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Rachel has a template on her blog.

Jolie has a template on her blog. Lisa has DIP templates on her blog.

Kits & stuff:Jill has a Summer Breeze add-on here.

Tracy has Round Thingies on her blog. Kate has a Blue Sparkle Alpha on her blog. Christy has word art on her blog. Sharon has a Girl Basics mini-kit on her blog. I wish I had something of importance to tell you today, but I don't!! Me with out something to talk about is rare!!Supplies from CTMH-Black CS, Colonial White CS, Sweetleaf CS, Black ink, Sweetleaf ink, Black button, Say it with style stamp set, Treasure life stamp set, Aspiration Stamp set. The stock assessment for Alaska's richest shellfish harvest, Bristol Bay red king crab, is out. And it's disappointing. The assessment incorporates the latest trawl survey, conducted annually in late May and June. Deckboss spent some time reviewing the hefty document and found words for worry. Of course, it's only the big, male crabs that fishermen and processors can legally take to market. While the changes to the names of the tracks are small, they reflect the big changes in the field and evolving content of the curriculum. In recent years, however, these distinctions have blurred as “omics” science has worked its way into clinical medicine. Watching. Waiting. Shadows Dance moves. Brothers Smiles. Running to say hi! Lots and lots of hugs! Together again!. My guild's donation quilt made its debut today at the North Augusta Pumpkin Patch Festival. Lots of generous folks donated and got tickets to this beautiful quilt. It was fun to see the costumes go by. these Mummies were one of my favorites. Today I had one of those oopps moments. huhmagazine kraftfuttermischwerk.

Robert Preston and Benjamin Franklin may not sound like a natural match.

But one of my favorite Preston roles was his portrayal on Broadway in Ben Franklin in Paris. Yesterday, I found myself humming the tune. Not that it was a day of pleasures that happen every day. In fact, even though the pleasures were small, it was their rarity that made them so enjoyable. It all started with the weather. Since I arrived, central Oregon has experienced overcast days. Lots of high clouds, but only the occasional rain sprinkle. Just caught Tiger & Bunny - The Rising at Cathay cinema yesterday together with Stanley. I remember watching the first T&B movie together with Alfred months back. Anyway, Tiger & Bunny - The Rising was released in Japan some time in February this year but it's better to be late than never. I was told by Stanley that Cathay had brought the movie to audiences in Singapore in collaboration with AFA and I also saw Odex' involvement screen clip before the start of the movie. From my observation, there weren't many people in the smaller scale cinema likely due to the odd showtime. By now you’ve heard about the new Lecien Cosmo floss. If you haven’t you’re in for a treat. It’s imported from Japan and feels like silk. We love it so much here at Bunny Hill that we had our favorite colors packaged especially for us. Well, this past week we found another product from Cosmo that we love equally as well. Hey guys. I added a new picture of English footballer, James Milner, to his page in the brieflines archive. I hope you enjoy the new pic. Whoa! It's a huge Richard Gasquet update today on the brflines site. Warning: This image contains scenes of gutless arse-licking. They are also proudly declared opponents of alcohol and are itching to introduce minimum alcohol pricing which is most definitely planned for pubs too. Mere flesh wounds, obviously. Because CAMRA are today thanking - yes, thanking - Labour's Ed Balls for his 'support' of pubs by promising a few pennies off energy bills and pledging to temporarily not whack up state costs on the industry. Meet Angela: Here is a little something about Angela: "My name is Angela and I live in Washington. I have always enjoyed making crafts, since I was a little girl, with my Grandma. After our son was born, I really got into scrapbooking. Later I got into making cards and doing alter art.

I also enjoy photography, watching my daughter play soccer, and my son swim, and just spending time with my family.

It's THAT time. Here's a teaser:In the wake of the ten volume, three million word Malazan Book of the Fallen, I was running on empty. That was a strange feeling: no desire to write, no raging flames of creative passion. And though I had signed for two more trilogies and still had four or five Bauchelain & Korbal Broach novellas ahead of me, I just pissed around for like, two weeks.

criticizes Trump for calling it a bomb.

Do these people hear themselves? And how stupid is the "press" pool for asking: “Do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, prior to taking the stage tonight, called the explosion tonight a bomb, and if that’s an appropriate term”? Hey, dumbkopf, she just called it a "bombing" and you ask her about Trump calling it a bomb? I hate that a Sunday should be marred by such abject stupidity. There is no time for a leisurely pot of coffee and croissants. Did he not hear what she said? Apparently not. just say no. some things you just can't make up. Obama Once Needed "to Take a Subway or a Bus Just to Find a Fresh Piece of Fruit"Well, okay then.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaa Source.

Sunny, clear and warming up already. Expect more of the same through the weekend! Swell from the NW continues to fill in and it is very surfable at all spots in town. Channel/Groin: Again we have the nice smooth left at the Groin bar and another left and right on the deeper Channel bar. Waves are consistently waist high or better. Mostly longboards but shorter and mid-sized boards will work today. Waves are breaking all the way to the inside. “Time’s a wastin’. I paid for thirty minutes here. ” “Awright, awright. Just hold yer horses,” she said, snappishly, chewing on gum, chewing on her tongue as well. She sounded and looked like Fran Drescher, but was more realistically built, having a few actual curves to offer underneath her gray lunchtime female executive suit. They stood opposite each other in the sweltering apartment. It was his turn. “Now, I want multiple shots—remember that.

Once you start going, don’t stop.

I want it all, baby. Gimme all you got. “Or whoever’s left out there,” he added. “Ask them about that. ”Watch the video at the link provided above. It's instructive, particularly Obama's expression when he adds, "Or whoever's left out there. " He speaks of murder, yet the words are breezy and casual: this is a murderer so used to killing that he talks of his past and future victims interchangeably, and in terms of approximation. Just "whoever's left out there. Every so often we're treated to the discovery of the missing link. Lots of fanfare. Upon closer examination, it turns out there was far less to the story than meets the eye. It's like fake hate crimes. I made this for The Marine and froze it in individual servings. It's sort of a take off on jambalaya but without tomatoes and rice. I used tasso, andouille, poblano and red and green bell peppers and celery. No onions, he doesn't like them. I used a couple different Cheddars and Monterrey Jack cheese. Boil some kind of pasta. I like these spiral noodles because they hold up well to a heavy sauce. I seared the sausage and ham. Here are some scans I haven't been able to put in any sort of themed post, so my theme will be no theme. Hey, it's my blog. I really like this first pic of Ronnie Coleman by Chris Lund. Oh, to have an arm like his. Last but not least is the oh so vascular, cut, ripped, shredded Branch Warren in a photo by Per Bernal. Photo by BB Pics. I find writing the first post when I haven't blogged for a while very difficult as there is so much to talk about and you feel that you are going to be bombarding people with a three page long blog. So I thought the best thing to do today would be to say hello again, and then do a few posts over the next week or two bringing everything up to date. The main reason its taken me this long to get back in the saddle is that once A Stitch in Time came out I got the worst cold/flu I have had in many a year and although I kept going, inbetween doing what I had to do I was exhausted and felt awful. Also my scanner broke which severely restricts my blogging. But really I should just use this first post to celebrate. A Stitch In Time is published, looks beautiful and is selling really well. .