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I wrote a review for Sola Panel, which you can read here. I was once a feminist. It's an unpopular viewpoint in Melbourne and much of Australia, and it doesn't sit easily with family, friends or the wider church or culture. I've seen women cared for and honoured, and their teaching gifts nurtured and encouraged. He is on His way to Jerusalem now, from Galilee, where He will undergo His cross and suffering. He has announced this to His disciples, but they can hardly understand. And so, He encourages them, and He encourages us, too, during this Lenten season, as we journey towards Easter. But there is more. Some low-light snaps from Father's Day weekend gone by. Friends round for roast lamb followed by pavlova, a walk around the bay and a glass of port. Darkness descends so early now, it's not even five, as I write this, but it looks like the midnight hour. Hands busy with things I love to do, taking the edge off any season, but there's definitely a subdued quality to these days and weeks. Last week I took a friend to the studio - now there's a form of light therapy that ignites with plenty of energy. Two hours of pure fun, and a pleasure to focus on someone you love so much in all her charisma and total lack of feeling self-conscious. That's one quality of photography that fills me with a buzz - the privilege of people. x. Since we moved to Croatia, many people have asked me what I miss most about the States. Of course the former makes a lot of sense. The latter, on the other hand, in a culture where baseball is just in the movies, takes most off guard. Regardless, my most recent trips to the States represent these two reasons. Having gained a love for the Cubs from my father and having shared it with my brother, it will be a joy to watch several games with them. Contrary to what some of you might think, I don't have any issues with Alice Radio's "Sarah and Vinnie", it's just that if you're going to hit me, I'll hit you right back. I don't listen to the show. I tried. The only reason why I mentioned them to begin with was word from a mole inside the building that Vinnie was internally pouting that he was pissed she was getting far more money. He should be so lucky.

She drives the show and he's the guy in the back seat.

The forced and contrived sexual innuendo bits sounds, well, forced and contrived. I'm trying to train myself to think ahead a little bit farther and had a goal this week to get some new printables done so I could spook up my mantle for Halloween.

I know it's a little bit early, but when my kids got home yesterday and saw my orange Halloween tubs out, they cheered! I was inspired to create these prints after I made the graphic for the post I did on Halloween fonts.

I know there are lots of subway art images floating around out there. but I prefer subway art that is done with unique, whimsical fonts that speak to the holiday itself and this is what I came up with. I just bought a cheep black frame and glued eyeballs to it. The Olympic fiasco has started. The events are in Canada. They are in the province of BRITISH Columbia. They are right next door to Victoria BC which was named after you-know-who. So, riddle me this: why were all announcements made in French first and then English? The Olympics are an international event, of course. But the event is taking place in an English speaking region. And, while French is a perfectly acceptable second language, did anyone notice that there were more participants from Asian nations than France? Why no Japanese or Chinese? Why no Russian or eastern European? Why no African languages? And why not announce in the host nation language first?Then there was the colorful head-nod to the native tribes of the Pacific Northwest. The mode shows that high-risk groups will significantly contribute to new HIV infections. YQuoteHist: To retrieve historical quote of a financial instrument from Yahoo! Finance. Historical Chart: Open the historical chart of a financial instrument in Yahoo! Finance. Key Statistics: Open the key statistics of a financial instrument in Yahoo! Finance. Calculation Calculate Sheet and Calculate Full: Show elapsed time for calculation, useful for performance tuning Excel spreadsheets. Calendar DayBefore: Returns the previous business day for a particular date. MonthEndBefore: Returns previous month's last business day for a particular date. YearEndBefore: Returns previous year's last business day for a particular date. I couldn't take it anymore. Sultan Center has gone from bad to worst. Going to the co-ops is so much better these days. Can't find them.

Almost the entire section where dog items once was - has disappeared.

Le onoranze funebri sono a cura della ditta Alfa e Omega di Lipari. It seems that every Sunday he does his job and gets people to talk about what he has written.

This Sunday it was about telling us that Ryan McDonagh was going to sign with the Rangers.

It does not matter if it is correct or even close to being accurate, Larry Brook's job is to get you to either buy the Post, get you to visit the Post or do as I am doing here talk about his work. If he can get people to do any of the above then he has done what his employers expect of him to draw attention to himself and the Post. At the same time though what is wrong about how he goes about his business is that he gives the real reporters like Andrew Gross, Michael Obernauer, Rick Carpiniello, and even Steve Zipay a bad name. See they work hard at getting their facts right and reporting the news with as much accuracy as possible. When one of them makes a mistake you see them own up to it and admit it to you the Ranger fans. It’s actually been a tough few days for me and I’m feeling a bit blue…, but I decided to suck it up and deal with it – while wearing blue. Might as well embrace it, right? Good thing “So You Think You Can Dance” is on. !. "What any village greybeard knows.

"Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, another of my boyhood heroes, peppered his writing with the phrase.

I have long believed that our summer rains have two benefits. The first I have written about: driving down our oppressive heat and humidity. It's hard to choose which to showcase on my introductory offering, since a few have been on prior blog postings, and well, because my entire house is done in Primitive White. Also, I need to save some for future White Wednesdays. Thank you Kathleen! It's only a few hours into WW today, and I'm already planning next week's pics. I'll announce the winner Sunday afternoon!Have a wonderful Saturdaystephanie. I recently came across Julia's blog Gal Meets Glam and I love it! Gal Meets GlamGal Meets Glam Julia's shirt in this post is from ASOS. I love the cut and especially the little pom pom trim.

Oggi vi presento la mia ultima creazione.

Anche se l'estate sembra ancora un pò lontana, il sole di questi giorni mi ha ispirato questo disegno dedicato alle sirene. Ne ho realizzato un sacchetto porta lavoro magari da tenere vicino sulla spiaggia o in campagna con il nostro amato ricamo all'interno. Chi fosse interessato a questo disegno mi può contattare al mio indirizzo e-mail. That's my new creation, the sunny days inspired me in that Mermaids design. I finished it in a hanging bag needfull for keeping our stitching when we're going to the beach or in the country, perfect for our holidays stitching. If you're interested in this design please contact me at my e-mail address. For you today, a little chevron card made with our Chevron embossing folder and the big shot. Here's the how to's:take your embossing folder and ink pad, I used the Coastal Cobana. Ink up your brayer and take the side of the embossing folder that is raised and roll the ink over it. Add you piece of cardstock to the other side and close, run through the Big Shot and there you have your colored chevron paper!If you haven't seen our new Thinlets then check out the video below. They are a fun way to make mechanical cards just by running your paper through the Big Shot with these dies. i'm having one of those days. where instead on posing gracefully on this old truck, i would be the girl beating her head on it. then i got sucked into it. i am totally addicted. It's so mild outside and I have spring fever and it's not even Christmas day yet! This unseasonably warm weather has brought with it thoughts of my potting shed. I was considering building a new one, but then I thought to myself why? Why not take the existing one and tweak it to my liking? So that's what I plan to do. In the meantime, I decided to spruce it all up for Christmas. The two metal chairs were alley finds back in Idaho. They are rusty and chippy and I love them. As I have mentioned recently, I am planning somemajor redecorating projects in my cottage this year. My husband is a contractor, so I am going through photosof his work to get ideas of what sort of architectural elementsI want to add to our cottage. This ceiling has beams and bead board. I think I would like a bit deeper mantel though.

Here's a close up of the shadow boxing.

Love this look! Charming for a cottage. Or, I've seen many planner people who have had a neck or back injury and needed to downsize their binder so they could continue to carry it with them. This was how we spent the majority of our days on the beach. Doing tricks on the beach. Across a career spanning more than four decades, she’s remained a creative individual and humanitarian, adored by fans across the world. ENGLISHMoodle responses to posts on Ch. Good morning everyone. Happy Sunday to you. Currently here in Bolinas we have coastal overcast, mild temps, no wind and a little bit of surf. It's the best place working right now, but as the tide fills in, throughout the day, conditions should improve. There are rights and lefts in the Channel and over on the Seadrift side as well. Alexander Lewis Altuzarra Blugirl, via wwd.

Issa J.

Mendel Jenny Packham Julien Macdonald Darlings, which of these pretty prints do you prefer? CC is smitten with the strapless J. Mendel dress! Stay tuned for more fab frocks tomorrow. Darlings, here are just a few of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with! Miu Miu Swarovski crystal and plexiglass earrings, at miumiu. Erica Anenberg Ocean Arch Twosome ring with Swarovski crystals, at ericaanenberg. Rauwolf Shalimar clutch, at barneys. Enjoy Middle Eastern Desserts and learn how to make Hazelnuts Basbosa. For the Basbosa - Mix together flour, sugar, and baking powder in a large bowl. - Add the melted butter, rub with finger tips till crumbly. I as wrong. I guess Mother Nature told them they had to drop their leaves before the Full Beaver Moon. Icicles on the waterfall. At least I have a magical carpet in my woods. Though I have icicles on my creek, I have roses blooming by the potting shed. Weird weather. I even cleaned up my potting shed a bit. .