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So having scared the hell out of his friends and colleagues just two weeks ago with his terrifying public truthblurt about the ugly reality of the American Fascist Party you will be relieved the learn that Mr.

The Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment OCT. Ryan is the new House speaker and right now Rubio is the most likely presidential nominee. As watching this pillock using the late Christopher Hitchens as a vehicle to lecture us po' dumb ol' Liberal Fifth Columnists on Islamofascism and the Middle East. The totalism of Islam is as dangerous as any other totalism – and liberals better understand that about it. Yes, it is vital to make distinctions between the various ways in which Islam is practised across the world – which reveals some potential for reform, in the way that Christianity and Judaism have reformed and examined themselves over the past century.

But the resilient absence of a collective understanding that religious violence simply is not worth it – the realization that most Christians came to after the Thirty Years War or, as Hitch has it, definitively after the First World War – is a real problem.

Yes, the bloody scythe of Islamic totalitarianism slashing across the Middle East is a threat so malevolent it is rumored Mr. Sullivan briefly considered cutting short his Burning Man vacation in order to muse about it from behind a keyboard. Rain is over and winds have died down. Should be a nice weekend if we all cross our fingers. Notice the asterisks before and after the black solid in my spreadsheet. Mallarino Violaine long chandelier earrings, at intermixonline. Darlings, here are some of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with. Sergio Rossi puzzle ankle boots, at barneys. Here's a coloured version of yesterday's digital image.

Of all the posts I have put up since I started blogging, the ones that are the most popular are the posts where I show how to make garden totems.

I just made this one yesterday. First, I go to thrift store and buy pieces I think will work. Most of these pieces can be picked up for less than a dollar, some as cheap as a quarter. You also need a tube of clear aquarium glue which you can buy at any craft store or hardware. Wash all the glass thoroughly or run it through your dishwasher. Fit pieces together as you build your totem. As an aside, I'm getting a little bored by Per Bernal's photo technique. He certainly shows his subjects well but I'd like to see Michael photoed by Chris Lund or Alex Ardenti as they use a more colorful technique and their backgrounds are more interesting. They give me more to play with. My work has been published again at GotScience. .