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The season will continue through Nov. From the youtube channel of the Trail To Bigfoot team: We continue on. You will hear background vocals along the creek area and in palmettos, see sign and Chris goes after it. Pay attention in the creek areas. This is noted as a possible vocal in the video but I am more confident now that it was Mark's voice. I have to go with the recorder that was closest to Mark. -Chris. The orchards are in bloom. This pear orchard is adjacent to our property. I took these pictures last spring. It's one of my favorite orchards to visit not only because they are our neighbor, but because the trees are old and offer the most captivating canopy of blossoms, which eventually unfold into leaves, and then to fruit. I can already smell summer. This is a favorite barn of mine. It's tucked away behind the pear trees just pleading to be explored. Lobo head football coach and athletic director John King, in a text to the Longview News-Journal sports department, said he was informed of the wreck via a phone call. No details of the wreck were available. Sheridan was a defensive lineman and Clayborn a defensive back for the Lobo football team last season. A powerful discussion of this theme appeared in Predator Nation, the book by Charles Ferguson that followed his award winning documentary, Inside Job: Ponder the toxic effects of too much wealth, too much power, the new culture of American investment banking, and a life conducted within the cocoon of America's new oligarchy. They get paid according to different rules than apply to other hired employees, and live by different rules than their less-favored fellow employees, again by virtue of their positions. ACAM believes that the TACT trial represents a important milestone in assessing the role of chelation therapy in modern healthcare and respects the decision of the NIH. ACAM continue to work with Dr Tony Lamas to answer the unfounded allegations of impropriety. In this hour long webcast, Bill Elward, Program Director for the NITA Midwest Building Trial Skills Program, discusses crafting a theory of your case that creates memorable themes, deals with bad facts head on, and persuades the factfinder that it is the right thing for your side to win. Prior inconsistent statements, witness convictions, and bias will be discussed. By: National Institute for Trial Advocacy More Information And Registration. This is a very important concept to understand prior to any clinical rotation in a NICU, or Labour and Delivery unit. Also important to understand prior to delving into the understanding of different congenital heart defects.

This is a great start and review for Student Respiratory Therapists.

m. at Willmar senior high school. via. I enjoy making these when I have free time.

I have sold several over at my etsy shop.

This one will be there as well. Supplies from CTMH-Cocoa Cafe pattern paper, Cocoa CS, Sweetleaf CS, White Daisy CS, Black ink, Blush ink, Blush ribbon, Cocoa ribbon, Sweetleaf ribbon, pewter photo hangers, edge distresser, page protectors, With Love stamp set, You are beautiful stamp setOther-Chipboard, Bind it all. ' SC. I've been too busy to use my smokehouse lately. Just checked the inside temperature of my smokehouse. This explains so much about our society that it should be mandatory viewing for all Americans:Hat tip to Breda over at The Breda Fallacy. There's a Trash Pack Show in West Mall and i'm curious about it as i have not seen Trash Pack before. Since i'm going to cut my hair, so drop by after my hair cut to watch The Trash Pack Show.

I had such a good time thrifting today! I found loads of stuff from jewelery and clothes to things for the kitchen! There were no fitting rooms in the thrift stores, so my friend and I made due by trying on the items over the clothes we already had on.

It must have worked okay, because everything actually does fit pretty well. I've seen scattered reports of this for the past month or so. Here are excerpts from a recent Washington Post article: One woman was punched in the face as she crested a hill on her bicycle in Northwest Washington. Another was hit in the back of the head as she walked to a bus stop. Neither was robbed, and after one attack, the young men laughed as they made their escape. D. C. police say the recent attacks in Columbia Heights may be part of a disturbing trend that assailants across the country call the “knockout game. ” Youths challenge one another to knock out a random person with a single punch. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. ” ― Albert Camus I love fall. and October is my favorite fall month! So I am excited this morning! I already have done some of my favorite fall things. I should be quilting some of the tops I've finished this month but instead I'm trying to get one more project checked off. After making two small quilts I feel as if this one should be at least twin bed size. Which means I need to make four more blocks. since the fabric is still on the cutting table I can do it pretty easily but I do need to cut it today! To be honest I was surprised that I went with a solid white for the sashing. It is has been a long, long time since I used solid white in a quilt! I started steroid treatments for my eyes this week.

and I am wondering just how much this optic neuritis is effecting my fabric choices.

For instance I know that this fabric is green and pink. God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble, a door of hope. And she will sing there as in the days of her youth, As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt. willzone. With good friends. " Observation: The Psalmist tells us that our trust must be in God and not human beings. He says that princes cannot save. They can make plans, attack enemies, fight for victory, but ultimately it is God who saves, no matter who or what your enemy is. Application: I am guilty of putting my trust in humans way too much. It is only God who is fully trustworthy. It is only God who delivers us from our enemies. So, instead of doing it all over again in our own words, we believe the following author explained himself the right way, and used just the right words and phrases. Yea, he magnified himself even to the prince of the host, and by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, and the place of this sanctuary was cast down. Stay safe. Tomorrow morning I take off for Ohio. I hope to meet a number of you on this trip. You can pray that I get over my cold before I give my various talks. Quote of the Day:"Do you know what's proof of outdated Sweetheart things? When they say, 'Fax me. Then make it yourself! At least that's what I try to do. I have been coveting a set of botanical prints for ages. You know, like these. Or these. Hey everyone. I showed one to my Mom over the weekend and she said"what's with all that open space. it needs something"hmmm. Wearing a short black dress with black high-heeled shoes, she sat on a chair with her sexy legs crossed. Ellen was waiting for Phil, the restaurant's owner, to arrive. Phil had called Ellen, who worked as a food critic for a local paper, to his restaurant so they could discuss her negative review of his place. Walking into the room, Phil walked swiftly toward Ellen. "Bitch!" he said with an angry look on his face, "I didn't call you here to talk about your lousy review. I called you here to batter your pretty face to a fucking pulp!" Moving in on her, he grabbed her hair with his left as he cocked back his right fist to punch her in the face. Still sitting with her legs crossed, Ellen quickly aimed a powerful kick between Phil's legs with her top leg. Andrew Wilson reviews The Bible Tells Me So. Yet the book is also fundamentally imbalanced. Enns is so eager to show how “messy” and “weird” the Bible is that he frequently exaggerates difficulties, presents a one-sided picture, or neglects obvious resolutions to the "contradictions" he puts forward. So, for instance, he shows us differences between sacrificial laws in Exodus and Deuteronomy and calls them contradictions, without acknowledging that the former are given for life in the wilderness, and the latter for life in the Promised Land. g.


- Interesting front page article in the Times today regarding the phenomenon we've been seeing of business at certain gambling enterprises remaining resilient, if not downright exuberant, despite rising energy prices and a rough economy for many of us. “The findings were that in slump periods, lotteries historically have gotten a little bump upward,” said Professor Mikesell, who has not analyzed recent lottery data. “It’s taking a shot at getting some relief in hard times. It’s usually not a good gamble, but it’s a dollar, and if they happen to accidentally hit it, it may well change their lives. ” We've discussed the idea of the NY and PA racinos benefiting from so-called staycations - the Yonkers racino has continued to do brisk business. Here in Australia, Christmas is celebrated in summertime. There are no snowmen, warm scarves, sleigh rides or roaring fires, instead we have the beach, seafood platters, cricket in the backyard, and often, an afternoon thunderstorm. All over the world, Christmas is celebrated with different foods, activities and traditions and often the cards we make reflect the things that are special to us. For today's card I used a pre-coloured digital stamp called "Aussie Wreath". It contains gum leaves, blooming gumnuts and Australian flannel flowers finished with a big red bow. YOUR TURN: Create a card that reflects the region where you live or the traditions that are important to your family. Hey all!! Howdy from Texas and happy Friday to everyone! I thought I would share another layout with you! Ok, it is not as creative as the one I did for the blog hop, but this layout called for something simpler. One thing I love doing with my ribbon, twine, just string. is tying it around my photos, pattern paper or the layout itself. That is exactly what I did in this layout. This is more of an elegant simple layout. A push up the road, and, as always, she fired up. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. .