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Photos: e-magDECO.

Today I'm really in the mood for something like this.

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Here are the artists whose work was on display at the festival.

Above, Eva Walsh's installation of cast deer jaw-bones. Eva cast some in beeswax, which she painted gold and some in uranium glass. Under UV light, these glowed a bright green, casting an eerie fairy-tale light in the space. Helen McBride's photographs. Helen took dark double exposure photographs of animals, the moon and other subjects.

An installation from my own selection of puppets and taxidermy.

Shad Bay, Nova ScotiaI don't know about you, but when each of my parents died, I got what I took as a sign. In my mother's case, it was a glorious sunrise. A few minutes after Mum passed, the nurse opened the curtains in her room to reveal an absolutely exquisite dawn. At the time, I knew in my heart it was my mother saying she was okay. Last week, my neighbour told me to watch for a sign after Gordon's father died. I was a bit frustrated when nothing happened during the first few days. By the day of the cremation and service, I figured I wasn't going to get my sign. It was a chilly Tuesday when we drove to the chapel in downtown Toronto. When we arrived at the cemetery, it was icy and cold, and I got out of the car and went straight to the back door to help Mom out. And as I turned around, I saw it: a huge gravestone with the name "Campbell" inscribed across the top. We had inadvertently parked right next to a stone that bore my father-in-law's surname. It was my sign!Now, I know full well this can all be put down to coincidence. I thought this blog post was definitely worth sharing: belgrade-brooten-elrosa jaguars, belgrade-brooten-elrosa school. popsugar. Today while hunting for freebies I found the link to this video of Anita Renfroe on Sophia Davies blog. I think it's hysterical and am still laughing. Just Announced. Each of these models is made of diecast metal with only a few plastic parts. White, Red, and Orange! If you can't choose, just get all three. O. Prospect in ActionLet us get the game stuff out of the way first. I look forward to interviewing this young man because he came over to North America BEFORE he was drafted by an NHL team which is rare these days. Thanks to all who played along in our August Mojo Madness contest! For those of you just joining us, we have contests with prizes the first Monday of each month. The rest of the weeks we just play for fun and inspiration. Pamela S. U. E. With its mix of Belle Époque, neo-Islamic and Art Deco apartment buildings, its roundabouts ornamented with statues, its glittering cafes and elegant shops, the area was once known as “Paris on the Nile”. But in recent decades the neighbourhood has lost its upper-class cachet, and its architecture has been damaged by misuse and neglect.

Now private investors and government authorities are putting in motion plans to protect and renovate the neighbourhood.

It's Friday! That means a FREE cut file for You! Visit CreativeScrappers. myshopify. “Where is all the singing? I thought people would be singing in the streets.

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"If you plan to leave us alone with your bags, you had better tip generously.

"The idea for this one was donated by a friend, Derek. It appealed to me because as a kid I enjoyed riding on luggage carts, and my wife still regularly does it when we visit fancy hotels. I'm usually the one pushing her around while she swings on the bar and howls like a monkey until security asks us to stop, but occasionally she'll talk a bellhop into doing it as she lies curled up in the fetal position among the luggage, as stone-faced as a statue.

I've had her delivered to the room with the luggage many times, but I'm never sure how much to tip.

CHNW likes to push the adage about the customer always being right to its limits. This ROM includes a lot of mods to modify the device as per your wish and tweaks to run the OS as smooth as possible. It is More Optimized ROM than any other Custom ROM for this device. It works smooth and stable. This is not an official release by Samsung, but just a custom ROM which would require a custom recovery like CWM in order to flash the ROM zip file on your phone. All is unfolding precisely as divinely planned and intended, there are no other options. Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken spiritually, and evidence of that choice is appearing all across the world and is being reported on by many news and alternate news sources. Underlying all the disturbing or unsettling events is an intense desire and will for change, and that is what is driving humanity powerfully forwards towards awakening. Your awakening is imminent! Expect it because you have chosen it, and know that your choice is confirmed by your constant intent to terminate the game of separation which does not serve you. All that anyone need do is allow It to enter. It desires to fill those empty, lonely, and abandoned spaces that have been locked closed due to fear and free them from their fear. .