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REALITY CHECK, to be more precise.

BUT NOW, I ask you for a favor. HERE'S WHY: This takes TIME and MONEY. I have to pay my bills too. My limited advertising money from Google doesn't cut it, for now. So I have to rely upon subscriptions and donations from YOU, my loyal readers to be able to sustain this site and keep it up to pace. NEVER. Curious Sofa loves white. and ivory and cream and pale grey and no color decorating. Where others may see it as boring and bland, we see it as clean, soothing and simple. Creating an all neutral room can be fun when you think of all the textures, fabrics, patterns and layers you can add within one color palette. Below is a new grouping I created on the website called LOVE WHITE? It is my goal within the next few months to expand the items and offer you more of everything. After reading my friend Abby's recently post regarding her new residence in Austin, I was inspired to look up some Texas interiors. you name it. Thanks to all who played along in our February Mojo Madness contest! For those of you just joining us, we have contests with prizes the first Monday of each month. The rest of the weeks we just play for fun and inspiration. It was a response since the governorate didn’t give them alternative apartments contracts in place of the apartments they were displaced from. Last night I visited with two of my favorite vampire hunters: Dr. M. There is even some doubt if Batzella is Solvay's real name or vice versa, and he has numerous other covers, as does JF. The fact that they both ended up as A. M. Someone branded me with the scarlet “R” today. In prison, race is the fault line which runs under every crash-gate, every kilometer of razor wire. It means quite another thing when the person doing the labeling is both serious and rational. This is the third time I have traipsed ignorantly into the minefield of race, so you would think that I would have learned my lesson by now. Maybe I really am as dumb as I look, despite the myriad declarations over the years to the contrary. On this occasion I was formally awarded the appellation of “race traitor” for not being white enough. His unexpected victory guarantees continued agony for the Middle East. "Hey, my auntie told me she saw your daddy the other night. ""Yeah?""She was at a bachelorette party. She say he did good. Made some cool videos with Kijiji in Vancouver about the Second Hand Economy. Enjoy !. It's even better cold the day after, on a hot, muggy day. If you're trying to beat the heat, relax and are cool, dining room, while we take the heat in the kitchen for you. Or you can swing by the lounge for a few cool ones. Headed off to the beach in the morning? Grab a few late-night grinders to go for your coolers.

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I found these at the Dollar tree.

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I started with the birthday candles For You die-cut in white, then layered another white Window Cut Tag on top.

Yesterday was Art's birthday, my Sweet Girl left for Sunny California this morning and I miss her already. Marty and I visited a cross stitch shop in Lancaster, PA this morning. We've spent every hotter than hot afternoon in the pool. We cook out each evening. Each donor is asked to cast a vote for Police or Fire. These votes are tallied throughout the week and the final count determines the winner of the coveted trophy. The Battle for Blood meets a critical need for blood donations in the Kansas City area. Supplies are typically quite low in the summer with lots of regular donors on vacation and since school is out of session, there are no high school blood drives.

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