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One passage from The Wealth of Nations was offered in support of the claim by both people, some additional ones by the online claimant. Taxation in proportion to revenue isn't progressive taxation, it's proportional taxation—in modern terminology, a flat tax. The quote not only isn't evidence for the claim, it's evidence against it—important evidence, since it is the first of the maxims of taxation with which Smith introduces his discussion of possible taxes. "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even 'sinners' love those who love them. In fact, Jesus said that "even 'sinners' love those who love them.

" Many Christians love those who love them or love lovely people and think that they are showing Christian love by doing this, when, in fact, they are loving in a humanistic fashion.

In other words, they love the same way every other human being loves.

There is a distinct love that only Christians have. They have it because they received it when it was given to them by the Lord. "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. "inspired by a natural pool in the Icelandic highlands. " Love her love for photograpy, visual illustrations and her feel to create the most distinctive fragrances based on her art works a little while ago I was kindly invited by Icelandic visual artist & perfumer Andrea Maack to have a look at her beautiful and breathtaking instagram gallery and in addition to that beauty I received a previewsample of her new fragance DUAL. Featuring editorial, fashion, celebrity and advertising work from New York based photographer Jeff Olson. You know those websites whos only purpose is to tell you what your IP number is? Now there's a somewhat slower, but more enjoyable way of doing the same thing. Moan My IP will present you with your IP number moaned by a female phone sex type of voice.

This Afternoon Mostly sunny with a chance of showers with a slight chance of thunderstorms.

Some thunderstorms may be severe with damaging winds. S. courtesy of on. Here are a few of my favorites. Tinsel & Co.

shared her fabulous Anthro-inspired bathroom makeover.

I loved just about everything in that little room!Jennifer Rizzo shared a lovely caned headboard makeover. So pretty!! And I had to share this little monster cake by Views from my Window because it is quite possibly the cutest cake I've ever seen. Finally, Little Blue Prints shared a darling way to display her boys' silhouettes. Bright and sunny with no rain. Later a 'light-coloured' Buzzard was hunting in the area between the pools. As we told you all earlier this week, it is the Ranger prospects who basically write the stories and all we do is pass along the message. It is the prospects themselves who give us our "themes" for the evening and Friday night was not different. Above is my Finish for this week.

This wall hanging is just one pattern from Kim Schaefer’s Calendar Quilts.

Of course, this one is for the month of April. I fell in love with it and had to make it. Fortunately, all the fabrics came from my stash. Those yellow boots sure bring back memories. A perfect size for my entryway. PDF format. Contents include:The "Ancient Egyptian / Indo-European bridge" can hlep us voicalize hieroglyphsCognates equally seen by Hodge and RayCarlton-Taylor Hodge - BiographyThe "Indo-Semitic" theory explained. I will have to make sure to enjoy these few peaceful days!I love blues and greens, but rarely mix them, so today I thought I'd give it a shot. Fred Williams as Roland, the World's Sexiest Man. S. k. a. The "sanctuary" is easy to miss as it holds two tiny trees and no bird houses. At the time I had two thoughts: either this was a successful foray into dry humor or it was an honest gift from one of the many millions of us NYers who live in even smaller abodes. Anyway, I was thinking about sanctuaries today when I was at the gym. I love to listen to audiobooks and this gives me a chance to spend a solid hour with just myself. So I am a bit late on reviewing my to-do list from last year. there is a reason for that - it barely budged!A box of scrappy star pieces. in need of a retreat. I admit it. I am fascinated by that set of numbers. Not in the crystal-minded numerologist sense.

Or so goes the myth.

And Armistice Day was born. Because the United States managed to get involved in a series of wars that were more efficient in killing young men, the day morphed into Veterans Day. Every nick has a con who labours under the title of being "the video rep". With the provision of in-cell TV, this job has now morphed into being in charge of a single channel. The "video rep" has access to the digi-box and its myriad Freeview channels, and selects from these what is piped through to the spare channel. It is a thoroughly unrewarding job, on the basis that you can't please all the people, and in some nicks being video rep carries genuine physical risk. Not in this backwater, though. Just as well, as the job is about to be vacated and I'm thinking of applying. It's an extra three quid a week. First off, it's been far too long since we all checked out my mom's blog.

Okay, back to the task at hand.

If you say the title to this blog post fast it sounds like you're swearing. If you're reading this blog out loud on your blackberry in class, and the teacher just got mad, simply show them the title. There. All fixed. FCUK. Okay, I just realized people are relentlessly asking me the same questions about ORP via email and I'm getting bored and just hammering out gradually-stupider answers to those same questions over time. Well some Philofaxing that is for sure. So I grabbed a 'few' from my collection for a ring size measure. We had a lovely morning with the CWA ladies over at Beerwah yesterday.

I took a couple of photos that I'll show next week.

My head is clearer now after that knock I gave it last weekend and I'm looking forward to finishing off a sleeping bag and a few pairs of mittens for him. I've almost finished making arrangements for the next workshops. I hope you have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones, or if you're by yourself, that you do something you enjoy. They kept me going when I felt like such a dumb cluck for falling. xx - - - ♥ - - - Australia's cost of livingHow caffeine can cramp creativityDan Lepard's best breadHow to not raise a slob Exhibition of British quilts - thanks to my friend Andrew Davies at Radio National for sending this link. Colouring in Colourful and interesting - Homebaked africanaussie's beaut Bali bag Gardenmama isn't updated anymore but it's still full of wonderful posts. Thanksgiving Scrap page.

The Jewish brushpeddler gag from an original copy of "The Three Little Pigs":Well, I'll be seein' ya,Duck Dodgers and mmm.

donuts. Back at it after several snow days. Wash the salt off the car. Vacuum and dust. Oh the dust from a remodel! Stew in the slow cooker. Grout on my mind. Lists to make. School meeting tonight. Howdy there, Groove-ophiles! Not too long ago, Ol' Groove moseyed on down to the local Cracker Barrel to fill his belly with some good breakfast grub. Today I get to share my project for this month's Egg-stra Special Spring Project Parade, which is going on over on the Verve Stamps blog. If you haven't seen the parade yet, or if you've missed a day or two, it's well worth your time catching up. The projects have been amazing!! We're also giving away free sets! Head over to the Verve blog for details. For my project, I decided to get a little crafty in my kitchen as well as my stamp room. I thought these hatching chick candy molds by Wilton would be perfect paired up with the "Just Hatched" sentiment from the Chocolate Bunnies set.

I followed the directions on the mold using white and colored candy melts, then added lollipop sticks while the candy was still melted.

After the candy set up, I tied the raffia bow and button accent to the stick. The pail is filled with a small piece of florist foam topped with some paper Easter grass. When the pail was finished, I stuck the lollipop stick into the florist foam. It was a little wobbly, so to stabilize it, I gently pulled the stick and foam back out, stuck a large glue dot on the end of the stick, then put the whole thing back in the pail. Here's a closer look:The packaging is a clear gusseted cellophane bag. Here's Street Sense shortly before he won the Travers. It was hot, wow. One way in which we did indeed fit the full season into just one week was that we got to experience the full gamut of Saratoga weather during our brief stay. Standing at that paddock, waiting for the Travers entrants to make their way to the track, may have been the hottest I've ever been at that track, and maybe in my life. There was no trace of a breeze at that point, and the saturated air weighed heavily.

Hello there all you paper Peeps! Today I'm sharing a Mini album that I created in a warm Winter Woodland style.

I choose darker colors. natural vintage images and did loads of layering. I embellished the cover of this mini with an inked cinnamon stick, a tiny clip, and beautiful trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon.

Brown Gingham and Dark Brown Grosgrain on the rings.

All of the pages have pockets, and the wilderness images are on mini pockets with tags to add journaling. This would make a great gift for an outdoorsy friend. For further information on these Scams, please Read .

Man, that's made me mad.

Elite was again chosen to run the world,exchanged for piles of stolen IQD's and they fooled elders that 'yes it will be on humanitarian purposes' I'm going to rebel, I'm not blind. If any sane elder is here and watching us I have question to you:do you want real change?The change is not going to happened when you give money to build few bridges and plant few trees. Imagine now this: how much mankind can move forward when these wast space riches will belond all and benefit all. When for people will be money secondary while they will work for benefit of all?Would you support spiritual change,money and greed deprogramming? Because when greed will stay, in the future dangers will be back and it will endanger you too. .