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Transom mounted anchor holder made from Starboard. This is where the magic inside an older terra logic is stored. I'm slowly adding Fall decor - a little each day. I stole some of the plants from the front of the house and replaced them with little pumpkins. My original plan was to use mostly Halloween decorations, but after Lulu ate the BOO banner, I rethought my plans. I moved a few things around in the entry. I chose "Book of Days" and when I flipped it open, I found several pages with the perfect poems for the season. The dining room didn't get much in the way of fall decor - the brightly colored Rudbekia plant on the table has been on the table for awhile and will stay until the plant begs me to plant it. For as we know, without either of these primes there is no possibility for a humanity present or past worth talking about. The Simple Act of Reading will support Sydney Story Factory by emphasising the importance of reading in shaping an individual's future. David Malouf's Reading the Signs essay " explains his love for Jane Eyre", according to The Sydney Morning Herald. Jersey dispute is part of a major study. Five years ago, virtually no angioplasties were performed at hospitals that did not have on-site open-heart surgery available, in case something went wrong. The question of whether that was safe is roiling the cardiology establishment in South Jersey, where Virtua-West Jersey Hospital Marlton is participating in a major study that seeks to find the answer. South Jersey's three hospitals with open-heart programs - Cooper University Hospital, Deborah Heart and Lung Center, and Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center - are campaigning to block Virtua from expanding into the profitable angioplasty market. "This is an issue because it is cardiac care and it is lucrative," said James P. Dwyer, Virtua's chief medical officer. Learn how to assess environmental claim disputes effectively in insurance litigation. Title:Insurance Coverage Disputes Involving Environmental ClaimsWhen/Where:On-Demand RecordingSpeakers:Joseph P. Koncelik is a partner at the law firm of Frantz Ward. He practices environmental law and government relations, and is a former Director of Ohio EPA. He is an expert in air pollution control and regulation, and played a key role in effecting the first major overhaul in Ohio's air pollution regulations in over a decade. Robert C. Snyder is the Vice President of the Environmental Risk Management team at The Fedeli Group.

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Last week, I was sitting in my office and began to notice an odd smell, sort of sickly sweet. Since last week, I've been noticing increased confusion, memory loss, and a marked increase in my level of stress and anxiety. Granted, we are in the midst of selling our home and radically changing our lives, but this past week my emotional life has been over the top and I have been feeling physically unwell. With my nose on the top of the heat register, I detected the source of the odor emanating directly from the heater, even though it wasn't on. Bringing two colleagues into the office, they both agreed that the smell was very strong and that I should leave for the day and we would try to get to the bottom of it. Gordon and I have both read them all and it was really helpful. THANK YOU! If you can stand it, here are a few more pics of our Labby girl. On duck patrol! Just enjoying the summer. A couple of weeks ago. The Bluejays are the defending Class C state champions. m. in Hutchinson against Hutchinson. One of the things news anchors like to do is to shuffle papers a lot. It tends to look good on camera. Maybe they think viewers that see paper shuffling will think the anchors are important and that their copy is official, well, anchornese. "Thanks Bob for that report. " The thanks fetish is not only provided to the field reporter, but the sports guy, the weather lady, the other anchor and generally every living entity in the studio, the news room, the rest room. Holy snap! I have found it.

After years of searching and looking.

It was right there, almost across the street from my house all this time. The Man invited me to ftour last night and was so sweet. La ricorrente M. G. P. This time they have collaborated on another one of their Lines & Shapes projects, entitled journal of plants. This simple saddle-stitched green book is filled with Maria and Lena's stunning photographs of the plant lives that inspired both of them over the spring and summer. Thanks ladies, you inspire us all greatly. Of course, with our summer kick off taking place in late Spring, it was almost impossible for me to avoid the yearly burn my skin suffers. I mean well and I am very aware of the risks of skin cancer, but even with sunscreen, it almost never fails that I get my first of the Summer sunburn during these lazy first days of vacation.

It used to shock my husband and kids how my fair skin would turn a deep red, but now they don't even blink.

Now hubby just issues warnings as soon as he sees me searching the cupboard for sunscreen and looking in the shed for a lounge chair. ” – Robert Day Another one bites the dust. They got one of us again. One more black man shot dead in the streets by a law officer, a representative of the justice system. It was Sunday morning. I´d just finished the wake-up routine hygiene, praying, mixing that smoothly bitter shot of Colombian coffee and tuning my T. V. to the news channel. I sat down and began reading about the mentalities of women in an unsavory magazine it came over the airwaves. “Get on the ground! Don´t move! Don´t move!” I looked up to see on TV the man, a black man, though it doesn´t really matter, getting his face smashed into the ground by the weight of a white officer´s knee. No more once a year haircut for me. I am also planning a monthly manicure as well as a pedicure and haircut every other month. Part of my Christmas gift was a shopping spree so I will be getting some new, fashionable clothes. As for health, in February, I plan on running in a Half Marathon at Walt Disney World and will continue to run when that is over and hopefully do another half in October here in Columbus. Now if only I could get my butt in gear and start eating better. One thing at a time. My Mum came over for a visit a couple of weeks ago and on a beautiful sunny day we spent in the garden, I decided we should get the "Gucci" sunglasses out and see if we could perfect 'the look'. If you know anything about me at all, then you know I hate cold weather. And damn, we've been hit with a real coldspell here. There are a lot of reasons I dislike the cold - but the main one is that wearing too many clothes make me like the Michelin man. It's no fun using the tablesaw when you can barely bend your arms. But - I have to say - I think I've finally figured it out. It starts with this. This Smartwool shirt might be pricey, but it's the warmest thing I own. Do you remember this stool from my giveaway a month or so ago?Well, it was won by Valarie Lea from Tennessee. The deal was that I would rehab it specifically for whomever won my giveaway. And I did!Valarie told me that it would be used as extra seating in her family room and that she had a lot of brown leather and black wood in the room. I have those same colors in my family room so I decided to make her something that I would like and hope that she would like it too. I think she did.

Love her!Make sure you check out my bracelet giveaway going on right now! And stop back tomorrow when I'll announce the winner and start another contest! More awesome free stuff!And Nester has a Mr.

Linky party going on for classy, crafty moms to link up with their online shops. No matter to Prosser that Smartgate has nothing to do with bio-security. You pass through Smartgate before you collect your luggage and before you pass through MAF bio-security, As I said. dumber than a sackful of hammers. " So, into the sewing room I went and ta-da. here it is, mitered corners and all. Never used Prezi? Once you've tried it, you'll be hooked. I've made a reusable Prezi on Kensuke's Kingdom for you to play around with. If you're looking for a map of the island in Kensuke's Kingdom, find it here. Don't worry, it's totally free, and I'm sharing this because I love it, not because I've been paid. You, and your kids will love adding to this presentation below: you can copy and edit it yourself. Happy Monday! If you missed out on Verve's release party last Friday, be sure to check out the Verve store for all the new goodies! Today, we're having an After Party over on the Verve blog, a special post featuring the Divas' favorite cards from this release. Check out all the details HERE. I'm so excited to see her venture into designing stamps now!I've used some of the mix-'n-match flowers and vases from the set called Funky Flowers. I wanted to make this card fit with the funky, whimsical nature of the set, so I mixed in the zebra stripe paper and added some turquoise buttons for some extra pop. The vase is paper pieced using a celery green paper that I've touched up with some Prismacolor pencil shading. I tied some burlap string around it, from which hangs a vellum "You Rock" tag. The white trim along the bottom is something I picked up in the trims and lace section at my local Hancock Fabrics. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below.

Frida Kahlo, My Sister, now available for pre-order at Finishing Line Press.

It has been characterized as a "beautiful and necessary book," "an unflinching look at the body broken, the body held together, the body taken apart.

A central FB page is being created to display the cards and promote discussion. Look what I found at Michaels this morning!!! Halloween!!! I love this time of year. Not a single red white and blue thing left. Everything is Fall colors now. I've almost eaten my share of fresh tomatoes. Pretty soon we will be seeing these in the store. I even have one growing! I already put out my pumpkin bucket. I've decorated the garden room shelves. Meditation isn't just good for the soul. It affects your body and mind, too. A recent study concluded that mindfulness meditation benefits and changes the brain structures associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress in just eight weeks. Meditation is just a way to relax and maybe calm you down for the moment, right? Wrong. This is the first study to document meditation-produced changes in the brain's grey matter over time. Jason Shafin, Phd in economics, discussed the CLASS act in the above hyperlink. Funding for it precedes the years when payouts occur, part of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge accounting that achieved the veneer and illusion of "cost saving" of this landmark bill. .