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Bentley and I wish all of you a Sweet Friday! May you all have a wonderful start to this weekend. Have fun doing all the things you love to do with the ones you love!! Right now I am off to visit Cindy at My Romantic Home for some wonderful inspiration. It's a great way to start the weekend. Bentley, you can sit in my lap while I visit other bloggers!!Love,Susan and Bentleyxxoo. Grameenphone Ltd. Here you will see the available jobs we are offering. You have to fill in the online job application form to get a tracking number. You must remember the password to access the application form anytime to update your CV. Once you get the tracking number, you can apply for any job using that. I’ve always lived on the edge. It used to be quite obvious but as I’ve aged, I’ve hidden under a CWA exterior so now people think I’m just one of the gang. But that exterior lies. I’m still pushing that envelope, still seeing what I can get away with. I planted asparagus. How can this be the act of a rebel, you ask? I planted it in the aquaponics garden. It doesn’t play well with others. So I guess I identify with the humble asparagus and planted it right next to the parsley and silverbeet, expecting it to be accepted, despite its differences. I've been really lucky to be included as one of Smitty's recurring characters. He's created such an exciting personification of some of my personality traits and I quite like being the villain at times as well. He's helped spread my mei-isms and he's helped promote my blog. Thank you Smitty for including me. Everyone take a look at me! I mean take a look at Smitty's blog so you can see me!. I made this quilt with the intention of writing it up as a pattern. I thought it would be beautiful in a magazine. And I made a bazillion half square triangles for it. And really thought about my fabric choices and the placement of colors. Making the quilt was relaxing and enjoyable and I loved seeing it take shape. It was quilted. I bound it. And then it sat. And sat and sat and sat. It sat in the corner of my sewing space. And then it felt like it started to loom over me. My entry for the Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival. My third quilt I ever made. All hand pieced. It isn't perfect but it is perfect to me. I learned so much making this quilt. The hand sewing taught me how to get accurate points. And seams.

It also taught me the importance of careful cutting.

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