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A man's got to know his limitations. I bid you all a happy Independence Day, and ask you to consider whether we still hold sacred those freedoms that we sought to secure when our nation was born. Or was it just a bid for home-rule, and we're doing that, now?Enjoy some very good playing of John Philip Sousa by Chet Atkins, before anyone considered that his music would be usurped to sell Korean cars. I confess - I tend to gravitate towards old "love worn" quilts. And it's even been said that I have a ridiculous collection of reproduction fabrics.

I am very intrigued with Mixed Media quilts and consider most contemporary quilts fascinating works of art.

Last year, I made this art quilt I've titled VARIETAL BLEND as a gift to my husband.

His love & admiration for the vineyards of Virginia and Napa Valley inspired me to create this contemporary quilt.

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Most of them are bali batiks but a few of them I dyed myself.

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Ana started washing one bank of pews.

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