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The morning got off to a great start with cool, immaculate weather to support the PB intentions of our marathoners. Pace plans and strategies were executed well, namely starting conservatively, maintaining a sustainable goal pace, picking up when the weather turns favorable, hydrating and refueling according to plan, pushing back the marathon wall, and finishing strong like a Cheetah. Congratulations to all the Sunbirds for their sterling SCMS results, with special mention to the Sunbird Trainers & Pacers who helped many of our trainees fulfill their marathon goals and dreams at SCMS. James Fryar from the Fraternity of Saint Peter reveals the timeless beauty of the universal language of the church used in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Hosted by Fr. Mitch Pacwa. Many options in the squiggles. Exploring the body as a platform for electronics and interactive skin technology.

The tinikling is one of the most popular and well-known of traditional Philippine dances.

The tinikling is a pre-Spanish dance from the Philippines that involves two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over and in between the poles in a dance. The steps of this dance are an imitation of the movements of a “tikling” bird that hops and escapes the traps set by hunters. Moving with poise and grace, the dancers skip in-between two bamboo poles that are held to pound rhythmically against each other. This dance is a specialty of Leyte. How to Dance Tinikling Pole players on knees holding the end of one pole in each hand. Law Chi Leung says that he has already done his best. The box office is beyond his control. courtesy of mingpao. cc Sean Lau Ching Wan, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and director Law Chi Leung earlier promoted their crime film THE MURDERER VANISHES. Speaking of the film being postponed from the summer to the end of the year release due to post production, Law Chi Leung said that the film could not be measured in money, he could only say that the effects would make people feel that they were not done in Hong Kong. He also revealed that Ching Wan took the initiative and asked for scenes with two beauties Jiang Yiyan and Li Xiaolu. Ching Wan explained, 'Because this type of investigation films are very masculine, adding women would have more sparks and make it even more interesting. " However in the end Ching Wan chose not to have either one. These are very important concepts to understand before your rotation in a CCU or CVICU. O. C. K. S. A. One of them will be your base. Worked awesome! When dry, fluff them up a bit and top off with a button and a sticker. Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted in New York City in an all-black casual cool look with aviators, a belted maxi coat, button-down shirt, The Row bag, slouchy jeans, and boots. Get the look: + The Row Cashmere Daulton Long Coat + IRO. rewardstyle.

My parents brought out homemade chicken and rice soup, I had a nap and a sauna and practically feel like a new only slightly sick person.

Sat in the yard for a few minutes last night. Good to be outside after so many days incarcerated indoors. Here are the Lady Slippers I had hoped to photograph last week. they are not perfect anymore but there were twelve in this clump. These are early Yellow Lady Slippers more will bloom in a week or so. 'PLAY' is no. The Head Teachers The head teachers are appointed by the government to take charge of a school. Just now, when i open the letterbox, i saw a postcard. I was wondering who send me the postcard. Sorry but you really do need to wait a few years before you can actually say that. I suppose those angry at Glen Sather for firing John Tortorella or are mad at him for hiring Alain Vigneault or just dislike him so much that it doesn't matter what Sather does that they still hate everything he does. Yes I am no fan of Glen Sather but I have long gotten past the "hate" part mainly because the reality is no matter what happens, Glen Sather will actually leave the Rangers a much better franchise than the one he inherited. It is hard to be angry over using this pick as part of getting Rick Nash but if you are mad then there isn't a thing I can say to convince you otherwise. Marie Greyhounds on Sunday. I like to drive fast. Really fast.

But I don't like to break the law or pay tickets so, naturally, I drive slow just like everyone else.

Then I drive fast just like everyone else. And that is much more fun. Well, check! Kind of. See, Matt and I took turns driving on the speed-limitless Autobahn from Rebstein to Munich and had a jolly ol' time driving as fast as our little Mercedes A-Class could go.

New PV by Sadie in.

Observation: The Psalmist shows some thing about his relationship with God that are interesting. He says that God "let people ride over our heads" and that they "went through fire and water". He basically says that God allowed them to go through some pretty tough times, but in the end, He brought them to a place of abundance. With God we will go through difficult times, but the end will be in the place of abundance in we walk and don't faint. Application: Hold on in the tough times because God has a place of abundance. I don't understand God's testing times when it seems like people are riding over my head and I'm going through the fire and water. Observation: Jesus is near the end of His life on earth and is talking to his disciples about the signs of the end times. He wants us to live prepared and watching for His return. Application: We do not know what day of hour the Lord will return, but we do know the season and we are living in that season now. World events are unfolding daily that show us clearly that we are living in the time of the end. Fair are the flowersin our garden of friendswhose fragrancefills our liveswith the sweetscent of caring Bless you, dear friend, for you are oneof these beautifulflowers. for me on my Birthday. It's funny when I recalled how I started doing technical analysis. It was after I was wondering why warrants are going up and down that I wanted to find out more about TA. Yes, I started on warrants even before I learn anything about techniques or money management. It's a surprise why I wasn't killed, especially so when I started on the more volatile HSI warrants instead of the more benign STI warrants. You know, after reading a few books on TA, suddenly you felt all invincible. It felt like you know the 'trick' behind how to make money. The worst thing that can happen when you're starting on the stock market is that you win money. It'll be even worse if you win big money. Then you start to have fancy ideas about not working and doing this full time and all. Hey, been there done that. But therein lies the pitfall. I've never been more impressed by an annual report than this. And boy, they did enlighten me! They mentioned that for a good analytical review of a business, the balance sheet classifications and other non-profit number indicators should not be an 'art and science' to understand - it must be easily interpreted. He did exactly that. He even explains the terms of the balance sheet for the owners, so that they know how to interpret it themselves. I'm thoroughly washed with his sincerity and desire to educate owners. Take a look at the chairman's message below. Sunday was a beautiful day, in every sense. The last days of September and the sun shining warmly. Maples are near peak color, a swirl of orange and yellow under a sky so blue it looks dreamlike.

I was with Merlin and my friends, enjoying Washington County roads the best way possible - by horse cart.

We had a seven-mile trek along dirt roads and slowly sloping hillsides. Eleven wagons in all, a happy parade. With the sun on your backs and no wind, rain, or hindrance of any sort the horses and their owners were in high spirits. . start the collection. Anche questi cuori sono dei porta lavanda, sono regali pasquali per parenti e amici. I disegni sono Sheepish. These're saches too, I put lavander inside. I made Easter gifts for friends and sisters in law. I liked to stitch on these variegated kind of linen , ruche finishing drove me crazy but at the end the result was very nice. Isn't it?!. I chatted up a woman with a Mini Filofax today. It took everything I had not to be too creepy about it, and I'm not sure I was successful in not creeping her out. At one point I had to back off my questions a little bit. Her Mini was, I believe, a pink Finsbury. It was that exact color, but I wasn't close enough to see if it was the textured leather of the Fins. Like I said, I didn't want to ask TOO many questions. So, bonus points to the Filofax for holding up so well. She doesn't use the Mini as her wallet, as some people do. Look closely, you can see both Slava and I in this great trailer.

In this Film Festival, SUPERM is premiering two films:Teen Werewolf Workout!Curses, Hexes & Boots.

I at first thought this was a color photo of the "Cannibal" drag bike with blower but it appears to be something very similar.

Although small, they are a tad too large for pocket carry, but are all excellent candidates for a concealment belt holster especially one of the inside-the-waistband varieties as they all have slide widths of about one inch or less.

We’ll start this series with the Walther PPS. However I wanted nothing to do with it. Seuss rant: I would not shoot this little gun,I would not shoot it, it would not be fun. I would not take it if it was free,I would not take it it’s not for me. After talking to the Kurdish online paper Rudaw in April, and saying that if U. S. Amongst his statements he made the point that the American withdrawal would leave the country vulnerable to other countries because it relies upon them for help with air and border security. He also stated that a U. S. presence was needed in the disputed territories where they have created joint Iraqi-American-Kurdish checkpoints to help moderate arguments there. His overall message was that the Iraqi military needed continued aid from the U.


Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Michael Golden's Batman was way beyond awesome, and it's a shame he didn't draw more of the Darknight Detective's adventures. We are just waiting for the articles to cook, imo. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Over the phone. If you have not heard this already, he is amazing! It's a blog talk radio show called Zorra of Hollow Earth. So many people are ignoring the high radiation levels from Fukushima. I guess ignorance is bliss for many people who stick their heads in the sand about this issue. It is interesting that most main stream media other than Fox news will even talk about it now. I would like to know what "earthly" technology is available to clean this up once we RV and our humanitarian projects begin?. .