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Get an analysis of the poem here. The extracts below are from a dramatic monologue written by a student. She had an issue with telling, not showing. This a very much Koli Style bhaaji, what we call esavana chi bhaaji which means bhaaji with essence of non veg, mostly dried fish. Yesterday, I visited Thal to see my youngest Mama/ Maternal Uncle who suffered a paralytic stroke. In the village if a person falls ill, he is immediately considered useless and left to die. It is a lot to do with not having money and no humanity! Fortunately Shankar Mama has people who love him around him and I am praying he recovers well. Enjoy Christmas dessert recipes and learn how to make Cassata ice-cream cake. Use a serrated knife to cut the cake in half horizontally. Press down slightly. Well hello there Paper Peeps! I'm dropping in today to share a sweet little shabby chic Easter mini album with loads of pockets and tags and oodles of fabulous trims from Really Reasonable Ribbon. Front cover. I layered pretty vintage images over patterned paper, paper flowers, and pearly accents. To tie up the book I ran a very generous length of Satin with Silver Metallic Edge around under the the paper layers. I used patterned papers throughout the book. but stayed in the blueish color scheme for a consistent look. .