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As you read this, we are in the air somewhere over Europe heading for London - talk to you from there. Have a wonderful weekend - relax and enjoy!. Image - Lucy Berridge. I have one tattoo. It's a wavy black line around my ankle that looks at first glance to be an ankle bracelet. Photo by I. Peterson. I look for the sunset every evening - and in its blaze or pastel dim. I embrace the stillness and savor it's divine beauty. And I'm grateful for the day that God has given me. Speakers at this year's forum represented a diverse group of countries, including: Angola, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cameroon, Colombia, Cuba, Iran, Malaysia, North Korea, Palestine, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Syria, Tibet and Zimbabwe.

Hannah Song, president of Liberty in North Korea, spoke about the rising civil society in North Korea despite all the efforts of the totalitarian regime there to crush it.

Ruth has posted more pictures of Celtic butterflies in lots of different colours and some with added beads. I'd like a T shirt with lots of these scattered across it. Gina did variations on a heart motif for the Tatting Pattern Calendar. Gail tatted a heart designed by Dorcas Newkirk, all rings are split rings but the point of the heart.

Sue has been away from tatting for a while and jumped back in with the double daisy picot from Riet's blog.

Zhang Ziyi pretends to fight Tony Leung Chiu Wai during the promotioncourtesy of mingpao. cc Tony Leung Chiu Wai yesterday with director Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen and Max Zhang Jin attended the film's "Master Appreciation Banquet" in Beijing to thank a group of Wing Chun masters whom instructed them in kung fu. They made kung fu poses on the stage and looked very convincing. Wai Jai and Ziyi chatted intimately during the banquet. Summarize the research that has been conducted into sentencing disparity based on race/ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status that reflects differences in incarceration rates and the length of sentences. Is this disparity diminishing, or does it still exist? Support your position. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. Define victim impact statements and explain the purposes they serve in the sentencing process. Annem odaya gelene kadar her şey normaldi. Annem gelince birden elindekileri bıraktı, geldi kucağıma oturdu. Sonra babam da geldi. İkisine de uzaktan uzaktan, mahsun mahsun bakmaya başladı. Türkiye'ye gelmeden önce alışsın diye sık sık, uçağa bineceğiz, anneanneye, babaanneye, dedelere gideceğiz, gezeceğiz. diyordum. Ancak tersini İngiltere için burada yapmayı unuttum. My husband continues to exercise his creativity with my morning toast. He said this could be a porcupine, or a forest after a fire. Almond butter will never be the same again! I thought this one looked like a butterfy!And this is allegedly a "certified woodlot. "And a big THANK YOU to all of you who are submitting limericks to the Duck Limerick contest. Clearly we will be awarding more than one prize! You're all so creative and hilarious!!. One of the very first signs we get around here is a tree on the way to town. It is always the first to change color.

he will be done turning color soon and then he will drop his leaves to the ground and show off his naked branches first.

I think he must be like a bratty little kid.

thumbing his nose at summer and fall all at once. For years I thought this tree was under stress being so close to the highway. I took a few interesting photographs this week. The weather up here is finally nice enough so that you can enjoy being outside. Even if some days you must wear a sweatshirt, or a coat. I was off on a mission one day, and was side tracked by this little guy. A Black squirrel. Nearby, there was a single Pink-footed Goose at Old Royston Flash. Wilthorpe Marsh - Dropped on Mr Green for his guided tour of the local birding hotspots. In other news. Reptile: A Yellow-bellied Slider was in the north east corner of WRes. I'd love to be here today, enjoying a plate of oysters and some nice, crisp white wine. Before you read any further repeat after me, "what was she thinking?" Good. We got that out of the way. The last couple of weeks I haven't been too productive on the sewing front. A late season respiratory virus sent my MS into overdrive which left me tired, not too accurate with the hand stitching, and not steady enough to handle a rotary cutter. Oh no. you know where this is going don't you. I knew I had been influenced by a series of Log cabin quilt photos I had studied that day. tastefullyoffensive. So what am I doing on this scintillating Friday night, you ask?Never mind, I'm going to tell you anyway. Somehow, I find myself sucked into a black hole of watching what seems like an endless loop of I Dream of Jeannie. How does this happen? I don't think I've seen an episode of I Dream of Jeannie since I was ten. Seems I haven't missed much. Frankly, I never liked it nearly as much as Bewitched. Witches trump Genies any day in my book. The only thing that really interested me about it was Jeannie's bottle. Who says paintings need to be on canvas? Why not get creative and recycle things you already have on hand like cardboard cereal or food boxes. Painting on boxes is actually a great way to make art on a budget, create something that is light weight and easy to display. I started with a few food boxes in different sizes. Next I primed them with house paint. We had a wonderful time with family and it was so wonderful to show Andy and his family all the lovely little pockets of the Oregon Coast. Someday soon I know that our path will take me back until then I will keep being loyal to my passions. I have been in this creative mania lately, I can't stop making things, I can't stop finding new ways to push my ideas, I dream about every project that I work on. I am haunted by my art. yikes! This week I have spent my evenings going to the gym for spinning class and then home to print all sorts of my drawings on fabric which I am going to then create all sorts of fun stuff with. It is a rainy week here in Veryork and today may be the cloudiest of them all. Looks like a solid downpour all day. It's their turn to help keep the promise of pork to the co-owners who supported this farm. I'll be out in the rain helping as well. It will not be pleasant work, but necessary. It makes me a little pensive, both the weather and the work ahead today. I am often asked if I grow attached to my pigs? I don't. If I raised them like puppies in the house and cuddled them and taught them to sit, I might, sure, but these animals are beasts right now. Last time I walked in the pen to help spread their straw bedding in the Pigoda they snapped at me, ripping my kilt and taking taste tests of my limbs. I now have a whole new appreciation for the level of detail that went into the scheduling process for next year's "Shepherds' Conversation. " If they would just add a seminar for Scot McKnight to give us a more detailed deconstruction of the question Martin Bashir kept asking Rob Bell, along with Scot's own apologia for Bell's brand of universalism, we could all sleep easier. If you're waiting for me to reply to an e-mail, snail-mail letter, or any other query, I'm doing my best to catch up. Thanks for your patience.

You weren't the only one predicting that, but one has to give credit where credit is due.

You've been doing this for a long time, and it has made you a lot of money. Now, what really bothers me about this isn't the money-making because a brother has to eat. If you and your conscience can spend your time doing this sort of thing, and people will pay you for it, it's a free country and people make money all kinds of ways. But it does bother me that you leverage this aspect of your career to do other things as well. See: unlike Benny Hinn who just claims to be God's special Jedi, and we should get some of his anointing by sending him money, you encourage a horrible image of what faith in Christ looks like because your view of salvation is tied to how things look right now. For example, in your book the people of Haiti were ravaged by disaster because they have made a "pact with the devil". Housework is boring! Hmmm, yes, it might be. If I resented having to do housework, rushed through it so I could have time online or with my friends, or if I'd rather be out shopping, I'd think housework was irrelevant and holding me back. But I don't think of my home or the work I do here in that way. I see it as an opportunity.

It's really all about the mindset.

You either see your home as just a place to sleep and keep your belongings or you see it as your project - a work in progress. Taking control of a home can help you feel self-confident and strong, and if you get it right, it will give you a slow, sustainable life, full of wonderful possibilities. All of us have to work. It’s always a good morning’s birding when there’s a Barn Owl in view and even better when there are two. The earliest ones of the autumn often arrive in South West Lancashire a week or so before the ones seen here in West Lancashire.

I’d driven over the quieter part of the moss to look for some recently ringed Barn Owls which should be on the wing by now.

I found two youngsters along the same stretch of road and one of them let me get fairly close via the open car window.

An adult bird would be most unlikely to allow such close scrutiny.

Barn Owl Barn Owl I was on a roll because when I arrived at Conder Green there was a Kingfisher sat waiting at the usual spot on the sluice wall. My birth certificate now, correctly, says Mei Innana and that big sexy F for Female! It was a long process. I have it in my hands now, and I have to say its pretty great! The next step will be to update my Service Ontario ID: Driver's License and Health Card. Maybe at the same time. Once that's all done, I update my creditors, the businesses I hold accounts with, banks, utilities, insurance, etc. I'll let you know when its ready, but I thought it might be something handy to have. " Greetings, Alrighty, let's get this thing started. Let's start with something fairly straight forward - Applied Molding - "a molding which is nailed, nailed on, or otherwise fastened to the surface rather then cut into solid material. " Applied moldings are, just like the name implies, applied to the wall. It's much like adding molding frames and railings directly onto the wall creating a geometric pattern either below a chair rail or over the entire expanse of the wall. Of course, we'll have to slog through a bit of math. But, that time with the calculator will be well rewarded - In this particular home - we added an applied molding treatment over existing grass cloth wallpaper. Recessed Panel Wainscoting are slightly different - in that the wall is built-up and a recessed panel is created. Recessed Panel Wainscoting diagram. In this space - a gentlemen's library - we use the heartier "Recessed Molding" detailbelow the walls upholstered in custom tartan. Stay tuned for the letter "b" - Cheers, Scot. We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Bizarro is brought to you today by The Magically Aging Man. I did a cartoon a few years ago about a band called the "A. D. D. s" in which all of the teenage musicians were scattered about the stage, busy doing something other than playing music. I got a ton of mail from angry parents of kids with A. Went to the club and checked in. They had enough help for the shoots, so I was able to head down to the range. Played around in cowboy town some more. They had a cowboy shoot yesterday so there were alot more targets placed about. Put a few hundred rounds down range and then headed over to the rifle range for a while. Hit Coldstone ice cream on the way home. It was a nice day off. Rain held out until I got home. . .