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I am back to working on the walking humanoid robot after writing another book. First I had to make an Arduino Shield to control the servo's. Here is a video testing the servo shield. Next is to connect it to the robot and get those servo's working. I am using an IR remote control to test his movements. This is a picture of the front view of the setup. Here is the back view. The arduino has been mounted in place for this picture. Here is a video of me testing out the robot servo's. Here is a second video with most of the servo's working and they are now "zeroed". In spite of the really bad servo's he is taking his first steps. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a wonderful fantasy novel, the first book by Susanna Clarke. There is a wiki devoted to the book here. The first is early on, describing a man in Mr. Norrell's library: Mr. The second is in the middle of the book in a passing mention that a certain man could most certainly not have been drunk because he "is a Methodist preacher. There are many Christians who read the Scriptures sporadically in time and place. In other words, they read the Scriptures “now and then” and “here and there. ” They gravitate to their favorite chapters. If asked the last time they had read the New Testament through, they would not be sure they had ever read it through. Consequently there is an appalling ignorance of the God’s Word in the body of Christ, and a consequent lack of obedience. Listening to the best Bible teachers in the world will not make up for the personal ignorance of the individual.

Earlier we emphasized righteousness.

There is a better way. It is not getting dirty, not sinning. We see this in a number of places in scripture: It is in being holy. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do. Due to this being nominally a pool-running blog, I have quite a few posts dedicated to things that are useful for pool-running. However, there are quite a few things out there that are NOT necessary, IMHO. Waterproof earphones As I've noted previously, a waterproofed iPod is fantastic for pool-running. It may just be your best friend. I've tried both waterproof headphones and ultracheap normal headphones. Save your money. St Thomas shows how what we know of Mind can also be said of God, and the ways in which God as uncaused cause must transcend what we understand of the operation of Mind. e. what he understands about intellect, and the human mind in particular.

When we understand this, understanding the theology might be a bit easier.

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The RMSO posted this video of the images and videos they collected over winter from an area they call Sasquatch Canyon.

Religious Art & Pornography is one of those blogs we like to present because it is a really "curious, weird, sexiest, funny, crazy and interesting site". At Religious Art & Pornography you'll find a bizarre collection of diptychs that blend ancient religious art and contemporary pornography. Elm. Muschlechner, along with friends, were celebrating the New Year when some type of altercation occurred between the people in the vehicle she was driving and an SUV. After attempting to drive away, someone in the SUV shot at the vehicle Mutschlechner was driving and hit her in the head. The really terrible part of this story is that since Muschlechner was not drinking, her friends picked her as the designated driver. At that time, altercations were a part of life. But I do not remember anyone pulling out a gun to kill someone else just because they were mad. Just to ice the cake, the NEJM also set up a reader poll on the subject. Its introduction stated, we invite you to put yourself in the role of editor and help us decide about the suitability of three hypothetical potential authors of review articles for the Journal. However, as noted first in a post on the HealthNewsReview. Just to add to that volume, here are a few short takes on health care shenanigans reported this week. " Said US attorney Pat Meehan, "Hidden financial agreements between PBMs and drug manufacturers and health plans, along with the bottom-line pressures of management, can influence which drugs patients receive, the price we all pay for drugs and whether pharmacists serve patients with their undivided professional judgment. Medco also was accused of destroying patient prescriptions when its mail-order pharmacies did not fill them as quickly as required by its insurance plan contracts. One of the doctors, dressed as Santa, sits in one of the nurses' stations in a big red chair, surrounded by medical assistants and nurses dressed as elves. Hundreds of neighborhood children line up with their parents to sit on Santa's lap and receive an age-appropriate gift which has been lovingly wrapped by clinic staff over the last few weeks. Across the park at the Senior Center yesterday, my wife was involved in a toy distribution project which gives age-appropriate gifts to local grandparents, ensuring that each elder has at least one toy for each of their grandchildren. Privately, Mary and I are raising money for a Jamaican friend who is trying to finish building his humble home before the winter rainy season begins. RESEARCH PAPER ASSIGNMENT The final written assignment in this course is the production of a formally documented research paper. Writing a research paper seems like a daunting task, but if you understand the process that you are undertaking, and if you break the work into steps, producing such a paper is more easily achieved. However, a case is necessarily a simplification of the real situation. Sometimes, actual courses of action are taken for reasons not apparent from the case. It is expected that your answers to all questions should be based on the case, unless further information is provided. It is likely that you cannot find direct answers from the case to some questions. You will need to seek implications from the case information. I was at a baby shower a while ago and the room was festively decorated with balloons and streamers in blues, yellows and a hint of pink. I was just taking in the decorations when a womyn appeared behind me and shrieked, “Pink?! She’s having a BOY!!” I did not give her the reaction that she wanted because I gave her some version of my who cares face. So, she turned around to another group of womyn and shrieked again. I can not begin to describe how ridiculous I think it is to pre-determine gender roles for our children. This is why it is interesting to hear the announcement this week from toy manufacturer HASBRO, that they would be introducing a gender neutral version to their Easy Bake Oven. Oh my gosh. Am I the biggest slacker, or what?!? Well. She's done. She's finally done!!! I'd like to introduce you to. Little squares sashay around big squares in this patchwork quilt design. And as promised back in this post, three of you win a free pattern for suggesting that perfect name! Ryanamysmom, Kadybug and b davis: if you're listening please send me your snail mail addresses and I will get these patterns in the mail to you! Thank you sooo much for helping me with the name. There were so many great ones to pick from. Tek kelimeyle harikalar! İçine ve üzerine mavi haşhaş tohumu/poppy seeds de ekliyorum, çok yakışıyor. Termosta çayımızı da aldık yanımıza. Here are some high-quality scans of the Free HMV Magazine "the music & movie master" issue no. The Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II. Alaska Airlines image Remember a few years back when Alaska Airlines painted a jet as a giant Alaska Chinook salmon? Well, the Seattle-based carrier and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute have teamed up to do it again. Easy and creamy lemon pie. The loveliest vow renewal I ever did see. Eye candy: The Pantone Project. Geometric wedding inspiration for the modern bride. Mmm, strawberry ginger punch sounds like the perfect summer cocktail. The best outdoor summer activities for kids. Here at CALLANAN hats, we do not design hats in anticipation of attracting an audience. We know our audience, and we design with HER in mind. Idag fikk jeg en overraskelse på posten. Et paket lå og ventet i postkassen når jeg kom hjem. Det var mine Hoya stiklinger. For en overraskelse og ekstra glede. Til min hage når frosten er over, mente avsender. Så glad jeg ble. I wish I could say I've been more in tune with what's going on outside my little world, but I haven't. hence the reason I'm excited to see this latest "feedback post" submitted regarding one of the art lessons for sale in my store. Now I'm going to google "Super Moons" - Thanks Mr. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. single. piece of paper AND every. single. stamp.

at the BOTTOM of this BLOG POST.

I was very fortunate to receive some help from someone I respect and am following his advice to chase away the dark clouds that have been hanging around recently. The steps I am taking are simple ones that will give me a sense of control over my situation. This person helped me to see that there are areas of my life that I can control and that is where my focus needs to be now. I have always been good about getting enough physical activity in the past, but have allowed that effort to slip in recent months. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. ever court opposition. God forbid we should do so. Some zealots seem bent on making religion objectionable. And then endure whatever you have to endure with the greatest possible meekness. Congrats to the 'toothy' one on her landslide victory over Greens at the Mt Albert by election. Watch this space. It's happening here, and before you can blink, it will happen to you. Where you will most definitely not see it is next door to Odumbo, Clinton, Kerry, or any of the other pigs that think this is such a great idea. From Mr. Kersey: Dear Mr. Good morning, happy Tuesday. As of this afternoon we see pretty gusty side shore winds. Surf is glassy and small today, bring your longest board. It is averaging a few feet in the channel/groin, around knee high. I'll update this report with any condition changes. Just a reminder to pack your trash!!! PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Respect the Beach. Did they utilize the whole off-track handle in an effort to inflame opinion against the inequity? Can't tell. They didn't address how they arrived at their figures. Given that we are not informed what method NYRA used to calculate their off-track wager retention rate, any discussion of how much money would be left relies on facts not yet in evidence, i. e.

It could be much, much less.

Two more scans of Michael Liberatore. Photos by Per Bernal. .