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This will require an updated adapter and updated software.

Hopefully these are clear enough so you can make your own. The two unused pins are for optional green LED's. Several people have asked for a scrolling version of the software for the Cadaces modules to work with an Arduino processor. There is a house I walk past on my morning walks. The bricks are chocolate brown, the cream paint peeling and unmatching. The house stands on a flat parallelogram of over-grown lawn, surrounded by dying plants and untrimmed shrubs. There's a cream vinyl sofa against the side fence near the Hills Hoist. A family has moved in. The father or grandfather often stands alone outside the house. Brindle-bearded, he wears a large turban. He stands, hands behind back, and stares at the sky, the trees, and surreptitiously at the people passing by. Our ReNew Hope Prison Crusade week in Alabama started off great and we were anticipating a full week of prison services. As always we enjoyed the morning devotional time on Monday and spending time with friends afterwards. On Tuesday the ice and snow started. The hotel lobby was home to school books, instruments, and people. Derek Woods is a photographer and filmaker with a great portfolio featuring a bunch of my favourite models: Cam Damage, Alycia Lex, Krysta Kaos, Hattie Watson. among others. My specialty is People Photography and characters in Musik, Movie and Advertising. m. and has found no sign of any suspicious person or suspicious activity. m. of a possible armed subject seen at the school. The School Resource Officer assigned to the school worked with school administrators to initiate a lock down of students and teachers and then immediately began searching, beginning with the media room where the armed subject was reportedly seen.

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My sprucing up the garden shed project continues. I showed you here how I printed the fabric with kids foam. I've finally gotten to sewing a couple quick seams on each piece of canvas. I didn't do any fancy sewing - I just sewed each side seam, stuffed in the foam and tucked it in all around. I know how to make fitted cushions but because these won't last that long outside, the less labor the better. I'm basically happy how the fabric came out and looks on the cushions. For a first try, I will even say it was a success. The sunflowers we grow were the inspiration. The scale of our landscape here is pretty vast and our little shed always looks lost sitting in front of the big hill. Aesthetically, a huge old red barn would look better to my eye. It cannot be purchased with jewels mounted in fine gold". Observation:Job is speaking about wisdom and understanding in this chapter. Here he talks about the value of wisdom. He has heard his friends speak and doesn't think they have used much wisdom. Here he speaks of just how valuable wisdom is. Application:Wisdom is so incredibly important in our lives. Word on the street has it that those cones are on the balconies for safety. The most shopping I do in life seems to be at the grocery store.

Actually, that fact is still true to this day.

However, most yummy jams in Korea are really expensive. I suppose my exciting flavor change of the week is finding Yuja flavored yogurt on sale at Lotte Mart. Yuja or 유자 is a tangy form of a lemon. Out here they like to turn it into tea and other things. I especially like Yuja Cha, but wonder about the sugar content. Sidney Rink. Just a short post today because I'm a bit busy, but I do have a few things to update you on. Most readers would know that Sharon was very sick last year and a couple of times we thought we might lose her. It was really frightening but thankfully she survived after a long stay in hospital. She's been back helping me behind the scenes here, especially with the apron swap, and on the forum, but she's still sick and may have to go back to hospital. She's also supporting another member of her family in their illness. I would like everyone to give Sharon a cyber hug and let her know how much we appreciate her and her work here. I never was much of a sporty person. I find most sports games boring, though oddly I like the idea of making snacks and serving drinks to the guys while they watch the game.

Luckily not being sporty has helped me have a soft body which makes it easier to pass! Super!.

SR club of Sweden. Found this in my book marks folder so it's kind of old but never tired.

allowing your kids to watch too much Gordon Ramsey when.

They start pretending to be eating/tasting food and also pretending to spit it out and yell at each other about how terrible it is. Too funny. Now if they could only be as clean as he is I'd be set. Did I mention that before? Well, I've probably dropped hints about it. " I guess I have always had a problem taking much of the grown up stuff seriously. You see, for adults there are all kinds of rules and accepted behaviors that I think really conspire to make us all into neat and predictable people. I like neat. Not at all in a criminal or negative sense, mind you. An easy recipe for children - Potato Chips with Pine.

Enjoy it along with your kids in the kitchen.

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Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

Add Chopped parsley and chopped mint. Serve hot. Lawrence the Roman is by Point Given, and he's the seventh career stakes winner for the sire. - Score one for the morning line oddsmaker at Hollywood Park. I figured that if I decorated for Fall, the Autumn Gods would take notice and drop the temps a few degrees. It didn't work. At least I'm decorated.

Four racks of these cookies are now packed up and checked off the list.

I hung one of my mirror chains out front and it is magical when the sun hits it in the morning. We are heading out on a road trip tomorrow and I am hoping to find my first pumpkins to add to the mix. FM Mini's are here. lately we've been getting a lot of requests for our FM Mini's for parties that we want to put them on the regular menu. Hello everyone!! Today I have a fun summery birthday card to share. I love the delicate lacy butterfly background.

This is such a pretty die.

I always like to let my project tell me what size bow to use. This card wanted a dainty small bow.

I really like how it looks.

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