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I am delighted to be able to tell you that we will soon begin a new year of school! The school about which I am talking is our school of religious education, our weekly classes for educating our children in the Faith. Soon our young people will meet each week to deepen their Faith, to grow in love of God and one another, to think about the vocation to which they are called, and to anticipate their eternal salvation in Christ. All of our families are invited to take advantage of the assistance our teachers provide them for educating our young people in the knowledge of the truths of Faith and also the guidance and example necessary for living the Faith in all of our actions and decisions. Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia has described for us the gift that Catholics give to society and the honor and love we render to God when we act on our Faith in the public square:“Our problems can only be solved by people of character who actively and without apology take their beliefs into public debates. That includes Catholics. We need to be stronger in our public witness, not weaker. If we really believe that the Gospel is true, we need to embody it in our private lives and our public choices.

”Our love for God and the way it should influence who we are and what we do is described well by Joshua in the Scriptures today: “As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

The government and the GMC have both recently been putting out a fair bit of propaganda about revalidation, with Hunt and Dickson both stepping up to pontificate about how this will vastly improve the quality of medical care. I’m not really sure who this propaganda is aimed at. The impression I get from my lay friends and former patients is that they don’t really know or care about revalidation, and if you google “patient satisfaction” you find such a consistently high level of happy punters that you wonder what the powers that be think they are going to achieve. So perhaps the propaganda is aimed at the medical profession. If it is then they’re wasting their time. Peruse the medical blogs and speak to your colleagues and you find a strong consensus that the whole process is a bag of shit. A pointless, oppressive, time wasting, expensive exercise that is nothing more than a further attempt to intimidate and control doctors. We are hearing people say over and over that people are basically good. We are also hearing from the same people, wondering out loud, “How could this Virginia Tech murder happen?”Here are some answers from the Bible. The first child born on this earth was a murderer. “Then the LORD said to Cain, "Where is your brother Abel?" "I don't know," he replied. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. ”St. They called it "partnering," although I'm guessing that only Geisinger will be writing checks. This story is stunning if the facts are correct - or even near correct. Tonight I worked on a page with my Melissa Frances products. I love them so much! It didn't turn out anything like I meant for it to turn out, but I guess that happens sometimes! I had a different idea in my head that I didn't end up using this time around. Does that ever happen to you?I used the new Courage paper, new Attic Treasures die cuts, Glitter Alphabet, Girl's Transfers, and my favorite stamps ever - the Baroque Stamp set. The frame is a Tattered Angels frame and is already embossed. I stitched inside the frame with hot pink thread to make it pop out a little bit more. My daughter Kati is SUCH a girly girl, just like me. Please visit InvestmentWriting. Links will no longer be posted here.

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Mostly local pols and one unremarkable frat boy from Knibber, says the Chronicle. Big Joe Hughes, Gary Radnich's private driver Well, guys, there are those freebie Giants tickets and prizes from the KNBR prize bucket. Lee Hammer says yes. I put it off the side of the driveway, directly across from "Ginger" in a clearing I've recently created by edging and mowing. This is the best for our part of the country, hoping we have some good Pomegranates in our future. Next up was the Barbados Cherry bush that I've had. It's not an actual cherry, it's just called that because it resembles a cherry. Here is where I got some fruit off of it last year, while it was still in the container. Hard to see in this picture but it's a small bush shape. And lastly, I planted the Santa Rosa Plum. It's supposed to be an easy to grow plum and we both love plums, so I have hope for this one.

Found a nice clearing to plant it in so it will get plenty of sunshine.

I enjoyed seeing all of them. I enjoyed the food, drink, tall stories and laughter. I had a great flight to DC. It was almost as quick as Dorothy tapping her ruby slippers together. Bada BING. Xanax is what got me through my root canals. Woo hoooooo. My dentist, The Amazing Dr. Unni at New Mowasat, thought he was a wonderful psychiatrist who talked me through my dental phobia. The Prague PostIn the world of archaeology, Sudan is a goldmine. Pavel Onderka, curator of Egyptian and Nubian antiquities and head of the ancient Near East and African department of Prague's National Museum, has recently returned from Sudan, where he and his colleagues are engaged in Wad Banaga, which Onderka calls "one of the most important sites in Sudan. You can see the other images for the ad campaign here. Special Thanks: Original information from Secret Agent. I just received these awesome pics from a fellow toy collector whom I recently got to know through dealing on eBay. Vincent is a serious collector and his investment on toys especially these G. F. F. F. I used to collect G. F. F from the start but couldn't continue after so. There's lots going on here, though I can't really share full view images of any of it, but. I can drop hints, right?. Romeo and Juliet Themes:Love Time Opposites Destiny Conflict Death West Side Story Themes:Love Time Opposites Destiny Conflict Death Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story have the exact same themes because West Side Story is bascially a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet therefore the storylines is exactly the same. Love is the main theme within both storylines because the lovers are the ones that create conflict and death between the two famillies or the two gangs because the lovers don't care about the rivaly war that is happening they are just so deeply in love with each other and love is stronger than anything. We've long since been used to the MSM screaming how something is good for us one day, bad the next. It was a straightforward piece of advice which appeared to do a generation of Britons no harm at all. But the classic advertising slogan 'Go to Work on an Egg' is far too dangerous for modern-day audiences, it seems. Advertising watchdogs have banned the catchphrase, claiming it fails to promote a varied and balanced diet. But the Government watchdog has blocked it on the grounds that eating an egg for breakfast every day does not constitute a healthy diet. Well, the flip flop health advice has flopped the other way now. Remember when sugar was a byword for joy and happiness? That just won't do for the insufferable lunatics within the upper echelons of the NHS. Health chiefs are to ban sugar in tea and coffee in hospitals because it poses a health risk. The NHS in Wales is to stop the sale of hot drinks containing sugar from vending machines. Hospital bosses say they are being ordered to enforce the ban because sweetened tea and coffee offer no nutritional benefit and can have a detrimental effect on dental hygiene. The Welsh Assembly said in a statement: 'Hospitals are visited by a very broad cross-section of society and, as such, the whole hospital environment should reflect the importance of healthy living. This year, less than half that much ice melted. John Cook has followed up with this by theorizing that rats cause global cooling. Farming on the Great Plains has always been a battle against the weather. The weather during the Dust Bowl days set records that still stand in Nebraska history and still stand out in farmers' memories. I mentioned the baby shower I was making things for last week, Well these are the invites. or so I thought.

This year I've only been using one of my own printed inserts the others have been Filofax ones on their thin paper.

this is the one I'm getting. It's never going to end. Another Thunderstorm with big thunder and fun lightening. Good times. Well I hould get off of here while the storm is rolling by. I just wanted to give a quick update that all was good. Looks like the sun may make an appearance later in the day. Some texture in the water today with small waves in both spots. CHANNEL: About knee high waves. PATCH: Shin high waves.


Respect the Beach. Razor/Dad loves to race and this weekend the girls could race too. Razor/Dad warms up. Boo and Licious warm up too. We're happy to see him in the front of the pack. But really, we're happy to see him cause it means that the real race starts soon. On your marks. Get set. GO!!Now in this last shot I'm unclear as to what Boo may be thinking. Fill with enough cold water to cover the lentils by about an inch. Drain and set aside. Meanwhile, as the lentils cook, grab a large skillet. Pop it over medium-high heat and add the oil. The Java vs. Ruby dialogs are everywhere. This basically amounts to trying to avoid the Java language as much as possible, while leveraging the JVM and libraries. There is enough information around about the merits of Java, so I am going to focus on how Ruby can enable Java with new super powers. The problem with the Java language is the lack of expressiveness. If you are naive enough to think that Java has no real problem here then do two things. kathybarrick.


I am back to cooking for the kids. I don't know what they ate over the holidays but they are hungrier than ever. Recently, one of the stores had lots of their deli meats and cheese on sale for a really good price. I decided it would be fun to make the kids a big deli platter and rolls so they could make their own sandwiches. It turned out to be one of the biggest hits yet. I put hummus in the middle and surrounded it with different hams, salami, bologna and cheese. Nothing fancy, just the food they like to eat but rarely get. This is a rather boring time of the year. There are not many festivals going on anywhere. The Blog tech and I had never visited Punxsutawney before so we decided to take a day trip and see what it is all about. We might be the only people who have ever visited there when it wasn't actually Groundhog Day. Groundhog headquarters was closed. Goofy groundhogs abound.

Main street.

The movie wasn't even shot here. Other than goofy groundhogs, there is not a lot to see. We spied this sign as we were driving down the street. Gobbler's Knob is where the actual groundhog sighting takes place.

And why is it called Gobbler's Knob? Apparently some groundhogs were injured during this event in the past.

Injured and eaten. Hello everyone! It's time for a new challenge here at Really Reasonable Ribbon. Please scroll down to the next post for the winners of the last challenge. Create a card, layout, multi media piece, tag, ATC, hair bow, you name it.

Just be sure to follow the theme above and use ribbon/lace or trim somewhere on your project.

All of the sample projects feature ribbon from Really Reasonable Ribbon. A layout, card, ATC, home decor item, hair bow, or anything you can think of. We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. Our challenge winner is. .