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Ready! Wednesday was weird.

First off, my daughter didn't feel well enough to go to school. so I was off work anyway and became the nurse for the morning.

Thankfully, by mid-afternoon she was herself again.

That set of requirements best fit a schedule of repair on some bikes that I had been putting off for a while. I also tackled a swap or two that I had in mind. It was like going to work, except I didn't get paid by my boss for it! Well, at least I benefited from it directly, and hey. Kelly Chen does not ask her brother about his personal life Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kao attend the celebration, as stars want to bring attention to Alzheimer's diseasecourtesy of on. cccourtesy of singtao. Kelly Chen gets kisses from her sons for her birthday courtesy of mingpao. Guests included Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Wu Fung even cut a cake with Mr. and Mrs. Two men from Miami-Dade County were caught in the act of stealing bales of cardboard from a Marathon business in the early morning hours Sunday. Sgt. m. Sunday when he saw a box truck backed into the rear alley behind K-Mart in Marathon. As he pulled up to check on it, he saw two men disappear from sight, hiding behind large bales of cardboard stacked in the alley. The two men were detained. An investigation revealed some stacks of boxes had already been loaded into the box truck. The manager of K-Mart responded to the scene. He said the men did not have permission to take the cardboard. Hiya! It is me Chance the blogging Border Collie. My foot is much better, thank you to everyone who was concerned. I was a little limpy. Then Far Side got out the scissors and made a huge mess and clipped my hairy feet. I did not limp at all yesterday. they are not sure if that helped or if I had a acorn bruise from all the acorns in the yard. or if I tangled with a sharp stick. via. A very excited group of Jaguars high-five one another following their three-game win over Kimball tonight. Becca Gruber aims high for an attack against the Cubs early in game four tonight. In that first game they played outstanding defense.

We're having a yard sale, though we don't really have a yard, so it's really a warehouse/parking lot sale.

Then there are some returns, a bunch of prototypes, a few scratched frames, some discontinued parts, and stuff that's been used on test bikes. All-in-all there are hundreds of items. We want to blow them all out in one day! So most will be priced at about half the regular web site price.

We'll also have frames, and bikes, and parts that our staff members want to sell from their personal stashes.

Ooh la la. There's nothing quite like sipping coffee and solving the world's issues at the same time!"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Mission Stardust is the only film to be based on the long running and voluminous series of German pulp novels featuring the science fiction hero Perry Rhodan. It is universally hated by Perry Rhodan fans for the very good reason that it is quite terrible. In other words, having never read any of the Perry Rhodan books, and thus being free from having to judge Mission Stardust in terms of its faithfulness to them, I found it to be flirting with perfection. In fact, it borrows as much or more of its tone from the Eurospy films of its era as it does from contemporary space travel yarns. Have you ever heard that the media is biased? But, we're talking Associated Press today, not left-wing rags like the NYT or WaPo or even Daily Kos. We're talking about major feed to all of the smaller markets of the US and even the world. Gaza is a perfect example of the sort of failure which the Arafat legacy has meant. The government, of course, produces nothing but is totally dependent upon aid from other nations. Her father, Mohamed Al-Mulla told Al-Rai Daily that it had been an enjoyable afternoon at the chalet until he heard the shrill scream of his little girl. He rushed to her aid and found six stray dogs had bitten off her ear, maimed her face and dragged her across the beach. He toldbazaar it wasn’t the snipers or the dogs that he was angry about. Del Zotto earned the game's second star for his efforts so now that Del Zotto is "healthy" then we want to see more nights like these. That is the price a first round pick has to pay when the microscope is on you. We also do believe that by mid-season that we will be shocked if Del Zotto is still wearing a General's uniform. I neglect the baby. Ha, no, seriously. She's one of those kids who is happy playing with her toys, hanging out, and watching cartoons. I run 'Noggin', a children's educational cartoon channel, so I don't feel like I'm rotting her brain. Someone needs to be in the room with her because she's got a thing for electrical cords, so I spend a lot of time sitting in the living room with cartoons running, reading a book and knitting.

So even with meals and diaper changes and playing with her once in a while, I can still squeeze in a good bit of knitting in a day, if I'm determined.

We usually run errands in the evening with the Husbeast, as a group, so that's still most of the day to knit. A rather glossy production, DOWNTOWN HEAT is a gritty and pretty interesting crime flick. Connors, who started his career in such Roger Corman B film entries as the WIP SWAMP WOMEN, is his usual hard edged self and gives everybody hell.

Alright, now when I first started blogging, it was fun to change colors and of course font colors.

but now I have issues! Serious Issues! I am in LOVE with DIGITAL ELEMENTS! From whom. EVERYONE that makes flowers and nice bright colors digi kits! I Can't stop drooling over them in online stores, in galleries.

I have created a few banners in the past few weeks and well.

The plural of anecdote is not ‘data’. Italy is seen as the largest threat to the euro. Some want the IMF to step in and save Greece the UK with austerity programs and the usual bag of tricks.

Old Receptions have a unique atmosphere, as if the walls ooze with the collective activity that they have long contained.

New Receptions are sterile, the prison equivalent of MacDonald’s.

My property was searched, classified, listed, with distinct piles for that allowed and that forbidden. Overall the process was relatively painless - always a good start in a new nick. Prisoners who smoke and those who do not are, as far as possible, not required to share cells. Each of them was in a cell by themselves and so both lost out badly in this activity. Jayne Mansfield goes to a way out nightclub in SwingingGay Paree. Too fabulous!. Isn't he just the cutest little teddy? Helen sent him to me so he could travel and see the world, so I have made him into a handbag charm so he will be hanging about during my travels to Saudi Arabia in September. Thank you Helen, I love him to bits!!. Good morning. I added a page in the brieflines archive for German footballer, Bastian Schweinsteiger. I added a page for Agustin Calleri today.

The page starts with three photos of him, one of which has been attached to this post.

Sorry for missing an update yesterday, I've got so many deadlines at work that I coulnd't even take five minutes from my day to do an update. Sorry!. He will not be visible, but perceivable. The Snake will divert our focus, but the thundering echo of the Dragon's voice will still be heard by many of us. By me, forever. The following are sentences and quotations I heard around me during this Year of the Dragon. Those who pronounced them will be kept anonymous.

They are not famous people, not writers, not actors, not poets.

In BLOW- UP, Tim Walker takes some of his most beloved portraits and blows them up- filling the walls of Glemham Hall in Suffolk. Thierstein brings the portraits lavishly and languorously to life.

What if these sitters stepped out of the overblown canvases of these portraits? Some of Walker's do.

Walker felt it and when you see them you will too-"There's something ghostly about it, Something of the past. The Walker photographs are sure to be pasted on blogs everywhere.

I look forward to seeing them, and hope that time will be taken to actually explore the paintings Walker blows up.

please-Not just the usual oggling, googling, and omging. EsiZulwini uma sifisela umuntu unwele olude siyaye sithi, “Ukhule uze ukhokhobe. ” Lokhu kushiwo ngoba uma umuntu esemdala kakhulu uyakhokhoba uma ehamba. Ngisho noma ngabe mfishane, noma ngabe mude kuyafana, uma eseguge okwangempela uyakhokhoba uma ehamba. Akukhona ukuthi usuke ekufisela ukuthi uzithole ungasakwazi ukuhamba kahle. Kunenkulumo-ke esijwayelekile kubantu, ngisho nasemisakazweni yesiZulu imbala uzwe abantu bethi, “Ukhule ungakhokhobi. ” Kuyiphutha lokhu. Kasazi noma basuke bekufisela ukuthi uma usugugile ungabe usakwazi ukuhamba kepha uhudulwe okanye uqhutshwe ngenqola, ngoba phela angeke uguge okwangempela kodwa ujike ungakhokhobi uma uzihambela ngokwakho. Kungenzeka basuke bekufisela ukuthi ungafiki kwakufika kulelo zinga lokuguga, kepha usheshe udlule kulo mhlaba. The issue is not "is climate change happening", for it always is and always has. Nor is it about whether carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas or not, because all scientists agree that it is. But, even that didn't work.

In the early morning hours while Bentley is out chasing lizards in the backyard, there is nothing I enjoy more than brewing a mug full of hot tea with lemon and deciding what to have for breakfast.

Usually it's something nutritious like oatmeal with blueberries or a smoothie with yogurt and fruit. But sometimes I just want toast and sometimes it is Texas toast. A big thick slice of it's buttery goodness. Oh I know, it has very little nutritive value and I am sure gluten is hiding in there somewhere, but I don't care.

There are some days when nothing else will do to get this cowgirl going in the morning.

Texas Toast. Love it! Big Texas Hugs, Susan and Bentley. Lovely cute puppies walls-images. Many types of dog wallpaper. Down load HD images of Akita puppies. Beautiful Siberian husky puppies walls. Free down load American Eskimo dog images. Nice and very cute pug dog wallpapers. Animal wallpapers. As many may know Stampin Up is launching My Digital Studio. And there is more. You can change the color of the professional done layouts, alter your brads so they are oval, change the color of buttons, add text easily, have the program load your photos or add them yourself. Not into templates? you can create a page from scratch - like I did. Photo: Lavash RecipeDelicious Lebanese Recipes - The home of tasty, healthy and easy Lebanese recipes & Middle Eastern food recipes invites you to try Lavash Recipe. Lightly butter the back of a half sheet pan using some of the remaining butter. Place the sheet pan, upside down on a surface that will prevent sliding.