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Kurt Mendelsohn has quit LRW Wrestling, and the above music video seems quite appropriate for several reasons. First off, it's interesting to note how toxic people seem to think you'll miss them when they leave. Kurt behaved in his typical braggadocios manner, as rude and blindly aggressive as a young Donald Trump. Immediately following the intros, the virtuous and slightly naive young man from rural New Hampshire almost made a classic rookie mistake when Kurt extended his hand to Joshua prior to the match. I Like The BFL, but what about. ?? Choices. They say having lots of choices are better for the consumer. Well, I've never been a subscriber to that notion, and I have written about that here before. Now "choices" are boggling my mind as I contemplate what I want to do for alternatives to my Big Fat Larrys. I really like the BFL. She’s “not hearing much” from the south coast, but fishermen out of Astoria “are landing some fish. Salmon fisheries in California and Oregon looked particularly promising, due primarily to good river conditions, and excellent ocean conditions, for salmon. I just adore her vintage-whimsy style! She created her reindeer with Critters in the Snow and her sentiment is from Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum. I love the way the reindeer look like they are going to fly off the card. So fun! Teri's project is too cute! She used Frosties and Making Frosty Friends. How fun are those buttons?! To create her snowy flakes she heat embossed them in white and then smudged some white ink with her fingers in the center.

The deer from Critters in the Snow looks amazing with Winter Bunny's scarf! Bows and Holly provides a great sentiment for this whimsical winter scene! Chari made these amazing trees and cute scene using Frosties, Critters in the Forest, Critters in the Snow, Hats Off to You, Fly Free and Making Frosty Friends.

Her work is primarily characterized by research into visual traditions, taboos, and the body of the individual in relationship to social bodies. Schneemann's works have been associated with a variety of art classifications including Fluxus, Neo-Dada, the Beat Generation, and happenings. She described the piece as an "erotic rite" and an indulgent Dionysian "celebration of flesh as material. "Meat Joy is similar to the art form happenings in that they both use improvisation and focused on conception, rather than execution. 'house BVA' by belgian practice dmvA architecten is a multi-storey private dwelling in a residential neighbourhood of turnhout, belgium. via. Introduction Undoubtedly, in the context of multilateral economic intercourse between the Multinational Oil Industry and the Host Countries, there are underlying national imperatives as well as trans-nationally superimposed economic imperatives. However, despite the variant characterization of this relationship in terms of economic nuances of parties to international petroleum contracts, the fact is, beyond all posturing exists extra-legal legitimate demand for the relationship. For instance, beyond the mechanics of doctrine of pacta sunt servanda, there are the imperatives of responsible corporate citizenship. The issue of corporate social responsibility is at the core of the general purpose of the relationship because without sustained peace in the business environment, economic activities cannot flourish. The bitter truth is that the socio-economic and political development of the host country is not the prerogative of the Multinational Oil Industry under the subsisting international petroleum agreements. The agreements are structured in such a way that the issue of corporate social responsibility does not impose any legal duty on the Industry and does not overlap into the realm of public governance. It felt slightly warmer today until the snow came at teatime.

First thing this morning Redshank and Greenshank on the wader scrape.

J. Greater Stitchwort and Dog Violet are now in flower here. I like them and enjoy them. The problem is this: That's my office. See the futon buried under books and other stuff? That's where they're supposed to sleep. Possibly as early as tomorrow night. Aren't these benches a great alternative to chairs. Images - Vanessa Forbes. Are you always on the hunt for the next treasure? I love finding interesting things to group together. Everyone collects something, so why not display your collection. arbroath. FIRST FRIDAY FAST AGAINST FAKE SCIENCE AND BUREAUCRATIC OVER-REACH. West of Scotland Players were well represented in the prizewinners list at the Scottish Championships last week at Southerness Golf Course. Just a few bits and pieces left out that I haven't quite decided what to do with. Yes, they are mine. They are two peas in a pod, ying and yang. When we take Daisy for a walk Bella follows.

It is quite humorous.

They sleep together, eat together & shed together. XOXO-. DevCon is an immersive, high-level gathering of developers, innovators, and startups in the AEC, product design, and manufacturing space who are building next generation apps on the cloud. For more information about the conference, check out the DevCon website. I just learned in reading the Parish Times, that St. Jude's is now a regional school, and no longer solely a parish school. In addition, there is a slight name change "St. Jude Regional Catholic School," which of course gives those who fought to keep the name of St. Jude a win. This giveaway is now closed. Have you checked out one of my newest sponsors, DiscHangers. They're ridiculously easy to use. You just wet the back of the disc and smoosh it around with your finger a little bit so that the adhesive gets all tacky. Then you stick the hanger to the back of your plate and let it dry overnight. No more metal brackets! Love these!!!They're perfect for plates. And they work for other things like this metal tray that could never be hung with a regular plate hanger. We all know it makes good sense to keep a clean house, to raise children to wash their hands before they eat and, in general, to maintain good levels of cleanliness in the home. But you can be too clean. Hang your dirty cloths and rags over the side of the laundry bin to dry while they're waiting to be washed. Since television advertising started blabbing about the benefits of "whiter than white" and how we can rid our homes of germs, we've been brainwashed to believe that every germ is harmful, every germ must be killed and if we don't do that, we're not as good as our next door neighbours. What hogwash! There are many medical studies around now that assure us that exposing children to pets and normal household dirt is good for them. It builds up the immune system and allows the body to naturally develop antibodies that fight those germs. Out there, among the dirt, bugs and grass stains, not only were they having fun swinging on ropes and riding bikes, they were building bone strength, muscle tissue and healthy immune systems. St. Pictures say it the best! Here are a few of my favorites. No particular order and not really in order by Day either. It was LOTS OF FUN!!! Many of you know we are not a Theme park family so we planned absolutely NOTHING. We checked the map as we entered the park, choose a few attractions and enjoyed! Jan, Kathy & I before the park opened, getting ready for Space Mountain FIRST! Sure was a NICE SU perk to be in the Magic Kingdom an hour before the rest of the park-goers! Were were there for a Private viewing of the Monsters Inc show. Corny, very cute, & very early in the morning!! I took pictures of each of the Park entrances that we went to First Character: Alice in Wonderland. Donald made them all laugh! Belle in Epcot The Disney Boardwalk Hotel waterslide. I say no more. But that's just the opinion of one of America's millions of dirty hippies that no one on the teevee is going to listen to anyway. This was not a speech that was intended for me. Rain showers overnite and now a weather mixture. Clouds, fog, drizzle, patches of sun poking through here and there. Clearing expected by tomorrow with warmer temps on the way. Storm has kicked up the surf a bit with windswell showing in the water. Channel has pieces and parts with waves in the thigh high size. Patch is flat again but good for paddling. Soon. Very soon. And then I will fret on how to quilt it. As of this second I'm leaning towards an all over design. That, of course, probably will may change. This weekend I'll be in Knoxville, Tennessee teaching local Modern Quilt Guild members how to make Posy Patrol from my book Imagine Quilts. This is what I did with all of the sauerkraut I bought at the festival the other day. I made a huge vat of pork and sauerkraut with kielbasa for the shelter.

I also made a huge vat of mashed potatoes to go with it.

There was a petting zoo at the festival.

This little guy was for sale. Chickens and roosters and info on all the breeds. If Dr. Graham's analysis is correct Merck is already cooking the books to get a Vioxx like drug approved by the FDA. Admittedly, this is Dr. By inference, he argues etoricoxib must also increase c-v risk. .