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For my card I sponged on some dark blue inks then spritzed it with Spray glitter. I then cut out my image and popped it up on the background. I added a simple bow and button to the fishtail panel. “Long term, people are going to see the whole fish, that there is something to do with every part of it,” says Richard Mullins, a partner with Patrick Simpson, president of Scientific Fishery Systems, Inc. , in Anchorage, in a project on Southcentral Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula to extract nutritious oils and also find uses for the viscera of wild salmon. When the Clean Water Act was first enacted, Alaska got a waiver on dumping fish wastes, he said.

Now the EPA is rethinking that issue, which presents a challenge, but also an opportunity for those involved in Alaska’s fishing industry.

So Mullins and Simpson, who grew up together in Cordova, began looking into such opportunities about three years ago. They are also looking at options for the slurry made from the viscera. Mullins credits the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for its efforts to promote wild Alaska salmon, and spreading the world that salmon oil is good for one’s health. Via. I was the absolute definition of know-it-all fighter pilot. Fridays were X-country launch days. Every student would get a week-end cross-country trip and since there were several times as many students as instructors, IPs could go traveling anywhere the airplane could reach on any week-end we wished. Willy was the best of the nine pilot training bases for a Tweet driver because we could actually get somewhere worth going. First hops took us for refueling and second hops put us on the West Coast at some pretty neat places like San Francisco, LA or San Diego. The problem was getting refueled at that first hop which often was at a base saturated with traffic.

When the afternoon launch flushed us all out, it was tough to get gas and on your way to the Friday night Happy Hour at San Fran.

Michael's Majors. One thing is for sure: as soon as I get a little extra money, this film will be mine. Those are the colors of dreams. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I struggled so with this pieced block that when I was finished, I gave up. I needed a rest and haven’t tackled the smaller blocks yet. You can see how the other/smaller blocks should look like by going to the bottom of this post. How about you? Do you have your blocks finished yet? MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW:The First Annual Jingle Bell Hop will be Monday, Nov. The four shops participating are Attic Window, Pressing Matters, Custom Quilts Unlimited, and Queen Bee. Black Friday Stitch-In will be held Friday, Nov. I held up a bandanna for the husbeast and said, "This look about the size of a cloth napkin to you?" and he said yes, so I thought, "Yay, I'll dye table linens for Thanksgiving. "So here they are. They go perfectly with my garish table runner:And my garish collection of Fiestaware, which I buy in random colors as the fit takes me. Summer in the city, and the NY Philharmonic was performing in the park. It's a bit grainy, but the light was fading fast. YouTube link. Each nation gets a blip and a flashing dot on the map whenever they detonate a nuclear weapon, with a running tally kept on the top and bottom bars of the screen. Sometimes I design blog banners and think. WOW this is my favorite, or WOW this is awesome. and this time it was no exception. Michelle asked me to decorate her blog with a little Red, Paint Splats and of course a little Rocket Ship. I love the bright colors of this new blog and thrilled to have been asked to decorate. They call it 'parallel construction' and justify it by saying everybody does it. This doesn't make you a good guy, it just makes them worse. "This is only the part we’ve been permitted to see. Happy Father's Day Daddy! Thank you for being so great, and for teaching us to do cool things like play the drums. Also thank you for helping Mommy take such good care of us.

She couldn't do it without you!Love,Holland and Eden.

Sometimes that's just the ticket to loosen me up, and an antidote to tight painting. It was fun. Reminds me that painting doesn't have to be "work. ". arbroath. Jo-Willy is a very popular player on the tour. There are always shots of his brieflines out there, easy to find. As such, I offer eight new pics for your perusal. See you tomorrow!. Today I wanted to share a quick way to cover up a flat screen television. While I don't mind a t. v. v. which meant it was time to make a new cover. Start by painting either canvas or fabric that is a little larger than your television. I prefer to use fabric because once painted, it is thinner than canvas and easier to sew with. Your painting can be anything! I typically make my t. v. covers simple with messy color. The concept for this cover is basically like a fitted sheet. Valentine's Day!!. " I follow by saying if dogs like Carlo-and my Moses, do not go to heaven-send me elsewhere. Telling no secrets. All reasons for our great love affair with dogs- or better yet, maybe it is that one and only special dog that finds us, who understands us, and accepts us and our burdens as their own. Wills was that dog for my brother. In laymen's terms? Only dogs can hear the notes of our screeching fate.

But get this.

There has been no tax evasion or any other illegal activity on the part of Apple. Apple set up business there and prospered as a result, as did Ireland. However the socialists who run the EU are having none of that and are calling it 'tax evasion' because apparently Ireland has broken EU rules by offering an attractive rate of tax. Adolf has an answer for them though. Apple should mount a counter claim for all the wages, VAT and other transactions made in Ireland during the time it has been in business there. outdoor dining . Artists will apply various products to painted or collaged surfaces discovering the unique qualities of each. We will explore a range of methods using transparent & translucent, tinted and un-tinted, creating both smooth & textural surfaces. Products graciously provided by Golden Artist Colors. Do you ever have those weekends where you just think, that was a really, really good weekend? We had one of those last weekend. Perfect.

Friday night we went to the Fall Festival uptown.

The kids had a blast. A hay rack ride. Free caramel apples. A bounce house.

Face painting.

They loved it.

John Kasich and Sen.

" "Of course it's fair game," Conway said.

"Oh, absolutely. Donald Trump's tax returns aren't, and I would like to see those be transparent. De notre ami Kay, cet article du dernier GOLDMINE magazine ! Au programme : Olivia Newton-John en mode interview et une cotation de sa discographie sur disque microsillon !. MUSIQUE. RETRO PIC. Still have some decent buoy readings and there are waves in town today.

Channel/Groin: Again we have rideable surf in the waist to chest high range.

Spread out from Seadrift to the inside Groin bar. Not as consistent or crowded as yesterday but could get busy later as tide fills in. Patch: Scattered peaks out past the rock. by g_power Melissa sensed the tension as soon as she stepped on the city bus to take her home from school. She saw it in the eyes of the driver and then the passengers, and then she heard the snarling voice of a man in the back of the bus. "Shit, man, stop making every fucking stop! I gotta get to the bookie and put down my bets!" From the looks of the passengers, this asshole had been loud and belligerent way before she had boarded. Melissa was always bright and self-assured, with a heart-melting smile, but now she was blossoming into a very attractive young lady. She had long reddish brown hair and a lightly freckled face that gave her an aura of innocence. But inside, Melissa was changing, feeling sensations that she had never felt before, and the boys in her class were starting to drool over her. A couple of weeks before, at the mall, Melissa noticed not only one of her classmates staring at her, but his father was staring as well! Melissa felt both contempt and amusement for father and son, but at the same time felt a thrill at the realization that she could wrap either of them around her little finger if she wanted. Indeed. That's Kevin Carson, in a lengthy analysis of the issues raised by the South Central Farmers controversy. I haven't followed that story at all closely, and the questions it raises fall into areas about which I consider myself notably ignorant. I think one of the sections will be titled something like: Places Where I Learn Stuff. Kevin's site goes in the top group within that category. And as the quote above indicates, Kevin can make you laugh out loud. That is an unqualifiedly good thing. CC adores this trend, darlings! So sexy and edgy!Runway coverage via style. A. M.


What it is, Groove-ophiles! Fellow Groove-ophile Tony O. They are wired and ready to hang! How about the gift of fine art this Valentine's Day? Four of them are going to the Florida Museum for Women Artists' shop, they include the pepper, radish, banana, carrot.

This beautiful museum is located in historic downtown Deland, FL.

The problem of Repetition Repetition is a problem when presence is a goal.

Here is a list of pitfalls and how to solve them.

Highlevel story telling design Goals and Storytelling Both of these explore the construction of a story space. Puzzles, what are they good for? Puzzles and causal histories These articles use the "interaction for presence"-axiom to view puzzles in a new way. These should hopefully help clear out a few things from the talk. I also have a more academic, and much more detailed, version of the talk. It can be found here: This versions does not discuss story-spaces, but provides a lot more rules for how to create interactions that support presence. Grove may not know much of the doctor business. We are often admonished to emulate the principles embodied in the safety practices found in the airline industry and there is truth to be found there. A recent post by Aggravated DocSurg entitled "Fly me to the OR" is a gem -nothing unique there-which makes the point how little being a surgeon has to do with flying an airplane. .