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Oh Boy! Here goes. after prompting from one of my T.


I. P. T sisters I am going to attempt this blogging thing. I'm following Nicole's excellent example and sticking to weekday blogging from now on. As you know, I've been thinking hard about the place of blogging in my life. For the sake of my husband and children, I've decided to stop blogging most weekends. I'd say "goodbye until Monday", but I've got today's post to publish first. after that, see you Monday!. Now I know you've been following my Olympians sketches every day with bated breath, right? Well, the last few days I've been showcasing the self-rejected portrait covers I initially conceived of for the series, as well you all know.

Well, today's piece is what I thought of for the back cover of the Athena portrait from yesterday.

'LIFE' director Anton Corbijn posted about the movie and it's first still in his official site about a month ago and mentioned Rob. Here's what he had to say:LIFE This photograph is our first publicity shot from the film LIFE that i am currently shooting in Canada and USA. In the back of the car sits Jimmy as played by Dane DeHaan and in the passenger seat is Dennis, played by Robert Pattinson. Both guys are fantastic and are giving the film very good energy despite the very harsh winter we encountered in Canada. Via. Is he the right age for the character? Does he feel convincing as a screen presence? Obviously you need someone with charisma to hold the audience for the entire movie. He's in every scene without exception, that's unusual. You want someone proven, who people want to watch, who will never be boring. I knew I would be crawling all over his face for the entire movie, so I wanted someone whose face is constantly changing, through all the angles. And he had to have chops for tricky dialogue. The art of casting is to intuit, to see from what he's done before that he could do this. It is a small place, but well lit and fresh, modern and clean looking.

The background music is not too loud either.

It is the first bar I can indulge in my durian obsession sins. Or maybe not.

A recent study found that modern man is a lot like Cro-Magnon Man.

Emphasis on "man. "The research by an Australian university determined that "upper body strength in adult males is a crucial variable that appears to have impacts on a wide range of mental mechanisms. Long time passing Minne kukat kadonneet Long time ago Minne kukat kadonneet Gone. the flowers are all gone. via. I knew I wanted to do something with airplanes so I was SUPER excited when I found these decals on Amazon. An appeals court agreed with the prosecutors and imposed an additional five years to Veronica's sentence. You either pretend to have a weapon or threaten to beat the owner up. Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in fisheries management and Master’s degree in fisheries science. He also has substantial expertise in the Alaska Board of Fisheries process, years of experience in salmon enhancement planning and project development, a solid understanding of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, and intimate knowledge of the budget process and the various fund sources that make up the division’s budget.

His education and experience will be a valued addition to the leadership team.

Scott will begin by representing the department at the Board of Fisheries Work Session in Anchorage. Many thanks to Forrest Bowers for stepping forward to act as director during the last few weeks while recruitment efforts were underway.

Hey everyone.

awhile back I wrote asking or inspiration and in this post you will see I got exactly what I asked for. and YOu will be inspired too. She has given me permission to print this. So, it's a fine time to do it.

White, as a color name in English, goes back through Old English and eventually traces to several older Scandinavian languages that mean 'bright' or 'shiny'.

There's a really interesting listing of idioms using the term white, and when and how they came about, here. The oldest form of white paint or pigment would have been chalk, and related soft, white ores. It's available pretty much world wide, often on the surface, so it's not what you'd call hard to find. Flint, which was used for tools before the invention of metallurgy, is often found in a chalky matrix, so there you go. By Samuel Hawkins I was shoved into a cell, with no mattress, no bed, no clothes. The guards told me not to turn around, and I didn't. I heard the cell door close behind me. The handcuffs were my only attire. I expected that the guards would open the slot in the door and order me to back up to the "cuff port" so that they could remove my handcuffs. I was wrong. When I looked over my shoulder they were gone. Moments before I had had an entourage of guards surrounding me, jerking my body in whatever direction they wanted me to go. Now resistance was no longer an issue. I had fought my fight. Leeds Castle has a Dog Collar Museum. Mrs.

Gertrude Hunt most generously presented her collection of collars to the Leeds Castle Foundation in memory of her husband, John Hunt, the distinguished medievalist.

Hey guys. Enjoy!. IT’S A WONDERFUL THING about human nature that we tend to erase most of the bad things from our memory and remember mostly the good things. I was reminded of this recently when I read the foreword to Frank Dye’s book, Sailing to the Edge of Fear. I mean eccentric in the best possible way, of course, because he sailed for decades in conditions that most of us would hate. The cold and the rain and the stormy seas of the frigid north never bothered him. Lawrence. His book is the story of this trip, and to be frank, it’s not a very good book unless you are fascinated by dinghy cruising and camping. Otherwise, it’s more like a repetitious journal or ship’s log. His real thriller is Ocean Crossing Wayfarer, which will scare the wotsit out of you. In the foreword to this book, she describes those years as the “happiest and most hellish” times of her life. But it’s the happiest memories that stay with her. After utilizing a portion of my warchest, it's time to wait for the kill for the remaining portion of my warchest. It's not easy to look at your portfolio and see it decimated week after week, but I think I took a depression and several years thereafter to get the lesson that the market is trying to teach me when I paid my tuition fees involuntarily. These are lessons that have to be taken eventually. Life has a habit of throwing you obstacles when you think that everything is going smoothly. Learning to take things in stride, especially when you can do nothing about it, is an essential skill. Let's focus on the things we can do. I'm not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me. " Most of the time, my thoughts are on various topics. It's not enough to blog a full article about it, hence there will be times that I would have to 'discharge' my thoughts out so that I can stop mulling over it. This is one of the times. I wonder what is the reason for me to start this blog. I looked back and see if my initial reasons are still the same. It's still the same reason - it's for my own record. If it helps me defray some of my costs for maintaining it, that's good. Time for blog hoppin on this fine Tuesday with RRR. You should have found your way here from Teresa's blog. Awesome club ribbons this month. I created another Prim bingo card using some Patriotic goodies I have been stock piling. I used both the navy diamond and the sailor boat motif ribbons from the club assortment on my project. I also wound the new May arts navy and red string around my chipboard star for some texture. I added gold accents which work perfectly with these colors I think. I wanted a lot of dimension so I added foam adhesive to the underside of my image and stars. This week in AFS. I usually don't stitch the same design twice, but somethime happens, so I did this beautifull La d Da kit for the second time. Only one difference: I used a different color of linen, the first one was on brown and I framed it, for the second I used green gray linen and finished it as a little pillow. Here is a little sneak peek at the mini Christmas living room on a vintage shelf in my breakfast room. I planned to show you this after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't wait to show you the mini Christmas stockings I made. The tree is not up in this mini living room yet, but will be by the end of this week. See my sidebar for more details. Bentley and I are planning lots of Christmas cheer in every room including the front and back porches, so don't miss it! Metamorphosis Monday Tweak It Tuesday Inspire Me Wow Us Wednesday Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. We’ve been in this new house for ten months now.

It’s really hard to believe we’ve been here that long!! So, I’m finally getting to my list of quilts and other home decor projects needed to fill in the blank wall spaces I laid clam to… like this one!! So, I just finished this small wall quilt for my blank wall on the second floor landing !! I used only stash fabrics, which makes me really happy!! Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers.

The petals, stems, leaves and bugs were attached with a fusible, then I sewed around the edges and created veins and flower centers by machine. Encore un mois inside. Encore un mois au chaud. Encore un mois ou seulement un mois. Last night it was some kicks in the same spot Food cravings: ChocolateGender: I really think girl. Labor Signs: NopersBelly Button in or out? InnieWhat I miss: Not having a headache nearly every dayWhat I am looking forward to: Daddy being able to feel those kicksWeekly Wisdom: Never take a moment of this special time for grantedMilestones: Again, each week feels like a giant milestone in itselfI bought a few baby-related items yesterday. I was at a toy store and couldn't resist this little Mama/baby kangaroo Ty beanie baby. I have been telling Tom how I feel like a kangaroo, carrying our sweet Joey. I also told Tom he will now be referred to as Boomer-since that is what a Daddy kangaroo is called. I participated in several swaps this past December for the new Occasions Catalog and Sale-a Bration Here are a few Valentine's ideas from some great fellow Stampin Up! Demonstrators!All of them use something from the Sealed with love bundle! ENJOY!!!. Here is the make and take from the Orlando regionals. I was so excited to craft and make some stuff I decided I would change it up. Still a really cute treat pouch!Recipe:Stamps: new soon to be released. Paper: Baja Breeze, Old olive, tangerine tangoInk: baja breezeAccessories: Eyelet punch, flower embosslet, corduroy button, sanding block. Hello My Friends! We are busy at the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton, CA today, but I thought I'd share with you that we've released THREE new Sizzix products designed by some girl named Stephanie Barnard. Birthday Cake Framelits and StampsOrnate Flip-it Card DieOrnate FramelitsCheck out the website for more info on these new products! And just because Ken and I aren't at the office today, we have a handful of employees there packing orders. Alice + OliviaChado Ralph RucciConcept Korea, via nymag. Crew, via nymag. Until a couple days ago, I had never heard of these amazing sandwiches which are native to the Mexican State of Pueblo.

These might look like a hamburger but don't be fooled.

They are an explosion of flavors which will make your taste buds sing. They are a festival of flavors. You could use store bought hamburger buns to make these but a true cemita is eaten on a rich, fluffy bun after which the sandwich is named. I like to use homemade bread and rolls when I pack The Blog Techs lunch each day. So, each week I bake some bread and different rolls to use each day. I changed the topping to include one whole egg instead of just an egg yolk. This spreads better than using just the yolk. These are just the best sandwich rolls. I freeze them and just pull one out when needed. Stay warm wherever you are! I want to crawl inside a warm bun!. The Dec. It did not go unnoticed that one of the authors is Dr. MJ Fine who is credited with the Fine PSI. The authors concluded that a "high intensity" intervention increased the proportion of "low-risk"patients with pneumonia who were treated as outpatients.

Importantly they listed numerous contraindications to outpatient treatment.

These conditions trumped the PSI.

I realized that messages from one apparition frequently contradicted messages from another. One truth that logic and the Church teaches is that God cannot contradict God. This realization brought about a new discipline - the testing of spirits of mystics and seers. Message to others:I found center of the life Labyrinth its God Near the place called the City of Crocodiles", that he considered to surpass the pyramids: It has twelve covered courts — six in a row facing north, six south — the gates of the one range exactly fronting the gates of the other. Inside, the building is of two storeys and contains three thousand rooms, of which half are underground, and the other half directly above them.

I was taken through the rooms in the upper storey, so what I shall say of them is from my own observation, but the underground ones I can speak of only from report, because the Egyptians in charge refused to let me see them, as they contain the tombs of the kings who built the labyrinth, and also the tombs of the sacred crocodiles.

The roof of every chamber, courtyard, and gallery is, like the walls, of stone And so many of you are stuck in one room or another,move on,let that room be.