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The Little Mermaid is a short film directed by Nicholas Humphries. Copies will be on the shelves in newsagents and model shops from Thursday. Learn the basics of loco lining with a bow pen in the latest issue of Model Rail.

Revolutions by Michel de Broin.

See "Knotted Staircase. " Photo by I.


Everything has to start somewhere. I love new beginnings!. source via.

I don't usually get "deep" in my posts, but today I need to share what is in my heart.

Saturday I read an article that made me cry, made me smile and taught me an important lesson.

I feel I must share it with my blog friends so bear with me while I give you the lead up to the article.

m. by a young woman under the influence of drugs. Chris was truly an Angel on Earth. The novelist was a regular visitor to the area throughout her time in Yorkshire, and used many nearby locations in her work. A contemporary classic, My Jane weaves Jane's romantic story with the lives of her readers, all of whom have their own beloved "Jane. In pakistan family is headed by a old male member,to whom full respect and protection are given. thus we can conclude that is the male oriented society. The oldest man in the family acts as a guider for the others,who teachs his children the distinguish among right and wrong paths. Hence old people are given the position of prestige, honor and respect in pakistani society. As the number of Children’s Centres based in primary schools rises, the numbers of children spending three or more years in the Foundation Stage will grow. This will leave Key Stage One, just two years in duration, as the briefest and least important part of a child’s education prior to secondary schooling. It will be time to put this stunted Key Stage out of its misery and create a proper, birth-to-seven phase in education. As a nursery school headteacher, I have been watching the gradual destruction of traditional infant school education with sadness. A decade ago, there was the battle for Reception: did it belong to the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies, or to the Foundation Stage? In most schools, Reception was won by literacy and numeracy hours. More recently, Reception has started to return to the early years fold in many schools. m. Deputy Bragg recognized the address as one deputies frequently are called to. As soon as Alo answered the door, the deputies attempted to explain they were just there to ask him to turn down the music. Alo interrupted and began yelling at them, telling them in obscene language to get off his property and that he didn’t care about his neighbors. As the confrontation continued and escalated, Alo threatened to throw Deputy Bragg off the balcony and, at one point, grabbed his arm and threatened to “knock you down. When Deputy Bragg finally attempted to take the father into custody, the father struggled and fought. I just got back from two nights in New York City, where I went to pick up the IPPY silver medal for the kids' book I illustrated, Katie of the Sonoran Desert. Here I am with my friend Brian and the arm candy employed for the event. Brian and another award winner, the highly-amusing and well-hydrated author of L. A. Nuts!Before the awards, we walked around NYC a bit. Brian took me to Times Square. Live and Local too. Sigh. It looks like I'm turning into an irregular blogger. I'll just hope that my irregular entries are still fun enough and interesting enough that you'll keep reading! What?! Check this out! I was so surprised to see "Veggie Cevapcici" on the Vegan Essentials website. It's pronounced "Chay-vap-chee-chee" In the likely event that you don't know what "cevapcici" are, they are a Yugoslavian sausage.

When we were in Croatia & Bosnia last year, Musty ate a lot of cevapici - while I watched.

So, I thought I'd try them out.

Here they are, all cooked up! They were pretty good. I don't know if I'll order them again, but they were fun to eat. To go with the cevapcici, I made a croatian-style salad: lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, & cucumber with vinegar dressing. This is the VwaV Millet-Spinach Polenta with Sundried Tomato Pesto. Very nice & easy too. It was an exciting night and this painting now belongs to her. Well, ya'll, I guess we won't be cheering for the Crimson Tide anytime soon. Matt and I officially declared our loyalties in the infamous Alabama vs. Auburn rivalry by masquerading as hard-core Auburn fans when the Tigers took on Mississippi State last weekend.

It was our first live S.

E. God willing, I'll get the ornaments on tomorrow night. My backyard smells like my grandmother's closet. Roses heavy in the morning air. A truly Oregon smell. Summer heat and roses. I am sitting in the hot tub. Finishing a book I started reading last weekend. Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz. this is my new craft project for Handmade Charlotte. you can make these easy, simple and cheap baby rattles within minutes! these smiling leaves can’t wait to do a little shimmy and bring smiles to everybody’s faces. estos sonajeros con carita de hoja se hacen en pocos minutos, y no necesitas gran cosa. pegamento, hojas, botones y palitos de polo, las pegatinas son opcionales, puedes dibujar directamente las caritas con rotuladores. so lovely cover. gabriel sent it to me a couple of days ago. That's usually what I need to get myself to try something new, even if the something new was my idea. About a month ago I bought a light box kit. Basically this entailed a portable light box, a pair of lights and a tripod. The plan was to start using this set-up to take product pictures for my store. I brought the box into my studio with the intention to start using it right away. And that's pretty much as far as it went. Until today. I'm going to be taking some of the pictures for my book and it dawned on me that maybe I should learn how to use the light box. Up here every morning I'm greeted with a fascinating array of birds. Nearly every day lately I seem to see a few swans who've made their way down from what must be a nest a little way up the bayou.

They're just beautiful.

Among the other birds are mallards, geese, seagulls and the occasional wild parrot, though I used to see more of those where I lived before. The past week I saw a pelican diving into the water like a kamikaze. Beautiful!. "Observation:Mordecai was the cousin of Esther. When her parents died, her cousin took her in and provided for her as he would his own daughter. Mordecai demonstrated love and concern for Esther. We don't know how old she was when this happened, but she was a homeless young lady that needed cared for. Mordecai stepped up to the plate and gave her his best. Esther became the woman who is probably the most revered woman in the Bible because someone cared enough to step in and adopt her. Application:When we step out to provide care for the broken and hurting, we never know who we are ministering to. As in this story, we may be taking care of the future queen. We are trying to get a little housework and laundry done before we hit the pool today. He's a good man. I have to tell you about the big screen or I am going to p. o. p. Here are three examples from just one day. Something should be done about this, obviously. Because the personal prejudices of a handful of extremists should trump the enjoyment of life by billions of people. The poor can go hang too. LONDON, of course. Sono pronte per essere incorniciate. Mary Margaret is ready, I'm glad to show her together with her sister Sazannah that you already saw before. They're ready to be framed. I just love this new witch that Ai has added to their awesome collection of stamps , I hope you add her to yours as well. here is how I created my cardfirst I sponged on a moon with crushed curry ink , then I sponged grey clouds for a spooky look , I just use a scallop I die cut and ink the die edge move directions as to go down the page , yes I even inked the clouds over the moon too. I add shimmer over the witches dress with my shimmer pen then I run my finger over to give an even shimmer to her. I'm kicking today off with a little, no, BIGippity showcase by a few of the ippity chicks! Kim Bellher etsy shop outside of her card Inside of her card Sarah Stoelting Angie Reeceoutside of her card inside of her card Andrea Cloutier Pretty fabulous, right?!!! Make sure you stop by and tell those ladies so. Our DT got in on the action as well. See, told you we loved these stamps. Here's one of mine Lisa H. Lisa A. Christi Angie Eva Karen Order your ippity stamps TODAY!You'll be glad you did! . The book is Killing Calvinism by Greg Dutcher, published by subscription e-publisher CruciformPress. So in approaching its titles, I don't think any of the authors are trying to produce a work which will light up a generation, and I don't think Cruciform is looking to create best-sellers. It's looking to produce timely features with enough depth to satisfy the popular reader, and to keep the content inside to four walls of orthodoxy without turning over anyone's apple cart. Dutcher's book is already raising a few eyebrows because, by golly, it's taking a long, hard look at the ways in which Calvinists shoot themselves in the foot. This is one of the best cartoons made at Screen Gems, the main reason being probably that it was written by Bob Clampett. It stars a favorite of ours, the cat-that-looks-like-Sylvester-but-Sylvester-he-is-not. My favorite part is when the sexy female puppet says to the cat that if he wants something all he has to do is just whistle and the feline character starts to whistle in every possible way. According to my friend Larry T this short looks like a Davis cartoon made at WB. I strongly agree. Up n AtomCaricato da Andrea_DodgersWell, I'll be seein' ya,Duck Dodgers.

Desperado really is in the middle of the desert, so don't expect a large crowd or long queues.

I was unlucky enough to face this ride during a blazing summer day, so be warned of the heat. One thing to note is the ride's excessive use of banked turns and humps. Toward the end of the ride you'll spiral in and around a mountain which looks impressive from the outside, but inside it just looks like a mess of beams and pillars. Overall, the ride is great for people seeking a short thrill before heading to Las Vegas, but its bumpiness and location don't really make it worth a road trip. All in all, Desperado is a piece of history, as what was once the world's largest, tallest, and steepest coaster is now just another tourist trap in the Nevada desert. Make this bread the day before you want to eat it. Mix the milk with the lemon juice in a jug to sour it. tip the flours into a large bowl and rub in the butter with your fingertips until it resembles fine crumbs.

With your hand, or a wooden spoon, draw the dry ingredients into the wet to make a very soft, quite sticky dough.

Add the rest of the liquid if you need to. Be careful not to overwork the dough as this will make your loaf tough. Lightly flour the work surface and tip the dough onto it. With well-floured hands, roughly shape into a round, then turn the dough over to reveal its smoother side. sprinkle a little flour over the hot baking sheet, then lift the dough onto it. Press down slightly, giving a flattened, roundish loaf about two fingertips deep. He's also recovering from surgery as he prepares for his nine-year old season.

Mandella lost the nine-year old The Tin Man to an injury late last year, but replaces him with another hard-hitting oldtimer.

- The Dubai races will be televised on HRTV, which is good news for about eight of us. The ground-breaking report suggests that many preconceptions about ageing made by employers and policymakers need to be brushed aside. S. .