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My first card is made with the new Rainy Day Sentiments stamps. Sorry for the photos - was in a hurry to get these posted before I ran out of daylight! The umbrella is cut with Scattered Showers dies and stamped with Background Basics: Twinkle. Weather the Storm Together card: STAMPS: Rainy Day Sentiments, Background Basics: Twinkle INK: Tropical Teal, Hawaiian Shores, Aqua Mist, Lavender Moon, Sweet Blush, True Black PAPER: Lavender Moon, white, Aqua Mist DIES: Scattered Showers OTHER: sequins by Pretty Pink Posh. Also stamped the sentiment with Tucked In: Thinking of You. I trimmed the sun in half. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you took to stop by and visit me!!The winner of the FaLaLa album kit is. HYDEE!hydee said. The B-B-E/Paynesville dance team brought home two trophies from the NL-S Blackcat invitational on Monday night. The JV Jazz squad and varsity jazz squad both took the runner-up spots. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa dance team, belgrade-brooten-elrosa school. Did you think that the Obama songs in the indoctrination system that is masking as public education were an abberation? Did you buy that they were mere isolated instances and not symptomatic of something more sinister? Sorry to disabuse you of that innocence. Take a look here and spend as little or as much time as you wish. View the videos or read the transcripts of the production numbers:Eleven, Count 'Em, Eleven Obama Songs in SchoolThe clock is ticking folks. Most of the cut is in the Nushagak District. e. This book seems to want to be both Angel and Twilight, with young-looking people talking about dramatic crap and being rather lovey-dovey about it, but at the same time reminding people of the Buffyverse in how vampires, once sired, are, well, EVIL. I will say I liked the various transformation aspects of the vampires, calling to mind the not-often-used powers of vampire folklore. And that's why I didn't end up recording it and adding it to the video later. ‎.

Be My Valentine I know it's a little early, but we really started to feel the love around here, so I decided we'd put together some homemade Valentine's.

First, I thought it would be cute to put everyone's name in a pink bowl and have a drawing. The name you pulled would be your Valentine making you "a special someone's secret admirer". And everyone began to pour out their creative juices into their special card. Everyone was trying to keep theirs hidden while cutting, gluing, and decorating. It was really fun.

I was able to peek or else how would I have gotten a picture for you to see.

Kirjasta huokuu tekijän perehtyneisyys aiheeseen ja varsinkin historiaan. Ja miten tärkeää on todella tuntea kasvi, mitä käyttää värjäykseen, seurata sen kasvua ja olemusta, jotta osaa kerätä sen oikealla hetkellä. Vain oman kokemuksen kautta oppii parhaiten. Miten saada mahdollisimman voimakas ja kestävä väri mistäkin kasvista olivat niitä värjärien salaisuuksia, jotka kulkeutuivat suullisena sukupolvelta toiselle ennen teollista vallankumousta. To see more of the world, go here. The final applique block for the center of my guild's next donation quilt came in the mail yesterday! Can finally get the middle together and start work on the inner borders.

I think this will be a fun quilt and will raise some funds for Camp Rainbow - a camp run by a local hospital for children with cancer and other illnesses that require medical supervision.

Tomorrow I go to Atlanta for a wool applique class on Saturday. It is just a bit too far to drive there and back in one day. Besides it gives me an excuse to visit some fabric stores! I played with wools and buttons a bit this week. Needed a quiet project that didn't involve running to the sewing machine or ironing board.

-Henry Ward Beecher Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward.

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This has hit Contact Energy and Trustpower hard - their share prices have plummeted and the listing price of Mighty River Power is likely to be affected too.

Southwest UtahCentral Utah, near Arches National ParkAfter this photo of the sunset was taken, my brother and I drove another couple hours to a Holiday Inn Express in a tiny boarded up town near Green River Utah. While checking in, the old lady at the counter received a call, picked the phone and after a moment, suddenly yelled "Well go ahead and fucking do it!! I don't give a shit!" and slammed down the receiver. Stunned, I asked what happened and she said dismissively, "Oh, it's just another bomb threat. OR FREE admission on Saturday. VIP tickets are going fast!!! Get yours soon before this fun Friday night event sells out!!! Club Members bring a friend, if your friend signs up for one of our Clubs you BOTH will receive a FREE stamp set from The Stamps of Life!!! Happy Stamping!. Okay, now, Groove-ophiles, some things just don't need much explanation.

Today's post is one of those things.

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