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Bob Bury has written another excellent article in “Hospital Doctor”. In it he touches on something I think we have all noticed over the years, and which he describes perfectly as our nursing colleagues “unrequited desire to take up the mantle of the white coat and stethoscope. ” He also makes the statement “I can’t help thinking, like the unreconstructed, arrogant, paternalistic monster of a consultant that I undoubtedly am, that it would be a lot better for the NHS, and certainly for patients, if nurses would just get on with the job of nursing. ” a statement with which I identify totally. That kind of outspokenness and standing up to the nurses is never displayed by consultants in post” He don’t know me vewy well do he. A retired friend of mine used to give his patients a first class service. Today we have an awesome video from Chari! She shows us how to create a cool night sky and a great spooky scene with Monster Mash! You can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel! Thank you so much for watching! Thank you so much for showing us how to make this super cute card, Chari! Monster Mash Lawn Cuts dies Monster Mash Lawn Cuts dies Circle Stackables Lawn Cuts dies Sweater Weather Lawn Cuts dies Spooky Lawn Trimmings cord Stitched Hillside Borders Lawn Cuts dies Spooktacular stamps Stitched Journaling Card Lawn Cuts dies Spooktacular Lawn Cuts dies InLinkz. late Friday morning through early Friday evening. Latest reports are that our last bird to leave the nest was hanging on the the stonework just a short distance below the ledge. So not really a maiden flight yet. We're on standby in case a rescue is needed, but are hopeful that he'll be OK once he takes the plunge and lets go. Subsequent update: Half an hour later one of our juveniles was back on the ledge. Is this the one that just left, and has managed to return, or is it one of the others? More information to follow later this evening. The Peep bookmark has been added to the Tatting Pattern Calendar so that we can all have Peep bookmarks for Easter. Jon created a design to be used as a cover for a jam jar, but she notes that it could also serve as a cover for potpourri and the same design can be used as a coaster for a candle or a hat for a doll. One design lots of options. That's all right, because now that she's done she thinks she'll try it again. I think we're all addicted to just tatting more and more lace. The ceremonial renaming resolution was approved at the Mansfield ISD December School Board meeting. Sgt. My oh my! The young'uns had their first free-range outing on Friday and I took about a zillion photos. They also got to meet the big hens. There were a couple of kerfuffles but nothing serious. We will moving the little ones into the big coop soon, but we're letting everyone mingle outside first.

Sophie was hunting for chicken poop to snack on.

Ugh!Tina Turner, all fluffed out and relaxed. Two roosters and a cute chick: Errol Flynn, Buttercup, and Lord Gaga. Lord Gaga seems to have a real thing for Buttercup. They cuddled together a lot!Buttercup displays her sexy feathered leg. Yesterday we were on one of those missions. Going to a train show.

Going to buy some cool cars for the train.

choo choo! Far Guy was so excited he could hardly sleep. He has been looking forward to this sale ever since the last train sale way last spring. All the way over there, he said "I hope that this is not a waste of time. Ready for Day One in Duluth! More updates on just what they're up to today will follow this afternoon. Here's when they left for Duluth on Wednesday afternoon: Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa robotics team. It will be interesting to see the mainstream media coverage of this:Forbes Reveals Email Climate Cover-up Evidence It would be hard to call that anything other than flagrant duplicity. All'evento dedicheremo ampio spazio con foto tratte dal sito dei Cantori e con altre di Salvatrice Turcarelli. Hawass held before former President Hosni Mubarak elevated the council to a ministry. Mr. Sharaf had previously indicated that he planned to return the council to its former status. Mr.

Abdel Fattah’s positions are not well-known, and reaction to his appointment, which was first reported last week in the Egyptian press, has so far been muted.

He was quoted by the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm as pledging to resolve disagreements among the council’s leadership and root out corruption. Mr. Abdel Fattah is expected to wield less power than Mr. Hawass, a media celebrity who was credited with increasing tourism and securing the return of antiquities from foreign museums and collectors. We just heard him say that. He’s here now—always!If we wonder where Jesus is, ask him to help you see. When you hear about “embryonic stem-cell research,” that’s what they’re talking about. What you don’t hear is that there are alternate ways to do this very same research, without destroying life. Pre-Handicap girls after the prize-giving. Scoring was good in season's opener for Ayrshire Girls. I get questions all the time asking where I bought my baker's rack. I even wrote a post - Where Did You Get That Baker's Rack? It's not an expensive piece of furniture but it does add an overall warmth to the kitchen. It really is a versatile piece. I guess that's why it's so popular with people who read my blog. I really don't need the baker's rack in here anymore. A smokefree England will see the single biggest improvement in public health for a generationCaroline FlintThe Labour spin doctors' mantra was repeated faithfully elsewhere too. The smoking ban in England is the "single most important public health legislation for a generation", Health Secretary Alan Johnson has said. Yes, we know that's all bollocks, but it's the line that Labour have been trotting out these past two years or so. You would think, therefore, would you not, that Gordon Brown would have included it in the list of towering Labour achievements in his speech yesterday, instead of throwing in a few which were a bit dodgy and nothing to do with Labour. Not even a passive whiff of it, though. Why not?Could it be anything to do with the fact that Labour are being hammered in their northern heartlands, wiped out in Wales, and rejected by formerly party faithful Londoners?It is the ground-breaking, genocide-preventing, generational miracle which dare not speak its incontestably-popular name. And Brown confirmed yesterday that whatever Labour say in public about their destruction of the working class smoker's leisure time, privately they know that vast swathes of their usual core vote despise them for it. Shhhhhh. Once again, we bring you another stupid quote from the highest elected "Catholyc" in the United States: Vice President Joe Biden. I tell you, he is the gift that keeps on giving. When are they going to put him back in the attic. John with father Milton Herriott. As a behaviour changing mechanism, it is dead in the water until and unless the EU finds a way of shoring up the price. Unfortunately for the EU no one actually wants carbon in the way that they want gold. The market is entirely artificial and carbon allowances, as a tradable asset class have just given a graphic illustration of what is meant by "political risk". New billboard outside Coors Field. Goodmorning Unity Lovers,When you are reading this …I am back at work, my vacation is over…I am full energy, you can see that in my stamping !! For today I made a wonderful LO. This time I worked with patterned paper from Melody Ross. Stamp the circle, from the Kit Throughout all Generations, on a separate paper and cut it out. Arrange everything on your LO, use a lot of Distress ink Vintage Photo on the edges. Stamp the sentiment and glue the circle on it. I think I had a brown day…. tag is also done with brown…. No matter that none of the ships will be nuclear armed or powered.

Counting Sheep by Judith G.

Yea I was pissed after booting away a fine day on pure sloppiness. I was as mad as I've been all year. including the disaster days. Well, it is official! Brayden is growing up. sob, tear, sniffle, sniffle. Last night he pulled up to the standing position, the video is his second try. This morning, it is all that he wants to do. Heaven help me, but it will be soon when he and his sister are chasing each other around the house and knocking each other off of the furniture!After I recorded the video, I looked at Aron and just blurted out, "O my god". OliviaAppeal. No wind. Mild temps. Sun is out in Olema, Pt Reyes and Stinson and should burn through by late morning or early afternoon. There is a new dose of NW swell in the water bringing us surf in the waist to chest high range. The Channel / Groin has mostly rights due to the angle of the swell.

The Patch is breaking midway and outside.

There are also a few pieces of surf starting to form out front of the boat ramp area. If some sandbars form we could have some Fall surf here as well in the future. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take a class on hand piecing, applique and hand quilting from Jen Kingwell and to say it was wonderful is the understatement of the year. There were twenty of us in her class and everyone was just buzzing with excitement. We listened to Jen tell us her quilting journey and then she started showing us her quilts. I. Can't. Even. Her work is scrappy and patchy. Many times has Ol' Groove waxed eloquent semi-literate about the greatness of Marvel's Master of Kung Fu. I've rapped about the awesome artistry of Paul Gulacy with his Steranko-esque, cinematic style, again, the praise was mucho deserved. Now it's time to look at the other great artist on MOKF. Ava here, wishing you sunny skies on this Spring Sunday. Really Reasonable Ribbon is an excellent ribbon kit club. When I received my GDT package, I could hardly wait to open and gaze at all the textured ribbons that I ordered. You can see in the photo above, the cut pieces and then the frayed end pieces of ribbon. The amount of ribbon you cut will determine how large of a centre you have for your flower. Make a bow using wire to hold the centre of the bow together. You can see the bow at the back of the picture beside the green burlap band of ribbon. Hi everyone! I'm taking a deep breath and finally joining the world of blogging! I've enjoyed reading so many colorful blogs over the last year, I look forward to contributing and participating in many different memes. I planted some radish seeds yesterday to see if I get lucky and they grow in time for Easter dinner. I hope you'll join me on this new blogging adventure - be happy!. Curtiss' two-wheel racing experience. .