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Where we live, private fireworks are illegal. Walking around the neighborhood for an hour or so after dark, I must have seen several hundred rockets go up as well as a lot of ground level displays. Lots of people out watching. It's enough to warm an anarchist's heart. It was as about as perfect as you could get for XC skiing on Sunday. With three days of sitting indoors waiting out the sub-zero bubble of air that had us in its grasp, I felt like a jailbird. Free baby, free!I decided to hit up the Green Belt, since hardly anybody uses that area for XC skiing. I was right too, it looked like maybe only two or three other folks had ever been out there since the last big snow storm. Cross country skiing makes three miles of trail seem like ten, at least from my bicycling mind's point of view. Little short chutes like the one pictured here take awhile longer to traverse on skis. On a bicycle, it's gone in an instant. “You couldn’t have asked for a better day. “Protein is the most difficult type of food for food banks to get, and nothing is more needed or nutritious than seafood,” he said. Ocean Beauty President Mark Palmer credited the success of the tournament to business partners, suppliers, customers and employees. “This is bigger than Ocean Beauty,” he said. More from Rob's on set interview was posted here Or watch at the sourceVia. And I love that shot of me smiling my face off after the race. Thanks Ben!. Michelle Wai, Rose Chan, Ava Yucourtesy of on. cccourtesy of singtao. Last night Goo Jai was very happy and hoped that they would celebrate later. He said that he just returned from a film production in Paris. Speaking of the Lunar New Year, Goo Jai will have several film releases. The Sheriff’s Office visited career day events at Monroe County high schools this week to talk with students about working in the field of law enforcement. Human Resource Specialists Charles Slebodnick and Suzanne Alexander attended all the events county-wide.

They had help from the districts and the detention centers.

In the photos, Detention Deputy Ruth Echevarria and Lt. Derek Paul talk with students at Marathon High School and Lt. s Al Ramirez, Lee Ann Holroyd, Patrick Major and Sgt. Mike DiGiovanni at Coral Shores High School. Left to right, Sheriff Rick Ramsay, Reserve Captain Bob Smith, Explorer Amberlyn Casas, Internal Affairs Executive Assistant Jo Socha, Detention Deputy Victor Arguello and Detective Sgt. Linda Mixon. The award ceremony was sponsored by Centennial Bank. Good morning! Sorry I have been neglecting this blog o' mine lately. I have been painting and painting. I'll attach some photos of our latest project, our living room. I love Valentine's Day so much and love to be on the giving end. My current pet peeve is motorists who let their vehicles idle unnecessarily. , etc. As for the drive-through, we all need more exercise. I can only imagine what next week entails considering over a million folks will hit the streets of San Francisco and beyond. When you start the editorial with a paragraph like this one, I know I'm going to have to read through until the end. I did and it was worth it.

This was once a serious country with serious newspapers, back in the day when they were edited by serious editors and a man had the right to confront an accuser before she was allowed to destroy his reputation, career and even his life.

Let's Get the Hanging Over So We Can Celebrate the Coronation I would sure like to get some unvarnished facts out of this. The "Wilderness of Mirrors" double-agent skulduggery that is being attributed to the various players is confusing me terribly. I feel the punches drive into my body as I lie on the ground. Psssspsssss…. The long blast of pepper spray delivers a wet burning sensation onto my face, in my nose, in my mouth to burn my lungs, forcing me to cough, snot to freely run out of my nose, my eyes seared shut. I felt that knee drive into my back as the metal handcuffs trapped my hands behind my back in a tight icy grip. I know this is the critical part of it all. I could easily panic and suffocate from the loss of air as others have done so this sort of mantra enters my mind: “Relax, Relax. It’s “only” the body’s reaction to the pepper spray and weight of the men on top of me. ” I’m jerked up by my cuffed hands, which bear the full weight of my body, causing pain to drive a spike into my shoulders. Two deputies half drag, half walk me down hallways to a cold cell where I blindly feel my way to the sink to wash off my face, pepper sprays reactivated with water – not a fun process. “We kill people based on metadata. ” General Michael Hayden, NSA Director Swamp, Draining The: It’s not so much that something could go wrong in the Euromarket, but that something more could go wrong. And most likely will. None. If you need a break from the Christmas madness, why don't you find somewhere beautiful like this and relax! Enjoy your Sunday. You can laugh at me, it's okay, but I really do hold that Christmas is only part-way along, certainly not over. So I explained that at the end of Mass, when I wished everyone Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas!. This editorial is spectacular! The white-on-white images with slight hues of blue, pink, yellow and grey are simply amazing. Eugenia & Han look almost identical here. My students were invited to create a large piece of art for the front window of our local art store called The Artery. The Mona Lisa seemed appropriate, so we made her using the following steps. For interest, students were told to make their drawings "mostly" warm or cool colors. I heard a loud "bang!"Someone being shot? Could be. But then it came again and again and again. until I lost count. Observation: In the midst of God's incredible rebuke of Israel, His love is still seen. God loves to bless His people, but He also needs them to be walking in obedience to Him.

When His people walk in obedience, His love knows no bounds and His anger is gone forever.

Application: God is worthy of all our obedience and submission to Him. He desires to bless His people and offers it willingly to those who follow after Him. He wants no other gods before Him. This is huge in God's eyes. Many of you guys know about esalerugs. I think I first heard about them from Jenny, and have used them for several jobs since. For the entry project I'm working on, I had picked out this rug from esale: But unfortunately someone else purchased it before we had the chance to. I started just playing one day and I thought I'd show you my process of how it came to be. I knew I wanted the Girlfriends Picture Perfect stamp to be my focus but wanted to make the background first so I made a mask of the stamp on a piece of scrap paper to cover my stamping on the background. Next using Marvy Markers and a palette I did a super quick background of mountains, water and sand. As you can see I went right over my mask. Next I added a vine, grass and stone path using the teeny tiny flowers. Time to take the mask off! I colored the girls with Prisma Watercolor Pencils to keep the feel of the soft watercolor look. There are a few seats left if you are interested. No not me, the birds I saw during an excellent morning’s birding - Ring Ouzel, Meadow Pipits, Golden Plovers and lots of Wheatears, all of them bound for the Pennine Hills not far away. Everything started fairly subdued out on the moss where I hoped for a few migrating Lesser Redpoll following a number of sightings along the coast. I have been topping up the niger feeders hoping they will attract a few redpoll in as they did last Spring, but none yet this year. The recently bereaved Barn Owl was around early but apart from that plus the sounds of Buzzards waking up and ‘peckers pecking, the air was quiet. After catching just three birds, new Chiffchaff, Chaffinch and Goldfinch, I decided to head for the coast. Hopefully there would be newly arrived Wheatears and other things after the hold-up of the last week or two. ROFL.

Don't back down Prime Minister.

Don't go. Never go. The Marae has no mana. The lunatics that run the place have seen to that. .