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I used the white to help the other ones stand out a bit more against the kraft background.

This condo is inside a very well preserved and protected area of the original Atlantic Rainforest. via. Like I've said before, I am busy in other writing projects, and those are not sites dedicated to Pitt sports. I was simply going to stop doing this but I got so many emails asking me to continue that I couldn't say no. The reason I stopped my previous blog was because readers came to expect info every day, and the truth is, there isn't enough Pitt info for me to post every day. Sometimes, especially in the offseason, it may be weeks between good stories. So when I had random thoughts on Pitt, I posted them on Pitt's Big East blog that was run by the good people at the NBE Basketball Report. But now with Pitt leaving the Big East, that blog now makes no sense for me. So that's what brings me here at this time. If there is not enough interest, I will close the blog down, but as long as there are a lot of people here, I will keep it going. As for the look of the blog, I don't have time to make the blog all fancy so what you see is what you get. This is the kind of problem we really do like to have having too many possible picks for our stars of the night that someone can make as much a case for one prospect being first star as another can for someone else. When you see this kind of effort then you have to acknowledge all of them as it has been a very long time since Ranger fans had this kind of depth and quality among their prospects. I am about halfway between Lancaster County, PA, and Tuscarawas County, OH. That's pretty much Amish and Mennonite ground zero. The relevance of this? I live in the land of People Who Make Stuff.

Go to the county fair and ask sheep herders about buying fleeces? They don't bat an eye.

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First fresh pair of socks in a month.

Speaking of dirty laundry, I really think you should check out this auction.

Yes, that's right - Guy Pearce's washer and dryer with bonus dirty laundry included, for FREE! This auction is being held by a guy named Levi in L. A. When my dad and I were in L.


last week, we stopped by Nirvan and Levi's place to pick them up and go out for tacos. This is my old school. Thomas A. Edison School. My mother went here as a child. I'm in ICU tonight. Not as a patient. Paul's mom had the flu and it turned to pneumonia, so she's in here trying to get well. Meanwhile, her family has been staying with her, one or two at a time as per ICU rules. Tonight it's my turn. I plan to spend the night. One's thoughts go in strange directions at such times.

Hello everyone, Carisa here with the DT Blog Prize winner from this past Thursday's Blog Hop.

It is so adaptable to any other stamp set, and the look just makes the cards pop. Have you ever felt like you have lost your way? I have. Brenda has been talking about being authentic this past week and shereally hit a cord with me. So I have been focusing this week on getting her back. I'm just letting my creative spirit flow. I'm taking pics and posting about whatever interests me at the moment. I'll just throw lots of ideas out there and see what sticks. I hope that you will join me on this creative adventure.

So let's just have fun and savor all that life has to offer.

The folks at The Paris Review have just posted an interesting interview with Ursula K. Le Guin. Here's a teaser:I don’t think science fiction is a very good name for it, but it’s the name that we’ve got. It is different from other kinds of writing, I suppose, so it deserves a name of its own.

I’m not.

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