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Maybe we are ramping up to the 'Big One'?? Things are continuing to get 'shakier'. Several solar flares hit earth a few days ago. I just this morning heard of the shooting in Henderson County. I noticed several guys wearing mourning bands on their badges, but was too embarassed to ask. I've been off for a coupla days. A. I'm certain that the D. A.

doesn't need my help.

But at some point, I hope that the prosecuting attorney says something to the extent of the following:"Mr. Mays has been defended ably by a good attorney, who has attempted toconvince you not to find his client guilty of Capital Murder through somecreative methods. Something is presented to God that, by His very nature, He will not ignore, even though He knew, by virtue of His omniscience, that it would happen. The wickedness of mankind grieved God at His heart and demanded a certain path which He had prepared in His foreknowledge. Because the expression, it repented the Lord, like most idiomatic expressions, has a meaning that goes beyond simply the definitions of the individual words strung together it requires us to use our reasoning ability, something we do not like to do when someone is willing to spoonfeed us their own careless reading. By the context the creation of mankind repented the Lord because it grieved Him at His heart and His purpose is to erase the life He created, not just man, because it repented Him. The word repent clearly in other contexts in the Bible means to turn from something or to change one’s mind about something. Here, as part of this expression it means more than that. By viewing this context we see that the Lord was grieved by mankind’s wickedness as the definition of how the Lord was repented by something. Admittedly there have been more lows than highs which has meant that for next season the Mighty Fleet will be plying their trade, hopefully, in the Blue Square South. The defeat at Hyde United effectively sealing our fate. Discussions about what went wrong this season will no doubt take place after the final whistle has blown. However, for this article I thought it would be good to look at some of the highs of the season. So after the first game we were equal top of the Blue Square Premier. Having not won an away game since the season opener, the Fleet travelled to Woking looking to get back on track. The Tamland Two in repose This spate of warmer than usual weather has been going on for about two weeks now. Wednesday was the zenith. The finest day of them all,with last Friday a close second. Not a trace of snow can be found now, however, and even the grass is greening up in places. But it is over for now.

Today we are sliding downward to more natural for late February temperatures.

The warmer weather we saw won't be back again for a while. How long is anybodies guess, so I was in no way going to miss out on a gravel ride on Wednesday. The Tower is a card that represents big, life-changing events, and it falls at a key revelatory moment in the book. The specific event that I adapted to illustrate this most volatile of cards is the destruction by fire of P.


That's Phineas Taylor himself on the left, plummeting from the building. The lady on the right is actually one of the performers who exhibited at the original museum. It was Carrie Paris who focused on the Mermaid as a demon and encouraged me to develop the notion along the lines of the Hellmouth that appears on this card in some decks. The Telegraph & Argus talks about one of the activities that will take place at the Brontë Parsonage Museum next month: Keighley people are being invited to decorate Yorkshire-themed bikes with wool. Artist Cassandra Kilbride will run a workshop in Haworth next month as part of her Woolly Bike Trail. Participants will be inspired by Yorkshire literary greats as they decorate one of the ten bikes involved in the project. They will draw on everything from the Brontë sisters’ work to Yorkshire-set novels like The Secret Garden and Dracula. Include relevant vocabulary and discuss the music performed, your impressions of the music, the performers and any other aspect of the concert. Use your writing skills and listening knowledge learned from the first assignment to create a paper that is clear, concise, and musically informed. Feel free to give your opinion on the music and performance, but criticism and praise must both be justified using critical listening techniques and musical concepts discussed in class. house located in Stockholm, Swedenvia.

Paging David Letterman, Larry King, or Howard Stern.

Once he was a high finance big-wig, living the good life on Long Island and working with his father. Now he is brought low and his "dream career" is lost to him. All because of that mean old government. Family in Jeopardy Because of Government There is way too much to laugh at in that story.

"I'll go with Joe! He sounds reliable.

" So, when apparently the law and regulations on mortgage lenders eventually caught up with them, he fled New York for North Carolina where he got his "dream job". I just hope the actual movie justifies the excitement. This isn't a staged photo. Yes, Ethan sleeps with his eyes a little open. I found the two of them in my room like this. River was supposed to be Charlie's partner, but Ethan just can't keep his hands off him. He rocks and feeds him every chance he gets. Charlie doesn't mind, he is too busy playing Legos every single second of his life. Thanks for all the concern, everyone. Today was probably the first day I felt human. I hope to finally start on my Olympics project tomorrow - good thing I'd decided to take it easy for the Olympics, huh?So, no news, but I'm on the mend. Thanks to all who checked in. ExternalClass. ExternalClass body. She had made VAMPYROS LESBOS a few months earlier with Franco and German producer Artur Brauner was preparing to heavily promote her in future films as a result of that film's success. She was set to sign a contract with the high powered producer on the day of her fatal accident. The stately oak tree above was featured in our local paper. Known as the "Half-Way Tree," this bur oak marks the midpoint between Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River along paths used by Native Americans in the pre-settlement era. Because someone was throwing gravel at my bedroom window. Someone from the Hostel Club. I'd heard about the Hostel Club soon after I enrolled at Yorktown High, in tenth grade. When they had their first meeting of the year, I summoned the gumption to check it out. This was a club devoted to hiking, and bicycling, and canoeing, and camping, and staying in youth hostels. So, today was a much more successful outing mentally than last week. As you know I like to research as much as I can before heading out on new trails. So today I met up with a new friend, Tracy from Hooksett, who also belongs to the FB group and has been working on her redlining as well. We met up at the Hidden Valley Scout Camp and briefly introduced ourselves before heading off. in the opposite direction than I went last week. A rear view of MSIA Advance Duel Gundam AssaultshoudA close view of the upper bodyBeam weapon installed to the right shoulderMissiles on the left shoulder armour just like Macross GBPWeapon range of MSIA Advance Duel Gundam AssaultshoudIf you can still remember? I have previously blog on my MSIA Advance Duel Gundam.

Bandai has used the strategy of first releasing the MSIA Advance Duel Gundam and after which lure fans with Assaultshoud version.

The Duel Gundam in Assaultshoud version is in deactivated grey mode, so you will die die have to buy the Duel Gundam in phase-shift mode as well. Assaultshoud version also gives you a few more weapons in value-add. I am really grateful for the support provided by the Scottish Ladies Golf Association and our sponsors Aberdeen Asset Management which allowed me to play in these events. I finally got there the other night. Here are some photos:. Whispers From the TartanI wear a lot of linen in the summertime. Yes, it wrinkles, but that is just part of its charm in my eyes. Linen seems to possess a personality of sorts, a certain devil may care quality, that feels perfectly in sync with summer days. When I don that first pair of linen trousers on the first day of June. It's literally pulled out of the air. The gullible audience of the IPCC is supposed to believe that the IPCC members are shamans with supernatural skills and if they vote about and approve a figure they randomly invent, it's a deep and accurate truth one should worship. I will discuss some analogies in high-energy physics below. Yet, some people seem to think that this unspectacular statement directly implies that we should throw hundreds of billions of dollars out of the window. In Appreciation of our FireFightersWe’ll be talking to firefighters about their work as first responders and the way wildfires just keep getting hotter, bigger, faster, and more dangerous due to climate change, with a special webinar this fall. I disegni sono cinque e li metterò insieme in un unico schema che ho chiamato semplicemente BASKETS. Chi fosse interessato mi può contattare al mio indirizzo mail sopra indicato. I finally finished Baskets designs, I made pincushion and scissor keeper with them. BASKETS is the name of this chart and you can have five designs together in one chart. If you're interested in this chart please contact me. Enjoy those baskets of the day!. This beauitful challenge is ending soon. Did you play along? Did you still need to link your pretty project up? You better hurry. We'll start a new challenge and announce our winner on Thursday. Paula entered this beauty using the Layers of Life kit Beautiful every Little Thing. MAZ.

You follow that link, and you can hear the stream.

Pray for all of us that we put Christ first. Frank:I listened to you and Joe Carter on Paul Edwards via streaming feed. Great, great job—all three of you. But I especially liked your input. The Student came upon the Sage drinking in his garden. "Wise One, the heavens are full of signs that portend many strange things," the Student said. "But how shall one know for sure that the Media is well and truly dead?" The Sage squinted up at the Student with his one, good eye, and tapped the two baskets sitting in front of him. One was marked "Answers" and contained loose change and airplane bottles of adequate scotch. The Student slipped a bottle of the master of malt into the second basket. The Sage sighed. "Ye shall know that the Media is near death when the nation's most famous purveyor of crackpot conspiracy theories and racist gibbering is invited as an honored guest onto the nation's flagship Very Serious Public Affairs program," the Sage said, uncorking the Lagavulin and pulling to glasses from the capacious pockets of his robe. This is necessarily true, even if you passionately protest against the overwhelming majority of the policies and actions pursued by the State in which you live. If you continue to live there, you suffer from Stockholm Syndrome due to that fact alone. Remember the basic characteristics of the Syndrome. I emphatically do not refer to Wikipedia entries in the belief that they are likely to be correct, especially on any matter I view as of special importance. Wait! Where are you going?? Growing up way to fast that's where. -dana.

I chose to pass this tile along to a co-worker who recently asked me what Zentangles were.

The timing was perfect!!. - As Curlin prepares for the Belmont, his sire, Smart Strike, had a very nice weekend indeed. Next up is Calder's Summit of Speed, and gee, maybe he'll even make Watchmaker's Top Ten sprinter list one of these days. Meanwhile, the media week leading up to the Belmont here kicks off with a front page article by Joe Drape of the NY Times reporting on Curlin's owners, a story which has the same warm and fuzziness quotient as this: William J. Gallion and Shirley A.

These are my favorite cookies from when I was a small child.

My friend's grandmother used to make them and they were always such a treat. I've posted these before and you can find the recipe here: They are a very light refreshing springtime cookie. They have such a fresh orange flavor that the The Blog tech said he actually got a seed when he bit into one of them!. Sorry. I am obsessed with these webs!And my peas. HydrangeaFake bird. real eggParsleySageRosemaryand Thyme. .