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Banners are ready for hanging. A very talented friend of mine has started a brand new podcast called "Wyrd Stories". In her first episode, her very own mother shares a story about a miracle she witnessed involving a dead orange tree. Check it out. In the video below Antúnez read aloud the letter. Below is the first part of Antúnez's letter titled: "No, no and no Raul Castro. " Antúnez is a former political prisoner and currently a national opposition leader based in Placetas, Cuba. OPEN LETTER OF ANTÚNEZ TO GENERAL RAUL CASTRO No, no, and no Raul Castro This, I think is the second or third time I write you, and as always without the slightest thought or desire that you would answer me, for the utter contempt and disgust emanating from your person does not let me do otherwise. Mr. I recall that I was in the square that you all call Revolution, where huge loudspeakers transmitted to people who were voiceless, hungry and above all deaf to your tiresome verbiage. The weekend has delivered a satisfactory feeling of letting go of the vicissitudes and challenges of work. Luckily the hours of lost sleep while ruminating over patients are relatively minimal. I wish I could say the same for the hours of stress. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a job wherein the end of the day actually ends the sense of responsibility engendered by that job. Who can claim to really let it all go when they punch that clock or close that office door? Writers? Teachers? Clerks? Lawyers? Cab drivers? Chefs? Dishwashers? Scientists? It's clear that as the level of responsiblity and "ownership" of a job increases, the power of that job to bleed into one's private and personal life grows. Clearly there are jobs where it must be relatively easy to walk out that door and not give it another thought until the next morning at nine, but it's been years since I had one of those and I sometimes long for that ease of detachment. For better or for worse, my job is about building relationships, and when relationships are encouraged to grow, attachment and caring also bloom. Hey, Papertrey Ink fans! I'm back with a little card set to share with you for Stamp-a-Faire. I made some mini cards and housed them in a Nugget Tin. These would surely make a fun gift! I kept the mini cards very simple, so mass producing would be quick and easy. You need the Half & Half dies also. Cabin Fever got the best of us, we admit it, our four walls were getting mighty boring. We didn’t go far. Just headed to a few antique shops that we hadn’t been to since last summer. Our weather turned cold with a raw wind so although it looked nice outside it wasn’t. On the way we saw. A bottle sculpture outside one of my favorite shops. They remember me there. “Hey I remember you, you are the old lady that writes a blog about old photos. I remember as a child loving the fact that I had a dedicated Trick-or-Treat bag to use when I canvassed the neighborhood on All Hallow's Eve in search of sugary treasures. Now, I have nothing against those plastic pumpkins that so many tiny goblins use to stash their goodies. In fact, that's what my kiddos have used in the past.

But this year, I thought it would be nice to give them their own Trick-or-Treat bags.

Three of my four kiddos were sick yesterday, so I thought this might be a good project to entertain them, since they had to do little more than sit around and watch mom. The Princess did help me by playing "Vanna" and displaying our supplies for you. First thing needed. The F/V Temptation with significant damage to its port side. It occurred the morning of Aug. Troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said three vessels were involved in the incident: the Temptation, Chugach Pearl and Silver Streak. She was unable to say which boat did what. But a reader tells Deckboss it was the Temptation that took the hit, as evidenced by these photos. Mario Corso con Pino Di Giovanni e Vincenzo FranzaSullo sfondo il presidente Andrea TesorieroE' stata inaugurata ieri a Lipari la locale sede dell'Inter club intitolato all'indimenticabile Peppino Prisco. Presente anche il presidente onorario del club eoliano, Andrea Basile. 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Today I dragged myself out of the house and went to "mini-retreat" that my guild holds two or three times a year. Didn't stay long but I did at least get out of the house and almost quilted! Also, I got to see my birthday quilt blocks all put together into a quilt top! Lots of scottie dogs and tea cups, red sox, patriotic, moda and Mary Englebreit. It is a patriotic quilt and is looking good!Dobby is now officially the big cat in the house. He suggests some thought be given to this possibility. Soon. That's twice as much as the EIA estimates could ever be pumped from ANWR. Not a colour you see a lot in kitchens. love it!. Images - Ramiro Fernandez Saus. Every garage sale is "the last time we'll do this". BUT! It was a very long, sometimes insane day but a successful one, and a thank you shout out to all who stopped by. How many garage sales have you attended where there is a line to check out? I only lost my patience three times yesterday, and it appears that nothing was stolen this time, so that is an improvement. Buchanan Castle amateur Kylie Walker, has recovered some of her best form of the year in distant India. Hi guys. I added a new pic of Croatian tennis player, Franco Skugor, to his page in the brieflines archive. So I guess with yesterday’s update, it’s a Croatian two-fer. How about that?. With Chloe gone this week, Emma and I have had some quality one on one time. Something she has needed for a while. But this week, we've had fun time, art time, swim time, and serious time. Serious time took place beside the pool this morning. Before I can get to the serious stuff you need to understand some background information. She had been telling us for several months that she needed Jesus to live in her heart because she was the only one in our family without Him. I wanted her to understand that she needed Him because she was a sinner, not because she was the only one without Him. So during the weeks leading up to Christmas we had the "What Does God Want for Christmas" kit. On the last day, the gift we opened was a mirror. When you look in the mirror you see what God wants for Christmas -you! It was on that last day that she told me she needed Jesus because she did "bad stuff" and needed Jesus to make it right. One year ago today, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington and Catholic Charities USA awarded the first national “Keep the Dream Alive Mass and Award" to Ralph McCloud. Mr. McCloud is the Director of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D. C. At the time, I chided the Archdiocese for this move because it was under his watch, that money went to ACORN and other groups opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Well, it seems that Mr. McCloud has been a very busy man. Your see our colleagues over at Restore DC Catholcism pointed out that:Ralph McCloud, while working in his capacity as CCHD director, worked as campaign treasurer for Texan Wendy Davis. The public record is here. Ms Davis was endorsed by Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, Davis defeated her pro-life opponent. Happy Monday to you all. You ever get up raring to go and within an hour or two. your raring disappears? I guess Monday set in. I was all set to create away today and Poof it was gone. So I walked away for a bit. See, I had good reason to rave about Mrs. Wilkes' Boarding House. The President decided to eat there today. Details here and here. Thanks to Frieda for the info.

I am so thrilled to have Purple Lemon Designs as a sponsor on ASPTL.

I can honestly tell you that I love Kelly's work because I was a client of hers before she was a client of mine. You're going to love Purple Lemon too. Wait. I remember. I would end up with a claw-hand from writing "Thank you for your purchase" over and over and over. Or worse, I didn't write it at all. That's bad business. She also makes beautiful address stamps for your personal correspondence. Of the FREE instructional DVD from Old Fed Ax Co. email me, August, and I'll get you in contact with Alex!. I was standing outside the sheep's gate with a wheelbarrow. All sixteen sheep charging towards me, thinking their evening meal had finally arrived. This was bad, and only because I wasn't toting a bale of beautiful Washington County Second Cut. A storm was moving in, starting with freezing rain and turning into several inches of snow. My flock like to be under cover and on dry ground as night snow falls, and so, for this exact purpose, I cover their barns with a new layer of clean bedding the night before a snow hits. I needed to get it up the hill and right now opening the gate would be a mob riot. I needed help.

quando anche qui sul lago le giornate sono troppo calde per ricamare mi sbizzarrisco con pennello, pittura e semplice cucito.

Così oggi ho creato questi simpatici puntaspilli che decoreranno il mio tavolo a Formigine il prossimo settembre. Un tocco di rosmarino ha donato la punta di verde necessaria per vivacizzare l'insieme. When days are so hot and damp on lago Maggiore too, i spend my time painting and simply sewing. so. Mid century modern furniture in turquoise. and a silver tree. Listen to the way cool Mel Torme on the hi-fi!Then go visit Suzanne in Colorado for some more retro. You might find this amusing, but I actually find writing these posts harder than any of the others I write! I sit and think, now what can I write for this weeks. what haven't we mentioned before. I tend to think along the lines of 'if it's not broke, don't fix it' or put another way why tinker with something that seems to be working for you. But as in the case of, say, Arizona in the US, there are always exceptions. For example, Iceland doesn't move their clocks ahead, and Belarus and the Russian Federation will stop observing Summer Time for the first time this year. Do you keep the info pages in your Filofax? If so, how often do you refer to them?. Morning all. Well, it is overcast again today, with a moist marine layer hanging out. Although it isn't that cold, the clean conditions we were having here are gone. for now. Hello, Ribbon Lovers! How's everyone surviving the summer heat? We are well into July now, and gardens seem to be overflowing here in North Carolina. I used lots of Kraft paper and some Natural Jute String from Really Reasonable Ribbon to top off that "country" feel. Check out all of the colors of Jute String that are available. It is a great way to add country charm to any project!For more pictures and the card recipe, please visit my blog. Thanks again for dropping by!Hugs,True :D. Motor overhaul underway. Small water leak leads to thermostat housing. Thermostat housing bolt snapped off in head. Pull head to get bolt out.

Can't bring myself to putting head back on without refresh.

I also found an update for the horrid mess ford put in for a clutch linkage assembly.

What a dismal design.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. You know how clearly we readers see the foibles of our Intel providers? Every day there are long posts describing them. Well. Guess what again? Yeah.