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We need to start being more careful about destroying animals' habitats and polluting the environment.

It isn't right that we destroy a forest or something just so we can build yet another mall or store. We should start conserving more land and try to make less of an impact on the earth.

My sister is real big about saving the environment and has got me more into it.

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That's my freebie for Riso and Rose show, for everybody who wanted to be there but they couldn't. I finished it as a scissors pocket, but you can make a pincushion or a scissors fob as you like. Happy Monday!! Maria here to share a little something I made using the girl from the October Kit of the Month.

This month's wonderful kit is called "Holiday Hugs".

This is a kit you will want for your holiday and winter card making needs! I colored her in with markers and used Stickles glitter glue for the fur on her coat. Be sure to check out the Kit of the Month subscription! Look at all these fabulous stamps that are included in this kit! Thanks so much for stopping by!!. We use it on our chickens when they have lice. This doesn't happen often but you can bet your bottom dollar, when we bring new chooks in, they will have a few lice, and they spread.

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