&M V-Neck Tunic + Urban Expressions Faux Leather Bag + AYR The Form Jeans. In the Republic of Korea, it seems as though the homeowners aren’t afraid to experiment not only with form, but color and materials as well. This purple hill house exudes the extent of creativity from Iroje KHM Architects and their outside the box thinking. via. Hallmark Rejects is back again, today with a look at infertility-related television show ideas that never made it onto the air. Populated with muscled hunks and attractive curvaceous women, filled with romantic intrigue and drama, set on the lovely beaches of Southern California. Our new television series idea is similar in many ways to the hit formula followed by Baywatch, with just a few tweaks, to make it more, shall we say, infertile.

Brought to you by Hallmark Rejects, please enjoy:In which two people agonize, staring intently at a small white stick, hoping a second line will appear.

It's just like Baywatch, except, well, no beach, the actors are pasty skinned, nonmuscular, the woman is covered in bruises from multiple injections, and most of the episodes take place in a bathroom. It's not as colorful as, say, unicorn poop, but it does sparkle: It’s a diet of insects that puts the shine in bat guano. Insects’ exoskeletons, or hard outer coverings, are made of chitin. You learn something every day. Photo credit: Grover Schrayer at Flickr. 'Beggar thy neighbor' is a reaction, not a plan. Which suggests that running against the bill is not going to be a winning strategy next fall.

They say.

I was deeply moved and saddened yesterday to read of the death of the BBC journalist Steve Hewlett. Although Steve’s cancer was different to mine, I nevertheless profoundly related to how Steve eloquently described how he came to terms with his diagnosis and prognosis. Steve’s treatment journey also had many parallels with mine and I’ve shared the highs and lows, the hopes and fears, the waiting, the chemotherapy side-effects and the uncertainty. As Steve was diagnosed ahead of me his frank interviews also gave me an idea of what to expect as my cancer also progressed. Perhaps part of yesterday’s sadness is a selfish and poignant reminder of the inevitability of how my cancer journey must also end. By BETHAN CUTLER, LET Media Manager Perthshire's Booth won a three-way play-off against German duo Anja Monke and Caroline Masson with an eagle on the fourth extra hole at the Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open. “It was tough. We birdied three out of three and I was thinking, someone’s going to have to eagle to win this. “I was just trying to hit a positive putt. I wasn’t trying to think about it and I think with having the experience of winning previously in the Scottish I had grasped the feeling of trying to stay calm and positive. ” Booth jumped high into the air and punched her fist towards the sky before hugging her boyfriend, European Tour player Tano Goya, who was caddying, for, ‘the first and last week. ’ Goya said that he would retire from his caddying career with a win. “He was tremendous help. Take the Lava Lamp. It is spectacular and easy to do.

The students love this one! It is colorful! It happens fast! It uses simple household materials! But what are we actually teaching? I think there are several great science concepts within this activity.

To me the most obvious one is the opportunity to talk about density. Simply put, water is more dense than oil. That is why the oil is on the top. We have electricity!It actually came on yesterdaybut I didn't get a chance to sign on since I was frantically running aroundwashing dishes, flushing toilets, vacuuming etc,just in case it went out again. Whew. What a crazy few days!Roads were blocked everywhere. Trees were pulled out of the ground. We were lucky to have electricity back so soon. We had so much fun at our photo shoot last weekend with Jackie from Jacqueline Ward Images. She is amazing and always makes it a blast for our models. The winners will be announced Monday night here on the Unity blog. Have a great rest of your week!!!. Hi Ai Fans! I've been wanting to use this stamp for a while now and finally got it off my "list" and into a card to share with you! This stamp set is called "Out To Lunch". I thought the Teapots went perfect with this image. I inked all the edges of the papers with Distress Ink in Vintage Photo to add some dimension. For some reason I saw the "green ladies" hand as a glove, after all she looks so dignified and out for afternoon tea! Matching papers on the inside and the sentiment is called "Always Be Friends". Thank you! Or you can watch it on our You Tube channel. This week on UnityTV. i was gonna GOOGLE design team calls. i keep my girls forever and ever. as long as they will have ME. i still have SO MANY of my ORIGINAL gals on my team. and i love them. so much. you know, in a make believe house, these rooms just seem like they would go together. There is a collective shame to be placed upon our nation, a shame that challenges the very nature of our humanity, a shame that highlights the cruel irony of the mindset of our nation in the current day.

We should be ashamed of the way we treat and deal with the elderly.

Those people who are our parents and grandparents, who made tremendous sacrifices and endured unspeakable hardship to raise their children and provide for their families, are now being treated with disdain and scorn. Many are the stories that can be told of mothers who had no food to eat for themselves and would give what little to their children. Of mothers who had only one outfit to wear and would go barefoot so their children could have money to go to school. Many are the stories of fathers who in order to make ends meet, were reduced to performing manual tasks, often laced with ridicule and insults. They have snaked their way up a very high trellis, grown in the sun and rain of summer, and are now almost ready for harvest. Our season this year has been very disappointing.

All the vines grew strong and healthy but there was a lot of rain and lower than normal temperatures, which resulted in very few female flowers.

There are only about six good ones there this year. In a good year, we can grow enough luufas to see us through the year, but no matter, there will be another harvest next year. Those we have now will be harvested soon and all will be put to good use. Luffas are gourds, and the only source of vegetable sponge.

Although they can be eaten like zucchinis or cucumbers when young and tender, allowed to grow to their full maturity, they will give you a very good exfoliating sponge.

However, we do have seasons and while they are subtler than in many places you can definitely tell that fall has arrived. It's not so much a matter of temperature as of light—the angle and quality of sunlight, the shorter days, the sound of wind in the bamboo in my yard, all tell me that fall is here just as much as leaves turning red did in my Midwestern youth. Another harbinger of fall is most likely peculiar to myself. It will be short and sweet, maybe just a couple days long. Sorry for the absence of new posts over the last few days. Well, cold for Los Angeles at any rate. I hope to be back over the weekend. Caligula was reviled by film critics even before it hit the screen. It had a checked production history. Here's a representative review by Roger Ebert: Ebert was an atheist. A lapsed Catholic. Very worldly. Had no problem with X-rated movies or heavy-duty violence. Yet despite all that, he and other equally worldly film critics were morally repelled by the film. Why do I bring it up? Because, as I read this old review, it's my impression that a lot of current film fare and HBO fare has the same content that film critics a generation ago found too abhorrent even for their jaded tastes. The coarsening of the general culture is far advanced. He raises a good question — How does one train attention to a book, not a person, when years of schooling has trained students to focus on a teacher lecturing or prompting? When years of worksheets has taught them to skim for answers, instead of reading to know? How can this transformation happen in a classroom with students whose abilities range from barely able to make it through a large group setting without a meltdown to gifted learners who already long to know? How do we help them go from letting facts pass through them like a sieve to seeking knowledge and making connections? What are signs of a classroom full of seekers? Here is a list made by Charlotte Mason to assess for yourself, whether you are a homeschooling parent, a teacher at a homeschooling co-operative, or a teacher in a classroom. The other day my mind turned to a literature book when reading about Tim Severin's brilliant solution that blocked ginormous waves from entering his medieval leather boat during a gale. He and his crew sewed together pieces of oxhide with thongs to make a shell based on an image of a Roman army testudo formation that flashed into his mind. The hard part letting students make discoveries. Crew Michael Kors Milly Moschino Rebecca Minkoff Richard Chai LOVE, via nymag. Crew ensemble! xoxox, CC. Similar to Italian twice-baked biscotti, fekkas are a popular Moroccan biscuit. This version has a lovely citrus- and anise seed-flavoured raisin mixture throughout the centre. Line two large oven trays with non-stick baking paper.

This ribbon is so pretty and so easy to work with, makes for an awesome bow.

I used an older VLV sketch , some paper from Forever In Time collection. Glittery butterfly and rhinestones from M's . SU sentiment. I scheduled this post to go live while I am on vacation. I am out of town for a few days with DH and some friends. We are in Cape Breton,NS. Have a wonderful day !. .