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Made it down okay and have done the pre-race meet up. Fatty stole my pink water bottle, but he gave it back right away. Some "usual suspects" and new faces here. Record temps here forcasted for tomorrow. Hydrate, eat, hydrate, hydrate, eat, pedal, pedal, pedal!I'll post more probably Sunday. Have a great weekend ya'll!. Gigi and Sergio are curious about their baby's yawn and every move. Gigi Leung and her husband Sergio's daughter Sofia has the best of both parents, but Gigi feels a healthy baby is the most importantGigi Leung says that her child looks very Chinese at one moment and not at all at anothercourtesy of mingpao. cc. ". A court designated Sexual Predator has moved into a neighborhood on Stock Island. The Sheriff’s Office is required by law to do a public notification when this occurs. Pssst! Today and tomorrow I will be guest blogging over at Ella Publishing to help out with their "Card Month". I'd love if you stopped over! You'll have a chance to win a fun little stamp set and coordinating dies to use on your cards, donated by Papertrey Ink! . Emphatically making his point: Tony Lopez of Homedale, Idaho, lets the public know his sentiments regarding Daryl Crandall, who is running for Owyhee County County Sheriff. The first sign he displayed may land him in jail. Crandall, a Deputy Sheriff who is trying to unseat his boss in next week's Owyhee County election, was "standing with his hands on his hips and a disgusted look on his face," Lopez recalled to Pro Libertate. "Then he got into his car, threw it in reverse and was already on his cell phone talking before he pulled away. "Lopez and Crandall had a history. A few months earlier, at the behest of a neighbor, Lopez reluctantly attended what had been described as a dinner party but turned out to be a campaign event for Crandall. At the urging of both his neighbor and the candidate, Lopez agreed to support Crandall, and accepted a campaign sign to display in his yard. Photos courtesy of captivefldschildren. If you're a veteran police officer who beats, chokes, and sexually assaults a prisoner in the State of Idaho, you can anticipate a wrist-slap so trivial as to defy detection by the human nervous system. You can expect the same state Attorney General who displayed torpid indifference in prosecuting the abusive police officer to pursue you hammer and tongs. You can anticipate that the AG will make it a priority to put you in prison for the supposed crime of behaving like a conscientious citizen and carrying out the fundamental duty of a juror: Forcing the State to prove its case against a defendant, and voting to acquit if you're honestly convinced that the case hadn't been made. And if that AG had his way, you would probably spend the rest of your life in prison. To "Protect" and Siphon: A "Phleboto-Cop" prepares to drain the blood of a "volunteer. In the audio equivalent of fine print could be found the critical, defining detail: “Most of the donors were volunteers. An appeals court in New Jersey has ruled that police enjoy “qualified immunity” when accused of excessive force in retraining a man from whom they're extracting an involuntary blood sample.

That decision is veritable layer cake of due process atrocities.

The foundation is the well-established, and constitutionally spurious, concept of “qualified immunity,” the incantation regularly pronounced to protect law enforcement officers from civil liability when they needlessly or improperly injure or kill innocent people. How unsurprising is this little tidbit?GOP Energized, Left Demoralized By Independence Day Wonder why that is?.

I've been using a single online flower delivery service for a looooooooooong time.

I love them, but unfortunately, they haven't diversified an iota in. well, years I guess. The photograph within this photo was created by the GREAT Man Ray. His model here is Lee Miller, a wonderful photographer herself. They were sometimes partners in surrealism. Today's contest is to do with this image OR something to do with the them or Love at First Site. Contest is closed. Thanks for playing. . The design up to then had been the culmination of work done by Porsche who had won the contract for the heavy tank that March. Okay, I have shopped at Barnes & Noble, butI also try to frequent the small independentbookstores in my neighborhood and aroundthe city—because I sure would hate to seethem disappear—wouldn't that be a shame?Find more mellow yellow here. Metal attack This is another record that I'm pretty proud to have been part of. I was introduced to Joel/Toxic Holocaust through Yosuke of Nuclear War Now Records. Think Destruction, Sodom, Bullet belts, bowls, beers, and partying in the woods. These are the things I thought of when I heard Toxic Holocaust. C. G. C. website . I had the idea to use all those scraps to create wall art inspired by the vibe of my new book- Sew Wild so I made a BIG painting full of all my leftover scraps that had the look of a quilt but without the sewing. I painted over an old painting that I had created a while ago on a huge piece of wood. Side note- I love painting on wood almost as much as I love painting on canvas.

This is something that I have been doing since college when I wanted to add collage elements to my paintings.

Here's some amazing inspiration from our design team. Eddie Murillio and Gee Gee stopped by one day introducing the Togni Family. Editorial notebook: Al Gore keeps telling us inconvenient truths - Jack Ohman - The Sacramento BeeMost of the people in his Sacramento audience probably won’t be around to be able to surf in downtown Manhattan, but their children will, and that’s reason enough to act. Last night, after the evening session here at the Founder's Conference, we attended a service at Guts Church, a Tulsa-based phenomenon that is neither Emerging nor classically Seeker-Sensitive—but with all the worst characteristics of both styles. Our heads are still reeling from that, and perhaps one of us will blog about it later. But that, and other things, kept me up well past midnight for the third evening in a row. So while the other guys and Timmy Brister have been liveblogging the conference, I'm deadblogging. I'm exhausted. Don't expect brilliance. But it's my turn to summarize the sessions today, and I am going to soldier on as bravely as possible. We were two minutes late for the start of the morning session. We came in during the first stanza of "Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah. Thanks to the folks at Orbit, our winner will receive a copy of Daniel Abraham's The Tyrant's Law. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The winner is: - Sara Chamama, from Brooklyn, New York, USA Many thanks to all the participants!. Our Location today is Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. The fact that I have slept late every morning since our return is just amazing me. Before we left for Florida in December I could barely get a decent night’s sleep. While we were away I even had a few restless nights but mostly I was late to bed and early to rise. Now that we’ve returned I’m actually waking according to the amount of sleep that I’m getting. I can only hope this continues. Drizzle + south winds. Finally some weather is heading our way. Bummer for surfing but water tables and reservoirs are very low. Long range forecast is calling for swell by this weekend so we will see if the weather holds out for us. Windswell producing knee high + pieces of surf. Nothing exciting but if you have to get wet. My card Eret's Card Viv's Card Annie's Shadowbox project. our new home!. My first project was simply a petrol tank cozy, but once I got the hang of the technique, there seemed no reason to stop. The engine cozy was the most fun. My only regret, and I'm being vulnerable here, is I was too scared to make my first crochet project on my Sunbeam. Now that I've done the work, it's a little disappointing that I used my wife's Yamaha Radian.

Got a notice in the mail yesterday.

My renewal for my curio and relic license. It is much easier to renew than apply.

I didn't have to go down to the sheriff station and wait to see the sheriff and have him sign off on it like I did when originally applying.

Just had to mail a copy of the renewal to the sheriff station. Most of the booths won't sell to you unless you have an FFL. I can buy qualifying handguns in other states, and take them home. Cool thing I found out as well, machine guns count as C&R if they fall into the age rule and are on the list. What is wrong with these idiots. One lunatic takes his mother's guns and goes postal in a school. One very simple precaution that would be free. Officer friendly. I have been out of school a few decades now, but, when I was in school, there was officer friendly. He occupied a small room just like the school nurse. .