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I finally got around to starting a blog today for two unrelated reasons. " One of his examples. The greatest volcanic eruptions that we know of changed world temperatures somewhere between. Paul emphasizes again that God is faithful, who will do what He has promised to do.

Paul is confident that God will establish the Thessalonians’ faith and make it sure and certain, keeping them from the wicked and unreasonable men who oppose the gospel of Christ, mentioned previously.

I have spoken before about how the word “evil,” is used to refer to not only sinful iniquity, but to malice and violent intent. The National Marine Fisheries Service has temporarily reallocated the projected unused amounts of Pacific cod in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands to assure that this year’s total allowable catch of Pacific cod is harvested. The decision, announced on Sept. The reallocation will be in effect through Dec. The fishery is managed according to the fishery management plan for groundfish of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands management area prepared by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council under authority of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. Officials say salmon fisheries in Oregon and California “look particularly promising,” thanks to good river conditions and excellent ocean conditions for salmon. Fishery managers expect chinook returns in the Sacramento, Klamath and Rogue rivers at “significantly higher” levels than the past several years, and the Oregon coast coho forecast is also strong. There is a caveat: fishery alternatives are, they noted, “necessarily constrained” to protect Sacramento River chinook and Columbia River coho stocks on the endangered species list. Hey everybody ,NOTE: Have been hearing some cars have A and B scheme colors on them. But one at least of my believed to be A scheme cars has Red along the side. Plus B sheme evidence. I'd just about bet some of these cars came through the line with both scheme colors. And when it was paint "White" day they went off these sheets and painted white over the appropiate color. Some of the guys are seeing old build sheets cut in have with designation to build a Sc/Rambler. With Sheme info etc. "Six months after President Raul Castro declared war on the Zika virus in Cuba, a militarized nationwide campaign of intensive mosquito spraying, monitoring and quarantine appears to be working. Cuba is among the few countries in the Western Hemisphere that have so far prevented significant spread of the disease blamed for birth defects in thousands of children. Only three people have caught Zika in Cuba. Thirty have been diagnosed with cases of the virus they got outside the island, according to Cuban officials. Many are now watching to see whether Cuba is able to maintain control of Zika or will drop its guard and see widening infection like so many of its neighbors. Eventually when the bodies started to pile up and it was no longer possible to cover up the epidemic the regime admitted they had a problem. A Cuban independent journalist who broke the story on cholera spent months arbitrarily detained and was recognized as an Amnesty International prisoners of conscience. I'm assured that should be sorted out soon, so we should be all set to continue with our media module. Good marketing and client relations efforts are both practical and ethical. The right message can bring in new clients and motivate current clients to return with more business. The wrong message can spur the loss of a client and potentially cause you to face disciplinary proceedings. Join our webinar, Ethical Marketing and Client Relations, where speakers Sally Schmidt, President of Schmidt Marketing, and Sally Field, Attorney and Legal Professional Liability Leader of Attorney Protective, will share tips, best practices and practical solutions on topics including: model rules that apply to marketing, the importance of good client relations, marketing solutions, and how staff can assist in providing good client relations. You also have access to many sample reviews in periodicals, online, or provided by your instructor. Now, you have finished preparing to write a book review. As a reviewer, your job consists of two parts. Each of these parts demonstrates that you understand the book and possess the qualifications to evaluate it. First, tell your audience what the book is about. You can get the Mikarani flat HERE!. First up, Bre Purposed shared this darling PVC pipe industrial-style table. It's so cute! I'm also loving this fun craft-supply storage tower shared by She's Crafty. Get this! It's made out of old pans and pre-formed table legs. Wreathed in pseudo- sanctity: Meet the new political "messiah". Aristotle wrote that war ennobles man. The modern position is that war debases us.

That’s so much easier to defend and it serves the purpose of excusing us from sacrifice, patriotism or even inconvenience.

But an honest person will have to acknowledge that we live in a Hobbesian world and there are forces which would do us great harm. We depend upon special people to emerge to deal with that threat. We call them heroes. A hero doesn’t plan to be a hero. He doesn’t seek out heroic opportunities usually but neither does he avoid them. When I present ideas to clients in advertising I prefer to show mine in the form of drawings. This is a typical sketch that I would show to a client to convey an idea that I have. It is a certain style i've developed over the years. It's not realistic and it's not really cartoony. It is all draw from my head with no reference. If you were to see other drawings i've done for this purpose you would recognize my style instantly. I just draw away with ink. Little Merrick, who lives next door to me, must have seen my hat and decided he just had to have one too! LOL He certainly looks cuter in his than I do in mine and that's with chocolate chip cookies all over his face.

Made a couple of ATC's this morning - Saudi Sandstorm.

well, I had to do something after the dismal failures of the Batik technique of Hels. Good morning, gents. I added three new pictures to one of my favorite English footballers, Michael Dawson, to the brflines site. Have a great day!. Hello ladies! I'm sorry but I will not be doing a show tonight, I'm super sick but I will make it up to you soon!.

I think most of the upside had been factored in, as it rose up so much before the halt.

It's been a while since the last update on our esteemed mascot, but he has been on top form this week. Still, it was worth a go. Our Phil has also brought some interesting figures to our attention regarding the NHS. Brace yourself, folks. Although I have been on and off with the blogging, mostly because of work, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each of you a Happy Easter!. Hi to you! I will keep this short. I stamped the extra large daisy onto vellum. Cut it out and layered it with some of my vintage laces, and tissue papers. I used the Fabulous phrases for my sentiment. Hope you enjoy, cherry stamps- extra large daisy, Fabulous phrases papers-walmart tissue-Martha stewart stickers-crate paper buttons and ribbon-really reasonable ribbon ink-pti lace-vintage wood clock-michaels adhesive-scrap happy glue. The PrincessThis week, no doubt, a lot of people around the world will remember this lovely lady. I shall be one of them. On the day of her wedding I, like so many others, got up in the middle of the night and sat with my tea and toast to watch the splendor unfold in real time. Newly married myself, the pageantry seemed to me the very essence of fairy tale romance. When I travelled to London for the first time, only six weeks later, the old city still wore the wedding banners and congratulatory signs in its shop windows. In those early halcyon days, no one knew or could have even conceived that her fairy tale was doomed from the beginning. Much has been written and discussed about the feelings expressed during that last painfully sad week, concerning the nature of celebrity, the authenticity of collective mourning, and the stratospheric price of fame. I’ll gladly leave all that to the pundits. No one can dismiss the fact that this was a woman who brought joy into people’s lives, through her spirit, her kindness and yes, her beauty. And as her brother so eloquently stated in his eulogy on that sunny, sorrowful September day, she was taken at her most beautiful. Our Top Spot goes to. oh Wow I get some more questions to answer! I like this game. ^_^Do you have any friends online you talk to who also have blogger? and if so who have your similar sexual interests???Many times many actually! You can find their blog links on the bottom right side under Blogs I Follow. That number increases as time goes by. Do we have similar interests? I think we, for the most part, are united by trans ideas. Many are cross dreamers who revel in the fantastical powers of tg captions.

Others are front line ladyboy soldiers like me who are planting our trans seeds so we can grow like flowers.

"What Is Dead May Never Die" Edition. For sheer yardage gained in the direction opposite of reality on a single play, I've got to give it to Howard Kurtz of Fox News this week. As you may know, Mistah Kurtz's career as a third rate purveyor of media insider gossip was in ashes, until Roger Ailes came to his rescue and added Kiurtz to his vast stable of street-corner dung-hustlers. According to Mr. Ailes' script as it was recited by these persons, the main reasons Real Murricans don't trust the media are, in no particular order. The rain is destroying most of the flowers in the garden. We were asking for some rain a few weeks ago, well now we have it.

There is a lot of work to be done in the garden, mainly deadheading and clearing the weeds, which have up with a vengeance.

We have managed to get out in the garden today, in between the showers, and do some tidying up. I have also managed to take a few pictures of flowers not beaten down by rain . I wish you all a very good week!. Vu sur Flickr. I couldn't resist carrying on the egg theme from my last post. How about some of these cosy re-workings of the basic egg shape for furniture with a difference ? Houzzz It's a sofa with egg shaped pillows! Definitely for the younger crowd. source Do I ever have a spot for this bed! It could get a little cool though on the edge of the Atlantic in May. I think a room with one glass wall would be a better bet. New room addition to the summer house maybe? source You don't have to stretch the imagination much for this bed design. The egg shape in open cutwork is very pleasing as are the curved legs of the tables. The past few weeks in NJ have provided us with some staggering heat. Although it appears we'll get a break next week, there is still plenty of summer ahead. As you and your child venture out to final summer tournaments and get ready to start your travel teams camps, be aware of the environment they are playing in. Playing in high temperature without proper hydration and supervision can prove to be anywhere from bothersome to dangerous. Make sure your child has plenty of water or sports drinks available to them both before and during games and practices. Enjoy quick and easy Middle Eastern food recipes and learn how to make Spicy Chicken Pizza. In a large nonstick skillet, heat cooking oil. Remove from skillet. .