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S. Its good to be back home. We are still under the shadow of Charlotte Brontë's bicentenary: Keighley News suggests a literary walk across Haworth moors until Top Withins: Good moorland paths lead to a famous literary shrine. Start from Penistone Hill Country Park, the car park on Oxenhope-Stanbury road at Tom Stell’s Seat. Penistone Hill’s quarries are now put to use as car parks, offering fine views over the Worth Valley. Rejoin unfenced Moor Side Lane on the north side of the brow, noting that on the brow itself, just up to the left, is Tom Stell's Seat, a gritstone block inscribed with the name of a local rambler. Crossing straight over the road, a path runs to a kissing-gate in a fence and heads away across Haworth Moor, with immediate views over the valley to Stanbury. The university said the release featured a new foreword highlighting the diversity themes and celebrating Charlotte’s place as a strong woman in literature. At my Feb. As I observed at my Aug. "The thing that I like about British music that is different from American music. That is not part of their primary culture as such, and that extra bit in here is the thing that makes it British. But the big difference is that their music is not labelled as Black French, Black Dutch or Black German music. The French are showing their colours. Zouk music began in the French Caribbean but it has unleashed itself to French speaking Africa, Brazil and Cape Verde. Today Maile, Dawn and I have some Stitched Sentiments projects to share with you! You can find all of these new products on the main page at Papertrey Ink! This card just fell together by itself pretty much - love how it all works together.

I used the In Stitches to die cut the embroidery hoop from Sweet Blush cardstock and banner from Rustic Cream cardstock.

I used brown chalk around the edges to give it a cozy, handmade feel, and stamped the Sew Simple Borders across the bottom in Fine Linen ink.

Just love this banner die! Here you can see the inside of the card. It was originally supposed to be the front, but I messed up with the stamping and the leafy stem didn't stamp all the way in the middle. See where the two hearts are stamped? That's where my mistake was. I filled it in with the hearts and made it the inside of the card instead! Love is the Thread That Binds Us card:STAMPS: Stitched Sentiments, Sew Simple BordersINK: Pure Poppy, True Black, Sweet Blush, Aqua Mist, Spring MossPAPER: Rustic Cream cardstock, Pure Poppy Pattern PackDIES: In StitchesOTHER: corner rounder. Finally a Robin! A big hungry one plucking worms out of the lawn near the daylilies. Just one. and he didn’t stick around very long. “She Who Sees Robins First” is my sister in law, she is married to my other baby brother and they live next door. She always sees Robins before me…always. I am kind of a nut about dates. We got the downstairs tree up. This year it will have one stringer of Bubble Lights for the entire season. Last year we put them on the tree for awhile. then we took them off. they get pretty warm. Today I will catch up some with the wildflowers. First the Buttercups or Caltha paulstrus that grows quite freely in wet areas here. They are also called Cowslips and Marsh Marigolds. I always look for these as a signal that winter is finally over, they start blooming in early May and bloom for most of the month.

I found a bunch of Leafy Spurge down by the river.

It is Euphorbia esula. rolls right off the tongue doesn't it? It is a non native, it is an introduced plant from Europe.

Minnesota considers it a noxious weed.

It has a milky sap and is quite poisonous with it's laxative properties. Think pooping yourself to death. Hello Jaguar fans!!! Don't miss out on the action tonight. here's information on our highly-ranked B-B-E wrestling team! Playoffs begin tonight. And here's an advertisement that will be featured on page five of this week's newspaper: And some important sports broadcasting information! Labels: bonanza valley minnesota, bonanza valley voice, Padua Pub. Mmm Mmm good! I can't wait. Wednesday, Feb. m. m. One by one, the drunks were loaded onto a van. At one point, Kevin made a disparaging remark about one of them, an unkempt middle-aged man. The target of the ill-considered jibe fixed Kevin with an outraged look and then "hit me square in the face, knocking me flat on my back," he recalled. You may not have ever been on a flight line filled with dozens of multi-million dollar high performance jets taxiing through narrow taxiways and among the crowds of maintenance vehicles. The answer is we use marshallers. And, this is how they do it:And, on a cold day, a good crew chief can always get his hands warmed with the help of a passing jet. The Alaska Marine Science Symposium is going on all week at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage. It's a massive showcase on dozens of research topics related to the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Here's a program. Warning: It's long and involved. But well worth scanning for items of interest. m. Thursday. A dead detective solving his own murder mystery? Book bloggers are blowing up their pages about TJ O'Connor's unusual perspective of a classic genre.

"The reader is treated to unique antics and seeming magic," says Joseph Arellano from Joseph's Reviews.

" See the full review here. And J. P.

over at CrimeSquad.

Decine e decine di scarpe rosse, e rami di mimosa, sono state posizionate oggi pomeriggio dalle socie della sezione F. I.


A. P. A. Ventisettesima puntata della nostra rubrica. Oggi: Intervista a Mons. Nice morning after misty start. Sash/Symphony. There is a Saxony type duck sitting. Wonder what chicks will be like!. Shea Weber FAILThe more that I get to read about the Shea Weber story then the more I think that this whole situation fails to pass the smell test. The only thing that I can be sure of is that I for one am glad to discover how little character Shea Weber has and that he fits the profile of Philadelphia to the T. Boy to think that I really wanted to see Weber as a Ranger, that's a mistake that I am glad the Rangers avoided. So I wonder other than the Nashville fans who is shocked that Weber is wanting to leave the Predators now? I do so love the hypocrisy of Bill Daly who defended this offer sheet, while at the same time sitting at the negotiation table with the NHL players. Bill Daly, the N. H. L. For those of you just tuning in, spinning is my alternative to Valium. Getting yarn out of it is just a nice side benefit. The husbeast has noticed and remarked on it more than once, and encourages my usual habit of doing some spinning after dinner while he plays with the Goober. When we moved here, one of the first things he did was find me a spinning chair. He pulled a chair out of there, asked if I could use it, and when I said yes, he then fixed it. Basically, he does all he can to help make the spin happen. YouTube link.

More information here.

We have two crickets in our yard, and they are at the five-foot level of our raspberry canes. We can hear them, but we haven't seen them. Many people, including myself until about a week ago, believe they chirp by rubbing their legs together. In my defense, I would add that I have been able to use the word "stridulate" in a sentence for decades. But they don't use their legs. They use a pair of wings. The upper part of one wing is stroked against the nubbly part of another wing. It's the males making the noise. La Rochelle. The very name evokes memories from an adolescent’s afternoon adventure readings. The Three Musketeers. Count Richelieu. The great siege dike. Regional Protestants fighting the centralized authority in Catholic Paris.

Nascent liberty struggling against authoritarianism.

Weather:GloomyMood:GloomyAh!! Blogging is so hard! It is my first time blogging. Wondering why I am blogging? I have this as an assessment. Well let's get to the topic. Is blogging good or bad? I would not say it is entirely good or bad. The good thing about blogging is that it allows people to trash out their feelings than bottling it up inside. I have a confession to make. It is that time of year when we all start having more people over and entertaining.

As always I am looking for ways to go cheap and creative.

Set aside to dry.

I work as a vb. I used to consult, but grew tired of poorly matched engagements. I've done BizTalk in the past, and have touched InfoPath, SharePoint, heavy EDI and other stuff. Hope I can make contributions to the developers out there that have gone bald by constantly pulling their hair out. Here is what I came up with: I ended up reversing the colors making the darker colors on the top, and slowly fading down to the lighter blue on the bottom. I also covered the entire giant feather in Glossy Accents making for a very different vibe. So once I had created this card, I was inspired by the giant glossy finished image which gave me an entirely different idea! So then I used another stamp from this kit to create this card: I decided to use the Glossy Accents to show off the black and white part of this flower and only color it's borders and outlines to portray the colors that it is supposed to have. Maybe I get too carried away with my thinking when I design hahah but you know? I really like how it ended up! So never be too afraid to try something new or something that sounds silly!! Haha. The more you play, the more you know what you like and the better you get at perfecting your own personal style. Il n'y a pas de livret. XANADU, Suspended In Time, I'm Alive, Don't Walk Away et All Over The World. Wishing all my family and friends in blogland a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I made a trip to Meijer and K-mart before the sun came up and I'm looking forward to driving to Julie and Jim's house for a wonderful meal and some quality family time. Have a great day!. Darlings, CC is a huge fan of both elegant entertaining and chic costumes, so she was absolutely delighted to discover Sugar Plum Aprons, a fabulous collection of haute aprons made to delight every fashionista! Some are inspired by classical fairy tales, while others are just pretty pieces designed not only to impress, by to keep your clothing protected while you cook up a storm! Sugar Plum Aprons are exquisitely constructed with top quality materials, and they make amazing gifts for all of your gal pals! CC hopes you enjoy these amazing aprons, all available at sugarplumaprons. Luscious Lemon Meringue. My Vintage Bette. Ooh La La. Party Animal. Prancing Poodle. Sleeping Beauty. It was really interesting festival for us, me, my boyfriend and his father. His father liked it very much. He watched almost all of the events there. I liked the parade. I'd never seen that decorated kiddie cars participated a parade. They were really cute. And there was a mud volleyball. This blog hasn't been particularly active for the last couple years also. My apologies. I will also rewrite and tidy up some of my old posts from here. Thanks for reading!!!. Will barter still be allowed? The Sales Tax People will not be pleased. Will one still be allowed to grow his own tomatoes and other food stuffs? Raids with drawn guns have already happened in some locales on home gardeners.

Here in Arizona citrus that used to be harvested from homeowners to help feed the hungry go to waste now because health laws forbid it… somebody might get sick and sue don’t you know?Will water be rationed? Some States already claim you have no right to keep and use the rain that falls on your roof.

Will home/property ownership still be possible? When one has nothing of value left to trade will he be allowed to live?Did you know that Iraq has issued everyone an “everything” MasterCard? It is how they get paid, spend money, receive goods and services such as health care. Did you know that India is on a campaign to put a chip into every citizen? Did you hear that already people are being turned away from hospital because they only have cash? Some have died. .