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Evening!! Boy, I have been on a role with the cards and my house is proof of it.

I have a quick post for you of one of my favorite little images from Mo Manning.

He is the little drummer boy and he is just tooooo precious. He is colored with Copic markers on Papertrey Ink paper. I'm not sure who the patterned papers are from.

I even just went to double check and there is no label.

It looks as if I have nothing to worry about.

The GP consortia don’t want to play with us.

I think it is just as well. With the demise of clinical excellence awards awards however the brownie points are no longer there to aim for. It is interesting to see however that the process seems to be acquiring some momentum, with boards already having appointed staff and the Royal Colleges keen to get in on the act. The flies are circling the dog turd. Information Flyer. The two great virtues of God expressed to man are the love of the Father and the humility of the Son. These both had their ultimate expression in the cross. The cross took care of both sin and sins. The above statements are based on the assumption that you know the scripture and recognize that this is self evident. God is not a man that he should repent. Looking up can present you with remarkable geometric vistas in a variety of settings. One of my most vivid memories is of the interior of a spire that consisted of a sequence of stacked, rotated hexagons of diminishing size, producing a convincing illusion of infinite extent. The sequence of inscribed hexagons suggests a variety of math problems. What is the ratio of the areas of the circumscribed regular hexagon to the inscribed regular hexagon? Solution.

Photo by I.

David Tang replies to a reader in the Financial Times: I recently wrote a tiny book set in a former Portuguese colony in Asia, and self-published it on Amazon under an unrecognisable name.

Part of me wants my family and friends to know that I wrote it, and part of me does not.

What should I do?It wouldn’t make any difference whether you use a pseudonym or not if you are neither famous nor an established good writer. All three of the Brontë sisters used male pen names because at that time, women were not allowed to publish books, incredible though this may sound. That sweet-talking Jimmy Moore worked his usual interview magic in yet another podcast which just went live on his site. Great pics from the Twist Grip blog. via. Making a thread crochet toys is a very enjoyable and fun hobby. The time before Christmas was for knitted elves, and the weeks before Easter it is great time for making Easter toys. I have some ideas for Easter toys already but I want to show one of my sister's crocheted Easter toys, made on last April. It is an Easter hare. But in the project my sister made some modifications - hare's legs are long, hands are with thumbs, all clothes are knitted. Plus, attention to detail and thorough research of the real equipment ensures that Spec-Cast models will impress even the most scrutinizing eye. They have just announced a plethora of New farm and transport models that are set to arrive soon.

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While you're there, be sure to check out our full catalog of high quality diecast farm replicas from Spec-Cast, ERTL, and Universal Hobbies!. Investigators of parapsychology who specialize in the third wing, namely that of the "Survival Hypothesis," have recently been given a new research toy to play with, and it is already making a significant splash. I'm speaking of DAS Distribution's latest EVP recording device - called an RT-EVP. I use all of these devices in my own investigations. "The first thing I reach for when going on an investigaton is my RT-EVP. It is undeniable that by far, the best opportunity for technical, "hard" evidence on a paranormal investigation is an audio recording - electronic voice phenomena.

The RT-EVP is the best at recording audio of this kind - so that's why I reach for it first.

As a law enforcement officer in my day job, I'm used to high quality equipment. I can't because as much as one chapter in my life is over another one "the great adventure" as my wife likes to call it is beginning.

But for me it's beginning on a sad note as I discovered that I had lost a friend on Monday.

Dave Foreman was somebody that I knew growing up in Jackson Heights, Dave was one of the cool older kids because he always treated everybody right.

Last winter Dave told me that reading about the Ranger prospects got him back following the New York Rangers.

Those who know me know the story about how Brandon Dubinsky rekindled my support for the Rangers. He knew the history, he knew the traditions and it was impossible not to like him. Two fragments of an Old Kingdom cartouche: Userkaf, first king of the Fifth Dynasty. Our postcards came in last week. The quilt on the cards won two ribbons in our last show! We leave these cards at local shops, other quilt shows this spring and fall, send to guilds around the southeast, and give to vendors who are going to vend at our show to distribute to their followers. Another of my very favourite things are quirky little tables! It doesn't matter whether they're modern or traditional, glass and chrome, wood or iron, you can never have too many of these interesting and useful little lovelies. blameitonthevoices. Bildebevis til mor min. fortsatt en del blomster å finne, her er noen av dem… en liten kikk på høsten altså…. Yes, I am headed back to our nation's capital. I really don't want to end up on the nightly news.

As soon as I have details, I will post them.

No, not a polyester leisure suit.

If you're easy like Saturday morning, there might be something here for you. Canadian liquor police ban a brand of vodka. because of the skull-shaped bottleWarning labels required on, err, all solid foodLibertarianism is the indispensable framework for the futureThe world's oldest sex toyID cards by the back doorLost a robot monkey or breast implants on a scottish bus? Don't panicTories, speed cameras, and voluntary idiot taxPoliticians have failed to honour their promises to protect sex workersJohn Prescott is as attractive as Daniel Craig. apparentlyUS senators call for the end of anonymity for pay-as-you-go mobile phone usersAgonising over whether to allow Viagra for women. Daggerfall Covenant Bridge Ballista paper model created by RocketmanTan, ballistas are siege weapons available for use in the Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG. They were physically located about a half mile apart, with different staffs and different structures. Even though their tasks and constituencies overlapped, the radio ministry was the newer ministry and was still perceived by some in the more staid tape ministry as something of an experiment. There was also a mild rivalry between the two ministries. The radio ministry was a fun and exciting place to work, with a loose structure and lots of creative freedom. The tape ministry was the opposite. Full Disclosure: Filofax have sent Philofaxy these samples to review free of charge, we did not pay for them. However we have not let this 'free gift' influence our review of their products. Similar to the Domino I suppose. Whilst some of the pages will be familiar to you. There’s not much from me or Pilling today, and with the tide well out, just the steady stuff again for a couple of hours graft and an invigorating walk along you know where. I’m fairly sure someone lost the Barnacles, they don’t seem very wild. I’ll just have to go back soon and look for that glove, maybe I’ll find some new birds soon?. But I was impressed with "Don't cry for me Argentina" and "Ring of fire". These Songs I've known before having had a listen to Johnny Cash and Julie Covington's versions. S. Patients diagnosed with "triple-negative" breast cancer lack three key hormonal cancer markers that are present in most other forms of the disease, experts explain. The absence of these cell receptors deprives doctors and patients of critical diagnostic information and prime targets for treatment, reducing a patient's therapeutic options and undercutting her expected survival. Vincent Caggiano, research medical director of the Sutter Cancer Center at the Cancer Surveillance Program in Sacramento, Calif. "So, in addition to the usual surgery that all women undergo, these triple-negative women are not eligible to receive any hormonal therapy," he added. "This leaves them with only chemotherapy to treat a very aggressive form of breast cancer. And although triple-negative patients respond well to chemotherapy, they relapse and their survival is shortened. Imagine this scene:We decide today would be a good day to hit all the local thrift shops as we haven't been in over a week. On the drive there I say, "I sure hope we find something good. " The little one says, "Ya, Mommy. Oh, man. Now I have to wait for her to go look at everything else. Hmpf.

Just a quickie, today, Groove-ophiles! A short-and-sweet terror tale written by Michael Fleisher and drawn by Dan Green.

"The Doomsday Trapeze"!. This sewing pattern is for a beach cover-up that will step up her summer style. It has a velcro to secure the skirt around the waist and also a waist tie that can be done in a bow. The spaghetti top adds to the beauty of the dress. All my patterns will include printable pattern pieces wherever necessary. Payment can be made securely through PayPal. If you have any questions or fail to receive the patterns please use the 'Contact Me' form in my blog. Please do not resell the pattern itself or pass it onto others. You are free to sell the finished items made from my patterns. The NY Post reported on the report that showed gambling revenues declining nationwide, as did Jim Odato the other day. Racino revenues continue to climb nationwide while other types of gambling — lottery, traditional casinos, racing — declined during the past year, a study says. Life is a tad better. Now if we can just flush the white house, all will be on an uphill swing, or at the least, a slower downhill spiral. Nice relaxing day.

Slept in, made breakfast and started laundry.

Plan on just resting up a bit today. I need it after the hectic pace we have been holding at work. Want to head over to the range after work tomorrow for some fun. Pick up some ammo for the new plinker on the way. .