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Ben Bernanke's recent post "Germany's Trade Surplus is a Problem" got me thinking about "global imbalances" again.

I'm still not sure what to make of the issue.

May as well think out loud. The word "global imbalance" sounds ominous. What does it refer to? Let's start by thinking "locally," as in an economy consisting of you and me. Suppose we both work producing a good that each of us desire. From my perspective, any goods you ship to me are "imports. " From your perspective, the goods shipped to me constitute "exports. Oh, this also happened, very recently. And this happened some time ago. Attacks on a variety of DC area running routes. Just another reader of local media. As the all-new Indian motorcycle is revealed later this year, new dealerships will be opening as well. Indian Motorcycle dealerships will continue to honor the brand's historic legacy and provide riders with premium products and services. Look for new Indian Motorcycle dealerships throughout the U. S. In this bigfoot encounter story, the sasquatch left behind dead mice wrapped in bundles of grass. Weird. Parabreakdown weighs in on strange images of an alien/demon-like creature reportedly shot by farmers. IS this the real thing? If these creatures live among us, I'm locking the doors. . I think it was build by one of ze German members of the Chopaderos. It probably weights a zillion pounds but this guy knows how to bend tubes and has some crazy nice ideas. courtesy of singtao. In the film he even had a chance to work on love scenes with artists Coffee Lam Chin Yu, Anita Chui Bik Ka, Ashina Kwok Yik Yui and Jessy Li Ziyan. The film had a sex fantasy scene, in which he imagined that he made out passionately with Jessy and Coffee. Wong Chung Hiu praised Jessy for her effort in her sexy dance and displaying long legs. Wong Chung Hiu in the film also had a car rocking scene with Chui Bik Ka. He said, "She was busting out, giving everyone a lot of visual satisfaction. S. Women's soccer team advances to the finals against the French Team on Wednesday…. ". He's strong and decisive, I'm soft and indecisive. He's confident and doesn't let anything get in his way. I'm very wishy-washy. But I see the good in everything. I think I help him see the positive side in things as well, while he keeps me strong and makes me more confident. We both love quietness. We are both home bodies. While we are very opposite in some ways, we are very alike in other ways.

I will admit, it took us several years to see eye-to-eye.

Get the look. I finally got the chance to cook up a few of the catfish I caught this summer. Made a batch of hushpuppies too. Seasoned the catfish with a cornmeal mix. Un leggero miglioramento delle condizioni meteomarine sta consentendo l'effettuazione di qualche collegamento da Milazzo verso Vulcano - Lipari - Salina. Researchers at the Mummy Project-Fatebenefratelli hospital in Milan, Italy, established that one of Min's priests at Akhmim, Ankhpakhered, was not resting peacefully in his finely painted sarcophagus. That's an LL Bean raincoat her butt is sticking out from under. I swear this beast has radar for finding goretex. If it's got space-age insulation in it, that cat is on top of it. Or under it. Fucker. Ran out of all my pain medication about a week ago, so things have been pretty crappy. We spent Pioneer Day with Matt's family up in Bear Lake and came back home for the legendary Cedar Hills fireworks that weekend. The weekend before, though, we ate lunch at the Lion House Pantry with both of our parents so we could check out our wedding dinner location. Love it.

Despite rain earlier that week, we lucked out and enjoyed beautiful weather on the lake.

We whipped out Bocce for a few games in the sand. Please excuse the following interruption from regular blogging. It's Not Them, It's Us: The government, through the FBI suit, is not attacking Apple, it is attacking us, average American citizens with average American lives. Good Times: After a melee broke out between some protesters and some of Trump's brownshirts, Trump said he was tired of “political correctness” in handling protesters and that the offending individuals should be ejected. The goal is no longer productivity, it’s employment. Putting people back to work is an admirable goal, but this suggests his re-election campaign and not the American worker was the true focus of the effort. The first goal of players in the game of national politics is to stay in the game. Everything else is secondary. Been There, Done That: The man who presided over post-default Argentina's finances advises Greece to “default, and default big. I'm on about a three-month schedule for cleaning the toilet bowl, but Dave cleans it more like weekly, so it never needs it when I think to check. In general, I would say he is much tidier. Whichever, it has been pointed out that I'm not always holding up my end with the housecleaning. And since that is undoubtedly true, I have decided to do my part by leaning on the cat a little more. She's really slacking. I will allow that Tater is practically a genius at getting most of the important stuff into the litter box, even without it having been explained to her, and that was pretty exciting for a while, because the previous cat was very unclear on the concept. Still, this doesn't get it to the curb. bitsandpieces misscellania.

If you do not pray, then send hope and grace out into the universe on Jane's behalf.

If you can afford to, please donate in Bruce's name to an ALS fund. Please visit and give your love to Jane and her family. parking on the Cambrian apron. Hello Ai fans! It's that time of year again. I make the cards for all of them. Here's the first one. InLinkz. The last night we were in Fredericksburg we went to the Big Band Bash at the Hill Top Cafe. Hill Top is "inconveniently located in the middle of nowhere". I do believe that quote is attributed to it's owner Johnny Nicholas and his wife Brenda. It's well worth the drive for the food, the music and the eclectic ambience. The pies are legendary. I had the warm blackberry cobbler with a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream. Heaven on a plate! This little vintage former gas station turned cafe has received accolades from Zagat, Texas Monthly and Southern Living. I knew we had to visit this cafe while in Fredericksburg and we timed it just right because the last night of our stay was the first night of the Big Band Bash to raise money for college scholarships for Fredericksburg performing arts students and to help them buy band instruments and funding to attend workshops. A big thank you to Grace for agreeing to go under our spotlight. I live both there and in Nottingham where I attend University. I also work part-time. I am an animal lover, particularly of my black, fluffy cat called Conan, and I fully intend to one day be a crazy cat lady. I filled it with very important things such an inventory of my toys and plans of Saturday – plait My Little Pony’s mane, Sunday – rearrange Barbie house furniture – clearly planning has always been part of me. I didn't quite know what to expect when I sat down to read Justin Cronin's City of Mirrors. This was the final installment in the trilogy, and I was curious to see how the author would bring all the storylines together and tie up all the loose ends. Hopefully we would get the sort of grand finale that would blow our minds. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Again, some portions of this third volume are awesome and page-turning. But the endgame and its aftermath are decidedly over the top and kind of a letdown. Here's the blurb:You followed The Passage.

You faced The Twelve.

What is Full Spectrum War? First off it is not Total War. This form of war is one that has seen Sherman's March as part of a Grand Strategy to remove the South's productive capacity to support war as one of its modern forms.

In Ancient time's Hannibal's attack on Rome to remove its capacity to wage war was an earlier form of this.

Economic attrition is at the heart of Total War and the faster it is done the faster the conflict ends. Full Spectrum War is not Total War. I can't believe I peed on this today:. Gingrich had a very active career as a liar and con man outside of the Sunday circuit, and as such would regularly generate enough toxic wattage around his person that no sane producer in a sane world would let him near their teevee program. Or, if booked him on your show after another one of his vile, public demagogic outbursts , in any world where journalists practiced actual journalism surely they would want to, y'know, ask him about it. Except the reason is not inexplicable.

It is merely terrible and sad.

There is a Club. And unrelated to the photo above but still interesting, here is a cool new street fashion blog from Manchester: manchester looks. The point to Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewKirtsy'd Pick O' the Day: Please vote for this one from IF Optimist. Then?. What just may be the most helpful IVF transfer post ever in terms of letting you know what to expect AND ideas on how to make it special. Cost-Benefit Analysis and cost effectiveness are frequent topics in medical articles. Students should have a basic understanding of what they are. To ascribe a numerical value to someone's "quality" of life, may be thought of as more of an act of hypertrophied hubris than scientific precision. CBA is based on Neoclassical economic theory and much of Formaini's effort is aimed at pointing out the fallacies of that approach. CBAs etc are usually presented in medical journals as "scientific papers", physicians writing editorials often assume the role of policy consultants based on these analysis. .