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in the beginning, beginning of the end

Tiny Townie Penelope Has a Pencil.

Big Heljan 'Western' gets the weathered treatment My workbench has been creaking under the weight of this Heljan 'O' gauge 'Western'. It has been a record-breaking weathering job for a friend, who needed it done for a relative's birthday present. I've employed a few different varnishes to seal the Tamiya paint and fine-tune the overall effect. Now all I have to do is wait for the varnish to dry before packing it up and lugging it down to the post office - should be good exercise for the biceps. The road I was on was called "Barbwire Road", and it was strewn with chunky, loose gravel. It was not easy to ride on this stuff, but the Fargo Gen I was cruising over this stuff better than any of my skinnier tire gravel bikes could. The new Teravail Sparwoods were pretty impressive out here as well. So, I was doing as well as I could hope for with my rig and with my current food and water situation. Now if we could turn the North wind down a notch or two!The perfect bike for roads like these. Barns for Jason I was pushing pretty hard going North now due to the very strong winds. At one point, I was climbing a hill when I heard a dog barking. By Margaret Bauman Twenty-five years after the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and millions of dollars in research, marine scientists still have no conclusions about the relationship between that environmental disaster and the demise of Pacific herring in Prince William Sound. Some of that crude oil is still not cleaned up, and while some species have recovered, herring have not. So cool! This Picket Fence Border die is so cute for creating scenes. I absolutely love how she turned the Wrapper into an Easter basket. Being seen as a leader is of course an honour and always a good thing, but you mustn't let the title go to your head. What makes a person an excellent leader is the ability to act ethically and responsibly.

Because when you are a team leader, your team members count on you to mentor them in their skills and work.

Just because you are the leader, it does not give you the right to treat your group as if they were "smaller" than you or any less powerful. Great leaders acknowledge their team's achievements and efforts, share their knowledge on certain subjects, and treat them as equals. These are the basic ethics of team leaders.

But in order to implement these ethics, the leader must be able to identify their own values, skills, and management styles with those of their allies.

Out last night, lots of people were asking, "so is your night on at the Reading Rooms tonight?", to which the answer would be an emphatic NO. Another club night, whose name is confusingly similar to NEON, started last year. Which is bad enough, but these young scenesters proudly bill themselves as belonging to that sorry fad 'nu-rave'. I had planned a blog post attacking that atrocity of a genre, but thought better of it.

This lovely article in today's paper for instance.

rewardstyle. I can find the paper clips now. The alarm system works.

I wanted to give the burlap one more go round, and this card was the perfect spot.

Friends recall that he was experiencing marital difficulties and a great deal of job-related stress. m. He has never provided an unambiguous legal rationale for the stop: He first claimed that Bell was speeding, then later asserted that he had run a stop sign. They've been bleating about the presidential election for several months now. This morning I listened to the breathless analysis of the Ames Iowa "straw poll" which will follow a beauty contest debate, swim suit, evening gown and talent show on Thursday evening. This was hyped as serious prediction stuff despite the historic record that the straw poll winner does not readily equate with the Iowa caucus winner which does not link very well to the party nominees which may not have squat to do with the eventual Presidential victor. That means that there is some value to reviewing what the Founding Fathers set up for us. The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. That way there's no confusion which linky is the current one. And here's a little inspiration from the Mojo Makers to get you started. Groovy has graduated to the Kangaroo hold. She was above average in her weight and off the chart for her height. It won't be long before she begins consuming solid food. Hope everyone has a great Saturday night! . This is St. Teresa's in Budapest. They've saved some money on hymnals byhaving the lyrics up on that screen. On the other hand, maybe that cost morethan a set of hymnals.


Books that charm us in one season, books that shake us to the core in another, can turn blank and empty if we approach them in a dull spirit. Reading them for the sake of duty or out of pedantry is certain to miss the point. The best books are best because of their quirky individuality, not because they are part of a club of `great’ books. ” “Great books” is a category without meaning, akin to “classic rock. ” It smacks of marketing and focus groups. OK. you can relax. LOL So. Hi gents.

I have added a new pic of young, Bosnian tennis player, Mirza Basic to his page in the brieflines archive.

Unlike my card. happiness is not in the cards today! Can't the weather make up its mind???? Rain, sun, rain, sun. snow. I am so thrilled to have Purple Lemon Designs as a sponsor on ASPTL. I can honestly tell you that I love Kelly's work because I was a client of hers before she was a client of mine. You're going to love Purple Lemon too. Wait. I remember. I would end up with a claw-hand from writing "Thank you for your purchase" over and over and over. We had several inches of snow the other day and then a few days of weather so cold that most of the snow actually stayed around. Hardy ex-Minnesotan that I am, I was feeling right at home. So I found Bob Welch's column today very amusing on a number of levels. I think he's an excellent writer. A little bit of everything today!Twirly Girl skirt pattern and a jelly roll of Birdie. We can't wait to see them on Saturday. A baby quilt for Bill's coworker's new baby boy. Fabric is On the Go by Jill Webster for Clothworks.

I am the guest blogger today on the Spellbinders blog, sharing a step-by-step tutorial on my process behind this piece I call You Can.


available in my online shop.

I had not seen him for six or seven years when I visited the prison in Northern Ireland where he was serving twelve years for terrorist offences. His father had been a member of the loyalist para-militaries and so he was raised to consider fighting republicans as a justifiable action—'defending our patch. ' While Billy was in prison a man called Walter gave him a book of Spurgeon's sermons to read. That afternoon he read that sermon, and that evening he was on his knees before God asking God to be merciful to him. Not only did that terminate most of his friendships but immediately he forfeited all the protection that membership of the para-military groups provide in that confined life behind bars. Spot the two glaring errors? NZ fattest nation in Australiasia - study Apparently the dicks at The herald want you to think somehow we are at the bottom of some global fat ladder. But hang on a minute mate! There's only one other country in Australasia and that's Australia, where I happen to live. Go down to a supermarket or mall in any suburb of Adelaide and you'll see scores of grossly obese young mums and dads munching on great greasy sausage rolls, with their equally obese kids trailing along behind and their shopping trolleys chockablock full of the most sugar laden and fat saturated crap they can find on the shelves. And all these people are white.

They are all young and they all are covered in grotesque tattoos.

तो कोणत्या तरी महिलेने उचलला. मुलीने विचारले, "राकेशला फोन दया. " ते अंघोळ करीत आहेत. Ask me anything. La chanson "Every Time It Snow" devrait rester un incontournable dans la discographie d'Olivia Newton-John. pourvu qu'il neige ! . Knitting. Kinda obvious this one. I love to knit, it's a wondrous thing, I love everything that is but the pain in my hands when I can't take decent breaks because of a deadline.

But I digress.

Every few years I would try again but it just wasn't the right time yet. I made three book covers today. I used my favorite cotton linen and cotton fabrics. The one side already has a pocket, and the other side is resizable with a cotton tape. It's easy to make this type of book covers. I'll try to write here after. I patchworked my favorite fabrics and hand embroidered with Sashiko cotton thread. I love reading books in English and in Italian, so I have some paperbacks what I got in Italy or in the U. The Blog Tech loves it when I make this. I made it a while back and I was stuck for a post today so I thought I would put it up. This is especially good when you have a cold. Drain the ginger syrup. This will have a very condensed flavor. Pour some in a glass and add carbonated water. You can make it as strong as you like. We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. .