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This month we have two new sets from Megan Suarez: Amalia Ballerina and Poppy. I just LOVE Megan’s style, and we hope you do too! Amalia is the sweetest dancer, and Poppy is the newest of our Spice Girls. Three years into blogging, and I enjoy it as much as ever: putting my thoughts into words, writing about what God has taught me, and being encouraged and challenged by you. It has its downside. I want to respond to God's mercy by giving myself to him as a living sacrifice, to bring him glory and make his Son known. Will this include blogging? I don't know. But I do know I need some time away from blogging to pray and find out. America in Crimson Red, The Baptist History of America by James R. This is my second read of this book. It's very good and fast paced.

Although full of information it is good reading.

There is just one problem I have with it. Like all books written by preachers except for Dr. Ruckman's church history series, it focuses on preachers. The backbone of Christianity is the people, the body of Christ on earth, the church. This would mean I'd only have to set the timing once - period.

I would'n never again have to mess with points, condenser, dwell or timing.

Hot Spark and Pertronix both offered kits. Can't say why I chose Pertronix, but I did. It wasn't wasy finding the make of my distributor. I ordered the Prestolite kit and found it was the wrong one. I sent the Pertronix folks an explanation of my problem with pics, they were quick to respond and quick to make the exchange to a Mallory kit. Pull the cap and rotor. Remove the plate holding the points and condenser.

Install the new plate.

Slip the Pertronix sleeve over the distributor lobes. Put the rotor and cap back on and connect the wires to the coil. Hello friends! We are heading out tonight for an eight day tour in the south. In this immersive Sierra-style adventure, you play as Mortia, an adorably cynical little ghoul girl. Two curious Brontë-related things that we have to share with you. A S/F short story inspired by Wuthering Heights: Venusian Heights Robert H. Thanks to all who helped with this effort. Shout out to Nestor and Alex in jail maintenance for teaching inmates a new skill as they put together bike after bike. As part of our Week of the Young Child festivities we have been celebrating children's literacy. Each year one of my favorite activities is to have my students illustrate a book that they know very well.

This year I choose Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

" My students seem to gravitate towards this book, and all of them have reported that they have a copy at home, so I knew it was one they were very familiar with. Our class book turned out great. ph: Elizabeth & JamesCheck out the rest of my top picks from the collection here. Here are a few of my favorite pieces. A "hit" in terms of industry buzz and reaction from Bay Area sports fans. I'm hoping she makes the decision for one last lengthy go-around. Well, laughing for now. Gosh, imagine that! A boss who takes his work force to lunch! What an age-old relic. The source also indicated that Alioto was prepared to continue to pursue the case but was "blown away" by the offer from Cumulus. This is indicative of the sycophantic assholes who make up a huge part of the landscape. They're the same morons who love to stand up and give phony standing ovations. "Oh, the movie was just Amazing!" "The food is Amazing. I like birthdays and I like doing as many of my favorite things on my bday as possible. This year I started off with a good workout with my trainer, and then came home and prepared a Super Special Birthday Breakfast for Mr. VE&T and myself. I love love love special breakfasts. I love blueberry pancakes, but Mr VE&T prefers plain ones. Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, The Shredder Ah, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The bizarre kids show concept that actually worked. Man, how catchy was that cartoon theme?! I had so much fun dancing around to that song, kicking the air and swinging my broomhandle bo staff.

When we were young many of us liked to cut up squares of fabric, rearrange them, sew them back together to make pillows and doll quilts.

How many of us as adults still love to run our fingers over fabric and imagine putting different fabrics together? How many of us still look forward to that next trip to the quilt shop where we can purchase more fabrics even though our stash has outgrown the guest, hall, and bedroom closets?I don’t know what it is about those beautiful cotton fabrics, but they have a way of making addicts of us quilters. Did any of us know what we were getting into?I hear stories of quilters who began quilting long before rotary cutters or the various rulers now available. I couldn't quilt without them.

There is nothing better than a well-worn, well-loved quilt to crawl under, wrap up in and dream on.

There are going to be several of those in the next week or two, 'cause I kinda lost my head with the tax return and bought a bunch. Nope. "Latvian Dreams" by Joyce Williams. Short review: I want to be Joyce Willams when I grow up. 'Nuff said. For en mann, han var utrolig inspirerande og interessant å høre på. Den timen han hølt i mikrofonen og viste bilder gikk så alt for fort. Til tross for mine svenske ører som ikke bestandig får med seg alle poeng, det var en god del, så strakk seg mine smilebånd ut mange ganger og det føltes i magen. For en mann!!! Hvis alle hadde fått oppleve den samme entusiasmen så hadde verden ikke hatt klimaproblemer lenger. Vi hadde vært en stor grønn lunge, med rolige sjeler. Hans “ i hagen gjør jeg som jeg vill” er en flott innstilling synes jeg, er det ikke derfor vi er så pass hektet til hagestell, ikke for å tilgodese andre men oss selv og våren drift å skape og oppleve naturen. Hagestell var vel noe han nevnte flere ganger, han var ikke særlig glad i å luke men heller tilhenger av å plante så pass tett og variert slik at ugressfrø ikke fikk anledning å gro. Hvis det på tross av dette var en mulighet for et ugress til å spire så ville planten gå i ett med helheten, hvis jeg nå skjønte han rett. Miu is undoubtedly my favourite character from the 'Linebarrels of Iron' anime, with that peachy look and voluptuous figure. The sweet voice of Miu was casted by Aya Hirano, who's also the voice actress of the hit anime character 'Haruhi Suzumiya'. Not only does she possesses beauty, Miu is also a "factor" of Special Task Force of JUDA and she piloted a pink mecha aka Machina equipped with throwing knives and two beam rifles on each arm. She had a crushed on the male protagonist 'Kouichi Hayase' but like most side casts, they always miss the Cupid arrow. Sculpted by Naoki Nishimura, Kujyou Miu stands provocatively posed, leaning forward at the waist with her left arm held behind her back and her legs crossed. Last year, I posted a guide to questions contained in the plain packaging consultation along with some suggested responses. This was partly because some fellow jewel thieves had mentioned that they found such procedures daunting or unfamiliar, but also due to others sharing their submitted responses with me prior to my writing it. So let's repeat the process, shall we, with the Home Office's alcohol strategy consultation which contains the daft proposal to install a minimum unit price for alcohol. I do hope you can set aside some time to respond - if you don't try, they will just do it anyway as you will note from the way the questions are posed. You can access it at this page, where you should scroll to the link for the online form unless you'd prefer to fire off a stiffly-worded e-mail to public. gsi. gov. My turn over at the RRR blog today! I go through creative spurts with mini albums. Baby albums are some of my favorites to create. This one uses lots of pretty papers from Martha Stewart and Crate Paper. Very soft and girly. I used old gingham fabric on it with stitching around the front frame, as accents on the inside, and on the back page. Hello Ai fans! Today I'm sharing the card that I made for my nephew's wedding. He got married a couple weekends ago and their colors were red and turquoise. InLinkz. sometimes i feel like i live in this tiny bubble. i got so excited and almost started writing my post at that very moment.

Couldn't resist choosing this title for this post!! I want to thank everybody who made the Buried Treasure online collaboration such a success.

I keep hearing that people are still trying to catch up with all the links. I think both the bloggers who posted and the readers who were treated to so many "best of posts" all got to take away something special from this project. So advance notice. Meanwhile, a number of links were inadvertently left out of the original list.

I was quite overwhelmed at the response to yesterday's post.

I never fails to surprise me that so many readers enjoy reading about our very ordinary life. I will respond to every one of them in due course and have written a list to go through. Today I have a mixof two requests - a photo of the drive to work and a post about being at home in your home, for Marilyn. Before I get to Marilyn though, I have to say that although I shouldn't be surprised at the curiosity shown about the Australian landscape, I am. Its dreary and rainy here in PA. A reckless, tantrum-throwing child with way, way too much power at his disposal. Sound familiar? "I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline. I object to power without constructive purpose. " - Spock to Trelane Happy birthday, Star Trek. my loss - it is spot on. H/T to Storm'n Norm'n for reminding me. . So I left early from SnB tonight because my lovely and talented sister came with me. She is learning how to KNIT.

Yea! Next stop the land of purl.

I'm going to miss her on her trip/internship but I think it will be a great growing experience. Well not much knitting, my hands have been hurting and I've been a little too stressed and distracted, but I have some plans in my head as to what will be up next. This last Saturday I was at an SCA event in Rochester, it was fun but a lot of court and I couldn't hear well over jabber jaws Se and how quite everyone spoke, ah well. Thank you to everyone who came by yesterday to say hello or find a little something to make their holiday that much brighter. I have been getting all of my emails I think, but I have one or two people who are having a problem getting mine. we'll get it all worked out! Ok, now to pack a few more boxes and head out to the Post. Mmmmm, mmmmmm. Nothing like new goodies to rev up the creativity. Check out MFT's new button collections HERE. The glitter was added to the cake and around the candles following the steps Linda Heavens posted HERE. The hashtag #DemsNeverSat was tweeted to express surprise that Democrats would use their most theatrical tactics on such a flawed effort that is so unlikely to succeed, rather than on more consequential measures. If you aren't already a ribbon club member, why not join us today! You will get a fun new ribbon assortment shipped automatically each month. Now let's get hopping and see what our fabulous design team has created this month! Here is our blog hop list. If you get lost along the way, hop on back here and we'll get you back on track. GinnyJenniferAmberBonnieNancyKaren KathyLeslieCherry Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings Now, be sure to leave some love at all the stops along the way. alzahraprivatehospital. O. scamwebsites. The latest from North Carolina: I'm enjoying vicarious motorcycle rally miracles. the sort of fortuitous meetings and helping hands which make touring on an old bike an unpredictable adventure. "Sorry for the radio silence. Pete wanted to post the news first to his blog and he was too busy as you shall see. .