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I will keep the balance today. It's a challenge, everyday. How are you doing with Balance?I thought I would send out some old post cards from my collection. Hugging game ????Have a good Monday!PS.

I thought my blog readers might find it of interest.

MsoNormal, li. MsoNormal, div. Harvey is an old favorite in our house. This is a gentle, priceless film, and if you haven't seen it you should rush right out as soon as possible and get this movie. trailer:Moria calls it " one of the genuine American feelgood classics".

Bright Lights Film Journal has a lengthy critique.

DVD Talk says, "Filled with memorable performances, great characters, sharp one-liners and tons of heart, it's a true charmer for viewers of all ages. I often believe surveys of physicians about EHR's do not present the results candidly, but rather are selective in what is reported - and what is omitted - and generally sugar-coated.

Examples of very candid reports are rare, probably due to pushback, such as this recent report on ED EHR's in New South Wales from Australia.

Here is one that is candid, by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. S. There, the Court held for the first time that closely-held for-profit corporations are persons that may exercise religion within the meaning of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Although the reach of the decision remains unclear, it is certain to raise a host of novel issues. For example, because of its sincerely-held religious beliefs, might an employer choose to exclude coverage for blood transfusions or anti-depressant medications? Might it decline to promote a female employee if it means she would supervise male subordinates? Might it refuse to employ LGBT individuals? Separately, an increasing number of religious institutions have required their employees to sign detailed “morality clauses,” requiring them to behave in a manner fitting the employer’s strict faith decrees. These institutions have threatened employees who refuse to do so or watched as employees quit in protest. These and other instances of employers asserting their religious rights inevitably sets up a clash between employers running their workplaces consistent with their religious beliefs on the one hand, and employees seeking protection under anti-discrimination laws on the other. Amy Ryder Wendtz of the law firm of Littler Mendelson and Danielle O. Doza, past Policy Council with the ACLU of Ohio, will discuss these and other issues that pertain to the religious rights of employers, with particular focus on the actual and potential effect of Hobby Lobby on employee rights under anti-discrimination laws. In addition, the panel will discuss how attorneys might advise their clients in light of Hobby Lobby and the varied potential issues it raises. Topic: Under British and Australian laws a jury in a criminal case has no access to information about the defendant’s past criminal record. This protects the person who is being accused o the crime. Some lawyers have suggested that this practice should be changed and that a jury should be given all the past facts before they reach their decision about the case. Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer. Laws play a pivotal role in controlling and stabilizing a nation as a whole. Although some people claim that it is acceptable not to assess information about the defendant’s prior offences by a jury, others believe that all relevant information should be revealed to a jury. Clearly, a jury should have a special privilege to obtain details information to the defendant due to the importance of a correct court determination. It may be true that in some countries a jury in a criminal case has no right, which is stated by the judicial legislation, to acquire more information that is related to the previous record of a defendant. An example of this case is constituted in British and Australian laws. This benefits the criminal who sometimes tends to conceal the past illegal activities. Another positive thing is that it may minimize the punishment issued by the court. Thus, previous record of crime, in some cases, should be concealed for individual benefit. This course is designed for lawyers who want to know more about the interface of child and adolescent psychiatry and the law. The objective is for the attorney to be more familiar with the assessment and treatment of young people. Approved for credit by the State Bar of California, its content may be substantively useful in any jurisdiction and may be eligible for credit upon application. Title:Law, Psychiatry and Children: An Expert’s ViewSpeakers: Mari J.

FrankMari J.

Frank, Esq. is a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider, and Ms. courtesy of singtao. Yesterday he attended the press conference. Lately TVB was rumored to be remaking A STEP INTO THE PAST with Law Chung Him in his role, but the online response has been poor. Did he feel Him Jai was suitable for this role? Goo Jai said that he had no way to evaluate, but he admitted that he too wanted to make a film version. Was he afraid that his film version would clash with the television remake? Goo Jai said that his film will have new direction because the era will be different and the technology will be different too. He was last seen wearing all black clothing with a white t-shirt. ".

The Yellow Lady’s Slipper was well worth the walk down the back drive.

She is a little lonely this year, it was a tough winter. Last year we had seven blooms and this year only one. She is a beauty. Her real name is Cypripedium parviflorum. This prestigious firm has implemented extremely amazing house floor plans and the modern architects didn’t stop there. I have reason to believe this is by far the best modern overhaul done on a waterfront residence. The original living space suffered with an uninspired design hence the facelift. via. Labels: bbe jaguars girls basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball. At this link, you'll find resources and materials to replicate the project with your students. Wombwell Ings - Walked onto the Ings to the sound of a singing Chiffchaff along the Bulling Dyke. Didn't have time to count the Teal or Gadwall before all the waterbirds left when the digger appeared. Guess which one caught my eye. Read it here. Reason number umpty-ump why I am insulted if you call me a Republican. On Tuesday morning I was still without a rope for my plant-grabbing grappling hook. Melaque is a fishing village. Or, it was a fishing village.

Tourists are more likely to take the baited hook than dorado.

But the town has plenty of hardware stores more than willing to sell rope to fishermen and tourists alike. I think I just needed a good excuse to drive east to Manzanillo. e bilde. Var så god – dette var et år med solskinn og fin blomstring… Ikke det beste av bilder, men helt etter ‘boken’. Continuing the quest to find a place for all the stuff I had stored and dragged into the kitchen last week. Right under my nose, or in this case in front of my face. I hate the mini blinds in front of this window, they block my view of the gardenand my pretty new striped table,and they are constantly dirty from sink over-splash. Keeping them raised however, exposed the ugly metal sides of the window frame. I glanced at the window today, glanced at the %$#$ shutters, back to the window, back at the shutters. Well, slap my butt and call me Judy. A matter of courtesy: If you switch parishes at least say goodbye/f-u/something to your former pastor. Hey guys. One new pic of Kevin Anderson was added to his page in the brieflines archive.

Hope you like it.

I added three pics to Michael Llodra's page, but deleted two duplicates. Nice bulge, smokin hot body, small briefs-yum yum. '" Observation: There was a terrible storm on the water and the boat Jonah was in was going to be destroyed. When they found Jonah, he told them that he was the problem and that when they throw him overboard, the sea would calm down. He realized that they were in danger and it was because of his disobedience. HILAIRE BELLOC was many things in his lifetime, but I like to remember him as a sailor. But it is also attractive in another and much more powerful fashion. It is attractive by a sort of appetite. “A man having sailed the sea and the habit having bitten into him, he will always return to it: why, he cannot tell you.

It is what modern people call a ‘lure’ or a ‘call.

’ He has got it in him and it will not let him rest. Izithakazelo zakwa-Chiliza Mdunge, Chiliza, Shabalala, Zisuka zibekwa, Bhoyiya, Mdzakudza, Hlule hlophe, Wena owadunga amanzi baphuza abafokazana, Dunge elihle, dunge elimhlophe! Mkhathini, Ngubonduna!. Hello, Ai Fans! Ready for the second week of our challenge? Last week Cheri shared a fabulous sparkly tutorial using Stickles on our Dancers Set! For the final week, the whole DT is here to show their glamorous creations! View their sparkles in more detail by checking out the designer's personal blog. Here are the challenge rules … ✻ Please make a new card or creation. m. PST to enter your creations. ✻ Good luck and happy stamping! An InLinkz Link-up. Yesterday I received a small number of The Simple Home books that I'm happy to sign and send out around Australia. Seven days being the time needed for delivery to Tasmania and WA. Please send me an email if you'd like to order a book. I also have a small number of Down to Earth and am happy to sign them and post those out too. Dari Anas bin Malik R. A. , Rasulullah S. A. W. bersabda: “Kamu harus berbekam dan menggunakan al-qusthul bahri. Celebration - for the rescued miners, their friends and families, and all involved in the rescue.

This has been an amazing story!Luis Urzua, the last miner to be rescued, is greeted by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, right, on reaching the surface.

Anticipation - next week at this time we will be in Shipshewana or at least on our way!. Out on the floor are Kris Dim & Eddie Moyzan by Jason Mathas, Frank McGrath by Irvin Gelb, Brian Yersky by Alex Ardenti, and lastly, finishing up in the locker room with a video from YouTube. .