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You can look up who they're calling, for how long, and when.

You can look up their chats. Some, you can even get GPS-enabled. I'm finding more and more underage kids hooking up with older kids/pervert adults, using their web browsers on their phones. These are NOT iPhones, people. Made of durable, heavy weight polyester material and finished with canvas heading and grommets. There really is no place for Christ in many people’s Christianity. This kind of ‘Christianity’ is really about shadow glories of human knowledge and performance. It does not require the death to self that must always happen if love for Christ is going to reign in our hearts.

Started on Erin Mae's front doors today.

It's too long since they had any varnish applied, and June's cloudbursts did them no favours whatsoever.

All good learning experience – can't remember the last time I applied varnish to anything. So I tried to do what it said on the tin. I like varnish. None of this primer, undercoat, topcoat, oops I did it wrong, start again, business.

Just rub it down, clean it off, on with the varnish.

And thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the Lord thy God hath given unto thee. Patrons at The Majestic got a pleasant surprise Saturday night when film star Robert Pattinson, most famous for his role playing a forever-young teenage vampire Edward in the "Twilight" films, strolled in for dinner with friends while in town for the White House Correspondents Dinner. The Majestic is a cozy upscale diner on King Street in historic Alexandria, a suburb of Washington, D. C. Notice the male set off from the overhanging guttering at the beginning of the first clip. The second video contains a small error, whereby an additional clip from a few days earlier was accidentally included at the start of the recording, hence the apparent jump. My name is Raphael and I support Kingston Oehlerking Custom Motorcycles. Would be cool if you could post these pictures on yours page. Many thanks and best wishes, Raphael and Kingston Thanks Raphael! Great lines on this Royal Enfiel. Cheers, Lenny. Perusing the PFCD website, it's obvious that there is a great deal of optimism being verbalized vis-a-vis the opportunity that Barack Obama and his administration have in terms of addressing chronic illness and health care reform. Improvement in the management of chronic illness is seen as a clearly bipartisan issue by many in the know, and a number of members of Congress are apparently already preparing policies vis-a-vis these issues in advance of Mr. This type of system would also allow for easy access to immunization records, would simplify facility-to-facility patient transfers, and facilitate care of patients who have moved or who need health care while traveling. I am loving the colours outside at the moment - blue hyacinth and yellow daffodil and narcissus. Someone else is loving it too - see if you can spot him/her sleeping in the hyacinth above.

To celebrate the colours of the moment I did some dyeing at the weekend.

I got some acid dyes as a gift over four years ago, used them once and haven't touched them since so it was nice to break them out again. On a sunny, springy day it is lovely to work outside, painting wool with them. I thought I'd share my technique, which is pretty easy. I used Jacquard Acid Dyes and mixed some dye solution in cheap babies' bottles I bought in the pound shop. They have suffocated our media. They have contributed to the general malaise that has infected and affected our way of life and how we deal with one another. They have ruined our culture and promoted, willingly, I may add, the destruction of basic morals and manners. Fuck the millennials. They don't read anymore. They engross in mostly inane chit-chat on their shitty little smart phones engaged in universal verbal nothingness. And we're supposedly supposed to cater to these assholes? Fuck 'em. All of them. Gonzales, a PIX veteran, has been moved to the morning replacing recently canned, Lawrence Karnow. From my PIX sources: both she and he still refuse to talk to each other and while both continue to perform their respective duties, there's an "icy" relationship at best. No surprise here: Roberta has a STRONG male following. Mostly everyone is there and they're not talking about the clouds. Virtually all KSFO, KNBR, KGO, KSFO and The Bone personnel are present. I wonder if there's some country music in the background. This is definitely more that just one project. These are the cards from my Halloween card class. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. " So here's how that works in Washington:Sasha and Malia Sup on Sushi and Sukiyaki YGBSM! Are they all tone deaf?. B. King known by his stage name B. B. King was named by Rolling Stone magazine one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential blues guitarists of all time, inspiring countless other electric blues and blues rock guitarists. B. B. That scene from my last review? It's an homage to this: ‎. As the police questioned the youths, they blamed the government for not providing special grounds away from the residential areas to practice their favorite sport. Drifting is going on around Kuwait and it is in public areas where people might get hurt. Give them a place, regulate it, and make safety awareness mandatory! Many people in Kuwait don't see what goes on if you're not visiting the areas where the drifting takes place. Drifters are going to do it whether it is legal or not. Why not give them a place? Bu Merdas has a farm in Kabd and he regularly calls the police as people drift in the co-op parking lot. I'm still having fun fooling around with my newmacro lens converter and waiting for budsto burst open all over the garden. And Orange You Glad It's Friday? To see more, visit Maria's meme. Fine Print: Wall Street and many of its friends have negotiated a secret trade agreement that gives them absolute control over what little of the world they don't already have, by making it illegal everywhere to pass any regulation that the bankers do not like. They are so proud of it that if the treaty is approved it must stay secret for five years and if it is not approved, it also has to stay secret for five years. Tell me again about how evil whistle-blowers are. Standing Corrected: Rand Paul claims that Republicans have been ‘unfairly tarred’ as trying to suppress minority voters. Tax free. New Album by MUCC. Good morning Unity Peeps!Christi here with you today. My friend, Chris Bagley, taught a spider web workshop on Saturday. I so admire her color sense and ability to use a vast array of fabrics to create the most amazing quilts. I finally dug into my stash of selvedges for my spider webs. The staff at Alton Jones takes such good care of us and the food this year was especially delicious. Wait until you see the variety of fabric choices!. I refer to the fact that the Labour machine was rolled by the electorate in the pre-selection for Ikaroa-Rawhiti. What does that say about the internal machinations within Labour? Clearly the hapless Shane Taurima would not have relinquished his cushy job at TVNZ unless he was given some ironclad promises by the Mallard gang. He would have been told they would guarantee him the pre-selection. What happened? How was it that when Taurimu pulled the rip cord, his parachute failed to open, sending him plummeting to oblivion? What went wrong? I'd have to say the result will be very good for Labour. A first class candidate has been selected - Ms Meka Whaitiri. And a pretty good looking chick, if I may say so. To me it looks like a significant weakening of the malevolent influence on the party of the union stooges, most of whom are second rate in all respects. On the surface, it appears this is a sign that, at last, Labour is on the road to recovery with the selection of a first rate candidate, not of the union movement. In my last two posts, I wrote about baseball pensions.

At the same time, the Sox attempted to add another well-liked player, Minnie Minoso.

Unfortunately it was vetoed by the league. His doctor has said that he is showing signs of improvement. This is such a blessing. He had a cat scan yesterday, and we are waiting to hear the results. It could possibly show if Bug suffered from a stroke, we are waiting on this report. Momma said that he would wake up and say that he was at home. With this video, we can show you. It is a perfect example of the type of content Abandon Films wants to create. Not in the fact that it's a promotional video, but in light of it's challenging message and thought-provoking honesty. Wishful Tomcat is a pretty solid five-year old who has proved that he loves the track, and he was absolutely no match in the stretch for this three-year old after a perfect stalking trip. .