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Honestly, I'd rather listen to NPR. I've always known that NPR had a liberal bias, but bless their pink little hearts, they think that they're being balanced, and I genuinely believe that they think that they're trying to get the balanced story. Given the length of the soundbites, I can usually form my own conclusions. But Fox News? Their attitude seems to be: "We know that the others are putting out nothing but liberally-biased crap. It's intentionally and openly putting spin on things.

This clearer version also has the other segments covering the increased popularity of running as a healthy lifestyle in Singapore.

Well. that's my lowest mileage week in quite some time. With good reason, though. Plus two post-race non-running days on Monday and Sunday to bookend the week. Based on your research, provide the history of the issue from a legal, ethical, and moral perspective. Thank you to all creators. Without you my houses would not be the same. You can bookmark this page URL. Next for the Jaguars volleyball team is a road match at Howard Lake next Thursday. Due to technical difficulties, I won't be able to get more video posted from the volleyball match until some time this weekend. The reasons for hiding your home between and behind concrete blocks may be difficult to spot at first. via. Dwindling energy resources, mounting waste, and environmental damage are all issues that designers are faced with in today’s modern world. They are also the main issues explored by the most recent Philips Design Probes project. via. In fact you may want to watch it twice. The Rev. Rider warmed up the crowd with a lively tap-dance routine, only to be pushed aside by Gibson's fast-footed Irish dance. I liked the monster on yesterday's post so much that I thought I'd do something similar, maybe every day this week. Today feature is close to home, right over the Kansas-Missouri border, in West Mineral Kansas. This, my friends, is Big Brutus. Most people in this area know who Big Brutus is. When I first heard about this after moving from a large urban area, I thought the popularity of this guy was just a sign of how rural this area is. But really, it is pretty cool.

palo segnaletico tagliato in modo selvaggio.

from the Baignade & Parasol set by Parisian creative design team Ma + Chr.

Aren't they sweet?.

"Creativity Knows No Language," a hand-stitched quotation from Stitchographie.

Okay, so I didn't like my hair in this picture, and it was the only shot I took. Som for eksempel mine Tiarella som jeg bestilte på Zimtrade.

Til tross for litt forsinkelse på posten så har dem klart seg og se, nå er det knopp! Tiarella ‘Candy Striper’ skal etter hva som sto ved bestilling blomstre i juni, tror jammen denne er like våryr som meg.

Jo da, den andre lever den og.

Disse lurte jeg på om jeg skulle ta inn i stedet, men det begynner å bli rimelig fullt så jeg llar dem likevel stå kvar, tror jeg.

One of my two foamflower, which I bought earlier this winter, is starting to flower. But as for the two different varieties I got seeds from there is no sign of life. weird and amazing. we talk about supplies, fabrics, embroidery tools and shops to get all the stuff. we embroidered and ate cake. Clothes from Glenmuir, Under Armour & Ivanhoe latest clothing samples along with Ping and Callaway demo clubs were all there to everyone to view, buy or order.

Clare-Marie Macaulay gave some coaching tips on the night on how you can lower your scores this season.

Kylie with D&A guests and prizewinner Karen Maxwell The prize draw for a lesson with Clare-Marie was won by D&A Captain Karen Maxwell.

Good morning! Today is a very special day, not only is there a FABULOUS new release from A Day For Daisies, a new challenge starting, but we're also having a little blog hop - YAY! Just another reason to be happy it's Friday! The new release can be gound in the "Just Picked" section of the shop.

can you guess what that is?We'd like to also thank Dorcas for joining us in our challenges this much! We love her work and appreciate her helping us! And here is Dorcas' fantastic creation for today's challenge which is. Happy Stitching xxx Niky. Have you seen them all? If not, you can find them all be here. Stay tuned for a new online series early next year that I hope will be as inspiring as The Week Links has been. SUBLIME SCULPTURAL SURFACES Trine Birgitte Bond Graham Marks John Garrett earthandbaker Janaki Larsen RUNAWAY THREADS Colleen Attara Lucas Weinachter Larry Calkin PHRESH PHOTOGRAPHY Kara Rosenlund kraig_at_the_warehouse Paul Massey Susan Tuttle COLOR SPLASH Emma Lindstrom Blair Bradshaw Dina Wakley Therese Murdza BOOKS OF NATURE Bridgette Guerzon Mills Roxanne Evans Stout Helen Acklam GO FIGURE John Borrero Geoffrey Gorman ABSTRACTION David Fredrick Moussallem Lisa Pressman Susanne Carmack Barbara Teeslink Carola Kastman FACE OFF Hector Frank Tina Berning Muhammed Ali Uzen Mindy Lacefield Cara Gordon. by Heather MooreOver the past few weeks while attending booksignings, I've had several people ask me the same question. "How do you find time to write?"In the beginning, writing was an escape. It was something I did because I felt so much better and more fulfilled after. But once my first book in a series came out, it turned into a different game. Now I had a deadline, and I had to write toward it. So "finding time" wasn't just something I did when I felt like it, but it was something I had to fit into a busy schedule. Buried Treasure - A Call for Collaborative Participants! So many blogs. so little time. So. four years ago I started an annual treasure hunt. Chic easy. Le bouton studio. It was fascinating today watching Sky seeing the media dissect the Qantas announcement. An airline living off a reputation long gone. Qantas was an airline hamstrung and dragged down by a bloated workforce enjoying gold-plated conditions that could not be sustained. It was a plane crash waiting to happen and now it has and there will be casualties. I didn't know that he was on the Braves, so I did a little research and there is an interesting story involved with this. It was also said that he did most of his coaching from his rocking chair in Kansas City. The real reason he was there was right on his jersey.

The age when MLB retirement benefits kick in.

"Satchel Paige is one of the greatest pitcher of all time. Baseball would be guilty of negligence should it not assure this legendary figure a place in the pension plan. "- William Bartholomay, Owner Atlanta Braves. Vitruvian Man, c. U. S. S. Alice by Temperley Flora cotton lace dress. Ashish knot-back sequin minidress. D&G cotton-blend shift. Diane von Furstenberg Jaelled cotton halterneck dress. Donna Karan wrap sleeveless taffeta dress. Halston Heritage stretch-jersey V-neck dress. - No reaction from PETA on the Jeremy Rose incident. Guess they're involved in more important things. “And I have to tell you, basically there is no difference in the performance of the horses after taking them off steroids. ”However, it's interesting to read that along with this item from Tim Wilkin's blog in the Albany Times Union. In it, Levine says that his undefeated Bustin Stones hadn't been doing well following his win in the Carter, and missed three weeks of training as well as the Met Mile. "He stopped eating and he lost some color. " Sounds like the horse could have used those steroids, since appetite and coat color are two of its benefits that I've read horsemen cite. I have been saving photos of dancing feet for a while, in hopes of capturing the spirit of dance. My dear friend Barbara Dunham, the president of the Atlanta Collage Society, has been encouraging me to consider an abstract approach to my style for quite some time. Barbara is a wonderful abstract collage artist herself. She said, "Elizabeth, I'm not asking you to change your style, just to consider experimenting with adding an abstract edge to it. " Well Barbara, this one is for you. Hello everyone, Cheryl here with a Mini Tussy Mussy for Really Reasonable Ribbon today. Everyone rides an old motorcycle, and that's good enough. The most popular and vital vintage motorcycle scene worldwide, and the one which attracts younger riders, is the broad spectrum of Custom bikes - Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Choppers, Street Trackers, etc. Plenty of Custom riders have 'stock' vintage bikes too, but who wants to hang around with old farts who look sideways at their cool creations? Food for thought. Friends suggested a revisit to this restaurant. Angelo's At the Point has experienced many changes, for the better I might add. The food is enjoyable and reasonably priced.

Unfortunately, the booth area is over lit with too much light.

Reminiscent of a church basement dining hall. We arrived to a pleasant host who immediately seated us and our server was quick to the table. Drinks were delivered while viewing the menu.

Our server was attentive but not hovering.

As soon as we placed our menus back on the table, he appeared willing and able to answer questions. We both chose the house salad while they did suggest appetizers which we declined on. .