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Hello, everyone! We are back from the CHA trade show. We had an absolute blast! It is so fun to see our friends and meet new ones. Check it out! Thanks for watching!! Thank you so much for visiting! Have an amazing day,. We're so excited about everything that God has been doing this week and are thankful to be a part of this group of people who are joining together to bring Jesus to prisoners all over the state of South Carolina. John Suarez is the International Secretary of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, an NGO working for human rights in the country. The seminar was moderated by the Swedish MP Christian Holm, who also presented the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation’s new webpage Cuba Libre. Watch the seminar Visit Cuba Libre. check the blog here. "ESSEX, Vt. — A dance instructor from South Burlington is accused of sexually assaulting a student of his from a studio in Waterbury, police said. Ernest Phillips, also known as “EKnock,” is accused of having sexual intercourse with the victim on several occasions during the course of a year. ". More cards using some old favourtie products from Craftwork Cards, this time, embossed cardstock. The only decoration is some Stardust Glitter Glue to highlight the embossed patterns. Up close for the finer details. This card, the embossed cardstock has been inked using Versa Magic. Up close to show the punched scallop circle with an in circle in the centre. Everything has been highlighted with gllitter glue. I joked the other day with John Rothmann: "You're too smart to be on the radio.

" I was kidding of course but the more I thought about it, maybe I was on to something.

The Iowa Caucuses are in January.

Hillary Clinton stories are already invading the Sunday talk shows.

So, yeah, if you love politics, you're in heaven.

Enter Rothmann. Maybe, maybe not. "Our Science Editor. Editors edit, reporters report, last I checked. Weather anchors that repeatedly emphasize a "strong cold front! and/or a "band of high pressure. " We've heard that about a million times and we're sick of it. Female Blackbird, St. We could see it during the campaign. Like so many things, it was largely ignored, but it was there for any who considered things reasonably objectively. Like a much younger individual, the young President can't take criticism. He simply can't abide being told that his ideas are less than stellar or his speech was not quite brilliant or his policy is fundamentally flawed. If someone should dare to do that, they would be discredited as racist or ignorant or potentially un-American. But, what about the current goings on in Washington? Can any sane person look at the rush to distribute money to all of the usual suspects, even if we don't have it, won't get it and can't justify it? This is very obvious pandering. It is political patronage. It is pay-offs and plundering of our future. Take a look at this response to some criticism. npower. gov. The online application form is available online. portal. npower. Every morning and all day when you visit my home this is what you will find-This is Picklechips. Translation. Mommy really wanted him for herself. What a life. Like the cute kitty basket bed? Hubby thought it was cruel of me to paint it pink when Picklechips is a boy. He's just a shabby chic cottagey type of boy. We have ants. In case you are new around House O Samurai, well, folks who've been around a while know I hate the little bastards with the fire of a thousand suns. Son. Of. A.


Mother. So I'm popping them like candy while I can. Trust me—you really should try it some time. To see more macros, visit Lisa's Chaos. And Lorik has kindly suggested that I could add this to her meme, Mandarin Orange Monday. Don't wait. The time will never be JUST right. He has recently been doing a series, a large spread that could be entitled, "Woe is us, we are all going to the dogs, the End is Nigh, etc etc". You know the type, standard Daily Mail fare. And it wouldn't occupy my attention accept for the fact that Littlejohn decided to dive into an exploration of human rights. I had the honor of presenting the Love To Breathe Award at the annual Adding Tomorrows meeting. To know her is to love her. I had the pleasure of presenting with her at NACFC this last November about mentoring, little did she know she's always been a mentor to me. She has taught me all my airway clearance techniques and was the reason I came up with my own technique which I call "Somer Genics" She loves mucus and to this day she still gets so excited when I call the mucus hotline. I'm so honored and lucky to have her as a friend. Kathleen thank you for all you did for me and for all you do for my lil CF kiddos. I was haunted by the image of a picture in market uncle's blog. Not it wasn't particularly scary, but the image sort of got stuck in my mind's eye and I seriously need to exorcise it out. Research shows that if one is feeling down or happy, one just have to work on some maths or logical problems - it'll bring the level of serotonin to neutral level so that one does not feel happier nor sad. I've tried it before, it works very well. Try Sudoko next time you're feeling unhappy. For me, I need to work out some maths as I couldn't quite resist lure of the data tempting me to find out more about them. As the data are classed, I need to find the class mark to be able to estimate the sample mean and sample variance. Learn tricks and tools that painters use- techniques that range from using abstract images to mark making to incorporating collage, to making a mess with paint! You will have the opportunity explore your own voice with paint and canvas and be lead through a series of exercises that will result in creating your very own personal and expressive paintings that can be hung on the wallNo previous experience is required. Advance Registration requiredCall early to reserve your seat. Yesterday we banged out a quick and successful market day. It really love the shape! These are from NOIR. Insurance Once you've sorted out your flights or ship crossing get your travel insurance - it will cover you if anything goes wrong before your trip starts so there's no benefit in leaving it to the last minute. If you're taking laptops and phones you might need additional cover. When you arrive at the US airport if it's your first visit to the US you'll probably be directed through the 'first visit on an Esta' passport check. parking on the Cambrian apron.

Hello, Ai Fans! It's time to party! Our NEWEST challenge is all about paper-piecing, a fun technique to add pattern to stamping! Last week Diane gave a fun tutorial, and it's a perfect intro if it's a new technique to you.

m. PST to enter your creations. ✻ Good luck and happy stamping! An InLinkz Link-up. Let dry. Once dry take out your Crystal Effects and add a very thin coat to each blade. Let dry. Put scissors in a cello bag.

You can see in the photo how nice and shiney the Crystal Effects dry on the designer series paper.

Each side of the scissors blades have the designer paper on it. Enjoy a cozy Valentine's Day weekend with the ones you love. Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. I'm ready for the change and the new me that I will get for this change! I hope you will follow me over at the new blog and see all the excitement that I have planned there!. Can you feel it? Summer is slippin' away from us. So sad. Until then, we're going to soak up every minute of the summer that we can. We've been hanging out at the pool at one of our friend's house. The kids have so much fun! Don't you love it when people take cool pictures of your kids? Yep. After informing us of how the leftists hate us dirt people floundering around in flyover country with The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly, he's turned his keen observations onto the recent press conference of President Trump: President Trump Has Been Far Too Nice To The Mainstream Media The sequel to that stupid mommy porn bondage movie is now in theaters, giving naughty thrills to bored housewives whose liberal husbands can’t cut it manwise, but the real festival of S&M was in the White House as President Trump unleashed his iron discipline on the media. Call it Fifty Shades of Orange. It wasn’t a press conference – it was a kinky dungeon session where masochistic journalists eagerly sought out the delicious pain Master T was dealing. Hack after hack stepped up, tried to play “gotcha. ” and ended up whimpering in the fetal position. The best part was CNN’s Jim Acosta, fresh from whining about how conservative outlets now get to ask questions too, basically handing Trump the cat-o-nine tails. Dude, next time keep from talking yourself into more public humiliation by biting down on the ball gag. The media’s safe word is “Objectivity,” but none of them uttered it. Here's documentation that Joseph Smith was a smalltime conman and charlatan whose "revelations" about the lost tribes of Israel were indebted to popular speculations about the origin of American Indians and their lost civilizations: Dan Vogel, Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon Robert N. Hullinger, Joseph Smith’s Response to Skepticism.

A husband, waiting for his wife to get dressed, goes outside to warm the car and returns inside.

Looking out the window he notices someone stealing the car from his driveway. He runs out and takes aim at the car as the thief drives down the street. Cute Card Thursday 'Dimensions'This weeks challenge at Cute Card Thursday is to have some dimension on your card.

I have used Devil Tilda and sat her on a heart from a previous collection.

The fab sentiment is also from Magnolia. I have coloured the images with Distress Inks and added some glitter to Tilda's wings and horns. To finish the card I have added a doiley and some flowers. I had heard from more than just a couple of seasoned Saratoga horseplayers that they were skeptical of the announced crowds there this season. So, the front page headline news in the Saratogian that NYRA is padding the figures - while still a surprise just for its sheer audacity and scale - is hardly a shock. , responding via email to Saratogian reporter Paul Post, responded: “This policy is not new and was in place last year. A mix for today:While the first two models are unknown to me, the third is, of course, TJ Humphreys. TJ is photoed by Ian Spanier. Warning: More sexy talk. It's basically a photo session of you in lingerie. But it can be as clean and tasteful as you want it to be. I know, I know. it's hard to want to do something like this when you're not feeling skinny. And these pictures don't really help. Things are picking up again at work. Actually going to only have forty hours this week, but, next week should be back up to full swing again. The emergencies are already trickling in. I intend on enjoying the last of the lull. Finished up at work and headed to the grocery store.

On the way, I found a little hole in the wall consignment store that I have driven past without noticing it for a couple years.

It is awesome. They have nice furniture. Not rejects from a yard sale. Not stuff that should be put out on garbage day. Real nice old furniture at very reasonable prices.

The store was packed with furniture.

The aisles were narrow. Most of us do, some does not. Everything, since I've been following the RV, is about ''Windows of opportunities''. I had my ups and downs but I never said a word or tried to be pushy. The I. .